people will try various devices to continue

October 07 [Sun], 2012, 16:11
The 911st chapteris the company > front line of defence is mu house ,chivalrous door men rout ,a short period of time more than 10 city power loss of control ,and the ruin of tens of thousands of people in the news, the whole Yangtze River to the north of suddenly shakes for it !Almost all of the powers and game player chose to return to the city, in a different field ,see the central forces in the ablution before house mu ,chivalrous door in the northern hinterland launched a series of activities is still a drizzle ,but this time ,is a solid showing complete annexation of the company and for a court to the north the hinterland of the lofty ideals and high aspirations .
WWw .QuANBEn .Com Northern Power shuffle .Involves some of these gangs ,inevitably received a court notice .Feedback !All company cooperation with the gangs and Union forces have been a court dove chuanshu .
The letter asked them immediately deployed troops to resist Mu house door ,chivalrous .... ... With a near Xuancheng City, several major gang leaders gathered together : this company ,resource point when we share pitiful ,Northface Men's 3 In 1 Jackets,a dangerous to live as we give him .
Say what the United against the enemy ,the company now own a hinterland ,where to put all the heart to the front ,needless to say ,is to let the brothers we went to him as cannon fodder ,stopped Mu house ,chivalrous door step ,as they fight for time .
How you see ? One open consultation phase .Others did not ,a sneer ,a pay no heed to ,have totally not show one : this war I can not play ,only a few days with Asou Hiko ,Mu house desperately ,appear for a big industry big nothing, I also not lost ? Isn Wood Chong ,the dart head ,the two of you on a court take up different from us, but now the frist time .
A humanitarian .Voice for a fall ,two . We become dejected and despondent face : we will ,under the brothers would not . me ,hands was so powerful ,Mu house this is full of elite ,with them than nothing ,one of three dozen have not played a .
With Mu house ,chivalrous door ,I not crazy ? Happy are still in Songshan ,want to see my troops in Mu house troops and appearance ,might be Zongtan gone . Final. Throughout the north, except in the church for a nose dozen Gang select output ,the others are small talk ,or even simply offline escape .
But the promise is in the capital output range in the vicinity ,not immediately rush to the rescue to the front .Less than half of Kung Fu, North Hall for a hundred troops rout ,more than thirty City rapidly reduced ,falling house mu ,chivalrous door hand .
... ... A contemptuous look wolf ! Meng Yun returned to the front when at least one hundred thousand people ,has been trapped in a house Mu and chivalrous door capture area .Let her get desperation is from the south ,from information flow like water ,more the Mu house men ,chivalrous door men ,and with the two gangs have cooperation Gang team ,have entered the area occupied by the control of resources and gates ,to assist the house Mu people blocked a court member access .
At the same time ,Mengyun finally feel a strong people push but actually weak and powerless ... ... The thought of happy the purpose is to break out of an encirclement .The thought of happy is to make use of Tulong Dao Wei to deter a court again .
For she did not accept the ,happy actually direct mobilized a large number of troops for the advance came in a threatening manner ,mighty ,rally ,it is completely beyond her control .The situation is out of control !One hundred thousand frontline troops a short time be destroyed and monitoring ,unable to continue into the battlefield ;tens of thousands of troops are still searching for the hinterland of Mu house ,chivalrous door team place -- this time to mobilize against all ,buried in the side of these bomb ,bomb will bluntly from behind to the most lethal a knife ,or even in the happy lead to capital !Happy.
In the capital Zongtan Mengyun gnash the teeth in anger .Anxiety . The owner ! What Meng Yun was cold and stern voice and many .As the wolf with a lag : the prophet came over the news ,people have found ,is a small north ,one is red ,and Lin Xiao, three group of people position is in respectively .
.. ... Quote three position after ,Mengyun face not only see the slightest smile ,but deep breath ,extremely bitter sigh : time ,more cunning than I thought ! Wolf reported a three position she has heard of ,usually no one after ,but easily defensible out ,unless there are three flower here, otherwise ,can not be a short period of time with this group of people ,hasty action, will only cause similar before two major casualties .
What do we do now ?Find out there is no action ,the front will be more and more serious ... ... Leave a group of brothers stopped them, other ... ... Meng Yun wanted to say other people all come back ,ready to rally to the front, the words again a lag ,suddenly thought of Mu house ,chivalrous door men into dozens of stocks ,not only these stocks .
