Compassion for these matrix method

October 03 [Wed], 2012, 17:43

Chapter 49 White-British the new segment 7 of compassion large demon king when it comes to the spiritual body tone soft and misty, full of dreamy colors placed endless message of hope, Lu Qing Guang yet what Swire Eldar hear is the waves of the aversion to cold, fear and panic could not conceal. [Shrimp Literature Lu Qing Guang most trenchant escape means, the wind to a Q Lu Qing widely on the reaction of the over, yes, if there is a case, case compassion large demon king is not the enemy the other opponent, to run away, then useful may last or use to Pacific Eldar always ready matrix method, the wind to ask the that time is not to compassion large demon king also incorporated into the bracelet space inside children, if it is, there is no doubt exposed Taikoo Spirit the existence of the family, Lu Qing Guang nothing to Swire Eldar may. If if not with compassion with the demon king escape this? Moral is still followed, but there are two thirds of compassion large demon king avatar where it ...... so ...... This is not a joke, really the thing to bring compassion demon king , have to bring at least part of it is not, anyway compassion demon king of the body of one hundred million less a few not much, but if one is not with too justified. Then again, the leak problem, one, and all are completely equated the. Once the leak, is spiritual yearning compassion large demon king, the estimated the Swire Eldar future fear is quite sad, Lu Qing Guang never willing to see, there is no Pacific Eldar his career difficulties become countless times. Hey, this really is a dilemma. Stable mood of the wind to feel Lu Qing Guang contradictory tangle of emotions down ideas and said: put a bracelet space, refining the gold siblings bracelet space North Face Down Jackets Sale, like our own little space per person, and come back on a handful of air curtain closed the internal spiritual knowledge, stay perceived status in less than bracelets space inside the child, to bring compassion large demon king or after you with other people or they are convenient. 【shrimp literature] : this is definitely not the wind to come up days taste a trace of wind from the outside, then inside, then, may be the collective wisdom of the Pacific Eldar But anyway, this is a good idea, it is entirely feasible 's. Good advice has always been the basic principle of Lu Qing Guang him most shining sterling integrity, ah, almost no one. The moment do not hesitate, and immediately transferred from the bag to a the brook treasure and a lump air curtain bracelets space, their own will be able to complete the remaining work Swire Eldar shows left Pacific Eldar Lu Ching Kwong-loi said how painful a thing. His heart is on the the Swire Eldar dependence, with in compassion large demon king behind to continue down the stairs, Lu Qing widely felt worthy of Swire Eldar bit sorry compassion demon king, if the Swire Eldar out worthy compassion large demon king certainly very sorry Swire Eldar. That seems to solve the problem but it is still simply did not solve Swire Eldar approach is only in order to protect themselves, and the needs of the the compassion large demon king simply ignore the final analysis, the rules used by the Pacific Eldar but let Mercy the big demon king but not available purports heart does not North Face Women's Windstopper Sale, this is a very old-fashioned can also be very useful. Just insight into the bedrock Lu Qing Guang own heart is difficult to calm, like I should owe others, no matter how this feeling very upset. Lu Qing Guang upset most compassion the big demon king assiduous spirit rare, at least to Lu Qing Guang, the numerous spirits when it came to shopping trips in the space of the spirit world, it can be said that a handful, then casually marked a network possessor of not being combined on a bracelet space? The regret is of no use, but do not regret it is impossible. Lu Qing Guang Dark determined: realized End godhead awakening will go to the spirit world trip, to engage in a number of spirits to the mercy big demon king. may have to look at the specific situation, what the appropriate spirits refining what magic is Spirit? both depends on the spirit, it also depends on refining the situation, although the spirit is hard to find, in general, even if the Taiyi Kim Sin did not dare in the spirit world recklessly, multi encountered what spirits in accordance with the spirit of the mixing device, but you do not like you in the spirit world than comfortable in their own homes is entirely possible that monster needs to find a spiritual body, as is the most perfect solution to refining the most appropriate magic weapon he used, can be the power of play to the maximum. up, is not it, in the spirit world freedom, at least most of the spirit world space freedom is only one space on their own once constituted danger, that was the past, not necessarily to their current level of spiritual power need to avoid, say, is not there mercy big demon all the way to it. That to let and Swire the Eldar Wangfengertao the elevator shaft also should be able to be explored. More and more convinced that emboldened enough Northface Women's Down Sale, the great day of His Career With wide sea diving heroic, the foot does not feel afterburner with tight compassion large demon king, and mixed it and go on thirteen. This be 13, is no longer so taboo, but is full of passionate fighting spirit. This time or fine iron door, but the door has cast full pattern There is no doubt that this is certainly all magic. Compassion for these matrix method demon king not look look at the one hand, a command of the door immediately becomes transparent. Door inside the space and above that is the same size, but also to light early light, but this light emission pattern of the wall, those patterns match ball lamp inlaid Usually, dense and weak points of light in the flow lines in the flicker forward. Air, or light point fly, much less than the last layer. And above children layer the biggest difference is a space actually, a lot of people. Let Lu Qing Guang not believe compassion large demon king or swaggering left in, those who actually are not towards him Northface Women's GTX, completely ignoring his presence. can rest assured that they are absolutely not see or hear us. . they can allow mortals to see them also allows them to see us in the same, also higher presence allows us to not see, this is no surprise, the aesthetic dimension of course see things not the same. seen are materialized, and the materialization of different degrees of visibility is completely different, so different from the acceptance of causing a different aesthetic dimension, which is an order of a rational order as opposed to the emotional order. mortals, that is, in the series of this plane capitalist society to modern art and literature with aesthetic alienation into one-dimensional materialized. intrinsic aesthetic feel of these one-dimensional person desires instinctive level club are transformed into based foundation, created a series of social premise of this plane fundamental thin as White new heart - the concept of structure. these one-dimensional people only see the license and confirmation of aesthetic experience the things that, in addition, that is, in their eyes, and forced clawed their eyelids, they also turned a blind eye.
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