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October 10 [Wed], 2012, 16:38

Xiao Chen, Mo from the monastic ninety years, and now see that you have to short half head to your teacher and student were to be riding in the old lady's head I can not teach you the two, do not you two close to the people Xiehen! Xiao-lin, today even if you have bad luck! Off the clouds Valley Junior supernatural powers - one small catch hand, but at the moment Mo from cultivation cast built the base late, the power is also not be underestimated. Xiao-lin Lianqi two repair, if hard to finish the long march to this beat, for fear that at least one or two months to be lying in bed to recuperate. Sort Ju Yi Xiao-lin eyes flashed, eyes closed, waiting for the palm of your hand when falling is suddenly heard a loud noise, then billowing smoke is the sky. And so he opened his eyes to the front to see the immediate sober, that is, to see a tall figure slowly out of that smoke into a pair of eyes in the dark expanse of him a slight pause, and then fell to Mo from him, touch words: cold sweat. One were doors veteran strong, built the base late repair of large might impact saver Realm Mo from elders. A rising star, not only As alchemy masters Sanpin on UGG Kids Bailey Button, repair is more comparable to building the base interim monks Xiao morning, the two men from the battle, I am afraid that flips off the clouds Valley will burst the stormy sea! Imaginary Mo from the eyes squint, which from time to time flashed a bit cold of color, so apart Xiao Chen Shu Zhang face to face, thin lips tightly sip together after a long time before suddenly smiled and said: elders before borrowing the name of the first threat I studied under several disciples, I shot to teach him a lesson, but also for your sake, lest subglottic disciples thought you connivance relatives, bad for your reputation. then Thank you very much. with me one to go home. matter strictly speaking, be regarded as we xiaojia family outsider, after all, is less meddling is wonderful. some bluntly together. Xiao Chen deadpan But Mo from the moment from him after his complexion suddenly changed the moment is completely gloomy down. At the same time, that Mo from footsteps is also suddenly pause, slowly raised his head, his eyes already filled with murderous, eyes tightly pegged xiaochen, cold channel: Xiao morning looking gloomy, with no expression on his face, heard cold smile, said: killed well known in the matter Munekado within. blood kill mark will appear in your body? mark found the murderer. How could things had created a hubbub North Face Men's Denali Jackets Sale, turned out to be Xiao morning the Shishu are for! the existence of, how likely is wrong Air Max 87 Womens, the matter certainly can not get away with xiaochen Shishu relationship. an outside door disciples heard occasionally get a three hundred year Huang Ling, is this person secretly harm claimed, but Mo from the Elder on pressing nobody outspoken nothing. , also have heard about, Xiao Chen Shishu open and aboveboard, gentleman-like figure, if under his killer, maybe is the hit that Mo Tiancheng do wicked things, only pain killer. etc. to the old lady to shut up! comeback! Even if you is Munekado elixir Court large Presbyterian status respected Prince breaking the law and common people with the crime of today the old lady will hand to you this ruthless concealed Woe to the heart of the generation dishes out! comparable to building the base mid-year repair monks, the matter must not be let known to the head of a real person and the two drug Michiko, otherwise my day as grandson fear is necessary in vain to get killed! points the color of Henla, intentions, that does it mean that I will no doubt kill! Moreover Jinrizhishi this is xiaochen wrong earlier, even though I shot and killed him, there were door iron rule on, presumably the head of a real person and the two drug Michiko even disgruntled not how I breathe between this Mo centrifugal already turned countless thoughts, hearts cold smile, is dishing out a spiritual wave invest to to xiaochen pledge. directly resorted to the body warm and nourish the spirit, desire before Xiao morning unable to cast, put his frantic violence in. Need Ling, Xiao Chen elders danger. but all of them looking changes, if xiaochen, today is really unexpected North Face Men's Boots Sale, they fear that stakeholders can not escape.

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