More people are still out of sight .Unless all monitoring well ,with double force balance ,otherwise the tens of thousands of troops to leave -- once you leave, hinterland will lose their presence of deterrence .
At this moment, Mengyun clearly happy this trick really powerful ,break up the whole into parts ,and whenever and wherever possible can gather parts into a whole ,successfully make a major victory ,also contain a hall for most people ,let Mengyun hand available people scanty .
A big north ,at the moment, which many have transferred out how many men to deal with many of the battlefield .More let Mengyun disturbing is that ,since the time since leaving Songshan straight toward the capital direction force ,to be completely bared there and then .
Mengyun one was hog-tied ,also cannot breathe the sense of suffocation !From the troops raided ,break up the whole into parts of the wait for ;to himself appeared ,Songshan Wei ,forcing the capital; and then to now ,army pushed northward .
.. ... The company from beginning to end is not compatible ,it took seven inch .Abhor extremely mengyun !Until this moment ,she detected the happy true intentions .Not surprisingly ,a day off ,lose at least more than fifty city !Once in the night .
.. ... Mu house ,chivalrous action of the door will be more rampant !Hidden in the innermost of people has a better opportunities for action ,the entire north will once again become the battlefield .
At this time, Mengyun have had to face a severe problem !Doom !In house mu ,chivalrous door combination ,a court may well be a mouthful of phagocytosis .Sagittarius is less and less, more and more narrow ! The owner .
In Mengyun immersed in inextricably bogged down in sorrow and contemplation when,Timberland Slippers Sale, suddenly blood came from the outside in, usually gentle appearance all gone ,Yono is filled with anxiety and heavy disturbed : happy to Beijing !! ! Mengyun suddenly rose .
According to the prophet intelligence ,happy of replicate simulations Yangzhou Ssangyong troops in one operation , speed much faster than us . Wolf here not to continue ,but staring at the dream cloud of blood ,waiting for them to make a choice .
Is playing ,or just withdraw !Although a court to take this one step looks very strange, but true, even some frustration, plus the happy seems long-planned mass action ,once towering a court ,is blowing in the wind and rain tree ,shake and crumble ,ready to collapse .
... ... Silent for a few seconds ,Mengyun eyes red blood on blood : this how matter . You placed in the happy people around, the emergence of such a large action, even without prior mum ? I don ,one day ,the phone is not received ,the game does not ,call to her bedroom ,Timberland Sandals Sale,her classmates that she asked for sick leave ,this woman ,I think most has been with me for centrifugal .
Blood gnash the teeth in anger . Hum ! Meng Yun was cold : it ,now very influential Mu house ,she was responsible for the party area ,Mu house win .Do not small ,we that little bit of effort, have fallen under the .
You can rest assured ,this happened ,I will let her know that betrayed me ... ... A cold blood eyes : she got everything ,will soon disappear . ... ... Meng Yun knew that blood is going to do ,no more questions, impatient, said: to think of a way to calm this catastrophe, do you have any idea? This time ,with happy sum zero probability ,but ,when we have offended against the chivalrous door too well ,even if the house Mu agree ,chivalrous door and has long coveted the territory raid wind ,people will try various devices to continue .
Blood tone : heavy now there are only two ways ,either to withdraw to the west ,up north ,designed to the western regions ,there is after all a desert as a barrier ,and the wolves and the storm could not mobilize too many troops to the western regions ,happy against us ;and the side of the people have used persian .
Another way ... ... Weiweijiuzhao ,put the rest of the people to the south, from the southern coastal landfall ... ... Mu house ,chivalrous door the dispatch of many horses ,behind must be empty, but as they hold out loss ,although the chance of success is not big, but Vietnam death blow to bring up the rear, still can make happy panic .
Not much, is impossible . Mengyun smile: raid wind ,rain ,UNITA was not involved, must be happy after ,to replace the two gangs to the rear ,and the southern faction in Baokang ,when you see it ,to house Mu very warmly ,I won stand by ;life and death blow again severe, always only one .
.. ... It will only give up capital ,North Face Women's Down Sale,in the western regions , ... ... Hear of blood ,Mengyun two analysis of dialogue ,wolf knows a hall this is really lost .Meng Yun has heartbeat ,consider the transfer problem .
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