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Looked at]]]]] people laugh at the school gate, plus leaves and Chen Feng, two men, of course, non-Italian]]]]] Soon, several people came over, they are a look of excitement and worship Chen Feng, needless to say also know North Face Women's Boots Sale, is the so-called even though we all know are very disappointed, but are no longer embarrass Chen Feng, each finish, but there are a small part of some honey, especially all the way, even a two-day train ride to fly over the car, naturally do not want to so almost nothing from the left show the state, go home, have to sit back and wait waited at the school gate, trying to be able to talk to his idol Chen Feng, the face-to-face the see side, say hello, of course, it is best to get his signature , and he even posed for the original City a lieutenant colonel door sudden gush so many people, they, honey is also not the first time Chen Feng noticed but just three of them laugh, is naturally noticed these honey ...... Chen Feng, we are your fans can ... to sign? before he could not help smile looked Chen Feng, the young men and women, most younger than Chen Feng evidently small two-year-old Chen Feng Seeing these worship], Chen Feng, the mood is very contradictory, a little proud and a little angry in Taiwan has been said with these people, they have to lead a normal life, but these people are still so see Chen Feng, a look of silent did not answer, holding the the Notepad girls face show down the color, it is a kind of crying with desire aside the red leaves of weeping like some can not see past the hand gently shook Chen Feng Chen Feng heart secretly sigh, these girls trembling holding a notepad and pen brought over and asked: What is your name? eighteen thousand, a long way, Chen Feng see her so came all the way to show the state to see their heart say touched of course Northface Men's Gore Tex Sale, is a false moment, he looked deeply at the girls, age also 20 years old , round face, and the general appearance, but wins he quickly write down on a notepad: Chen Feng Thank you! this quickly Notepad handed Chen Feng: nearly half to an hour is considered actually said that it is very difficult to understand the truth Chen Feng Chen Feng, I thought, these people and land Starchaser psychology before the two come from the Guangdong State is considered a far did not expect there are also special group of honey to fight] away come from the northeast can really give Chen Feng intimidated YANG Shan-shan is also a look of shocked to face, smiling, said: far apart to have before you have not done anything to publicity use only one year in time there is so much worship fan of you in if you are re-packaged propaganda I guarantee you not for two years will be able to become the entertainment enclosure Brother large new generation of ground popularity day Wang Chenfeng how to have no heart to heart, then you have to call me oh | you before, but I promised my you land broker must be done, : set, anyway you a short period of time and can not debut, then I must take the time, go to properly learn how to be good an artist of brokers, etc. you debut, I'll be your agent, so the total that there is no problem, Chen Chen also look forward to watching Feng Chen Hongye took the answer: immediately exposed an dawned like YANG Shan-shan, smiled and said: face expression of worship looked Chen Feng told those honey just almost this so the Hongye see heart some unhappy together time almost go back early to eat think really what is going on, and had polite invitation said: Some not happy four came to the home of Chen Feng, YANG Shan-shan was the last release many saw Elaine Chao warm greeting vegetable thing, but also take the initiative to ask Elaine Chao, is not praise loudly, which Elaine Chao course was very appreciative of the excellent impression on her more the Chen Feng possessed nothing self-serving dinner, Hongye appear rice are some could not eat, can not say that the red leaves narrow-minded these days down, YANG Shan-shan been Hongye maintained a deliberately distances, but Chen Feng is very affectionate, That YANG Shan-shan less red leaves look in the eyes of the same as a woman, even though she did not show it on the surface, but of course, leaves she definitely did not want to see things very clear sense of their men Chen Feng is too good, even if the red leaves are very confident of their own, are bound to worry Chen Feng will do to a woman seduced this YANG Shan-shan and Chen Chen, though not showed a strong ambition of their own men, but the red leaves is also secretly beware of endless, do not want to give them any chance after lunch, the red leaves the initiative to go to your own home and two women took YANG Shan-shan guest, and she did not let Chen Feng, together with the go, Chen Feng to music easily and go upstairs alone fiddle YANG Shan-shan gave him the top guitar YANG Shan-shan and Chen Chen heart despite some do not want to, but the the Hongye invitation they can not refuse, to the home of the red leaves, red leaves pretty simply, directly find several dishes vcd put to the two women, then, while laughing with them, unwittingly, has gone in for an afternoon this time, YANG Shan-shan and Chen Chen, the two of course, come to understand so Hongye, they have opinion think about is change is that they do not want to do to a woman to deliberately close their boyfriends two women was very angry, but also very helpless Who is the fiancee Chen Feng is the eight children and two women to Chen Feng, family leave, YANG Shan-shan emotional gas Hongye, deliberately Chen Feng said: angry, said: want to go to the United States to play trip to do it just right, the winter vacation when I told you to go with a good heart suddenly so angry with Qucourenao their side when the light bulb YANG Shan-shan just the reason to say they go and main gas gas Hongye, heart is privy to, the other could not agree when I come to your home New Year! , the moment is not broken YANG Shan-shan and Chen Chen waved his hand toward the two men, riding sent home a brand new BMW car, the two women are surprisingly quiet and silent exit the car are the Bi Heights after five or six minutes on the roads, YANG Shan-shan spoke and said: Chen Chen, his face full of lonely of color, barely smiled: looked at the face of Chen Chen, the hearts faint guess what, could not help a sigh: The sisters may have been suffering from unrequited love, although she is Chen Feng Fan, but after two and there are no close contact, so, although she adored him, but will not give birth to what unrealistic idea , but through the past few days, she and Chen Feng, face-to-face contact, also came to his house guest, so the the original distant sense of distance in each other all of a sudden disappeared, which can not help but let Chen Chen] dream girl With a reverie this reverie and Zhen Zhen, YANG Shan-shan seems no is Flower in the Mirror, in the water, Zhen Zhen certainly understand Yang Shanshan meaning of this sentence could not help slightly red, but the heart he felt a strange sorrow and grief to dream illusory but real Prince Charming, countless times appeared in her dream, the reality, he more than his dream so inspiring, more full of gentle charm like the sun, just three face-to-face contact she was completely his whole body bulk] of noble Jie proud but without losing the affinity charming qualities to attract, and then she began weaving a network ourselves, flounders, unable to extricate themselves so a little bit of the odd man of the world, just like autumn leaves is so like Maid woman was worthy of him Zhen Zhen hearts of some self-pity, but there is a remaining Chen Feng, let her think that should not be impossible to daydream Zhen Zhen, now while you diggin are not deep enough, or early withdraw it YANG Shan-shan solemn face Zhen Zhen saying North Face Men's Denali Jackets Sale, in fact, this statement is also her own 说给自己听 Chen Feng also not so out name before, she was seen in city middle school sports Chen Feng side when her only sister and her little Chen Feng, a senior network, Chen Feng, handsome, purely appreciation the vision, the idea, nothing else idea, until that Fang Wenling's birthday party, she is officially the first time face to face and Chen Feng know Timberland Men's Classic Shoes Sale, pull up the relationship and also help each other father, at the time, she considered official Chen Feng, have a favorable impression since then, the two they no longer how contact and exchanges over, but she was unknowingly began to gradually forget him in voice and facial expression will emerge in the mind from time to time, which makes her series for a long period of time, very bored her But YANG Shan-shan, how will children affair about? Say she was big, but the other three-year-old came forward, while the other has a girlfriend, how could it? This time, she just learned the Hongye a suddenly removed from the show the state of the news, in that time, she certainly do not then a fantasy Chen Feng began to have hesitated to do to take the initiative to visit Chen Feng, but She soon learned that Fang Wenling actually pre-emptive move her father actually take the initiative to the whereabouts of Chen Feng parents sister, but the result was disgraced flatly refused YANG Shan-shan ask ourselves whether it is family background there looks to be worse than Fang Wenling so that the other party actually refused Fang Wenling Of course, she is even more chance she would soon cold heart, his attention shifted to learning up, have a very long to time, originally pulled out of school and academic classes in countdown famous YANG Shan-shan suddenly] anger Tuqiang, study hard, to improved academic performance for a large portion of the entrance when super level] play scores actually too Undergraduate line, even though it was with her score is not on Tokai University, who told her family money, Among the children, such as their home, the college entrance examination can be so good results, it is commendable to wait until she went to college, but also know the Chen Feng and autumn leaves in his hometown engagement thing, that a should not have thought it is a collection of up until this year's New Year's Eve, she knew that their father is the provincial capital of the piece of land] worry, hoping to call up a thriving Group and their own companies open], YANG Shan-shan as the only child in the family has always been on the very relationship of their own company, but her Mom and Dad want her to finish college, learn more knowledge, she directly into the company to help your own home busy So, her own things of course, is very body center suddenly unquenchable and Chen Feng meet again, as they had first met, and help their dad put this thing well, of course, she heart is faint look forward and Chen Feng to meet again, although she had not unrealistic ideas of Chen Feng, but she is still very much hope to see He therefore, she could not wait a few days before New Year's, please sick leave , also happens to own a very good classmate and roommate and good friend, Chen Chen, a super large honey, her pity was moved, in fact, is also looking for a personal companion embolden Zhen Zhen will be she practiced good wishes Chen Chen and Chen Feng The idol face-to-face contact, and even went to his house guest wishes, but she did not get happiness, but gave her pain do not want to withdraw What nonsense do you say? blame my bad I doing with you to show it? now own the sisters was driven to distraction, a disillusioned look with met him in reality, I know own life can no longer be his dream, and I am very happy, because he at least has to remember my name, remember I, his heart, has been the shadow of my people this feeling that makes me very happy Later, absolutely no longer with his good friend to show the state]]]]]]]

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