nature of the matrix method

October 09 [Tue], 2012, 18:57

> This time, in order to let Chuangshi Shen resurrection, Wang Yue, but pay a terrible price. wWW! QUAnbeN! COm original Wang Yue hands first magic Wong the third Magic King will iron is the creator, as well as fifth magic slave girl creator, but now, it all did not , and all their strength, coupled with other first-generation Mozu all become Chuangshi Shen body strength. In other words, the strength of the Chuangshi Shen should have ten iron is a creator. Comprehend the extent of, ten iron is the not the original Ten Magic King extent that, the ten iron Chuangshi Shen did not fall from the sky before, are to the pinnacle of the hierarchy. Of course, this is not to say that now Chuangshi Shen or iron peak level, if you only have memories they can reach the pinnacle of creation Phoenix same peak. Chuangshi Shen iron is level and Wang Yue, WANG Yue his resurrection,Brand Winter Jacket Online, reincarnation forces, let his iron GUIYANG line because it is. This and the Creation of Phoenix is ​​the iron level only consensus is the same reason and the iron levels of all female demons progenitor. However to declare, here refers Yue iron level, the level was lying core addition, instead of the Wang Yue level. This means Chuangshi Shen strength now, though not his peak, but equally terrible, but the creation of Phoenix is ​​condensed by more than one hundred female magic ancestral forces, the number is still far better than Chuangshi Shen's quality. Fortunately, the Chuangshi Shen is a killer, the killer, enough for him to deal with Creation Phoenix. This is the resurrection Chuangshi Shen Yue desperately want. At this point, the black hole burst shrink and disappear, the bottom of the column space back to normal. This means fighting once again begin. Creation Phoenix, resentment between you and me there are too many who are and who simply can not tell, just today, directly to the separation of the outcome of it. World Phoenix away countless blinking stars around, as if a cosmic surround. the countless golden flame, mixed with iron is the power to give birth to only a small golden phoenix, walk away toward Chuangshi Shen. War Chuangshi Shen and Creation Phoenix, of course, will not idle, Yue killer released successfully, his good mood, and pride is more emotion. Mentioned earlier, Wang Yue from that big fuss, but the distance of a few hundred meters, he should go all out,ugg on clearance, but a breathing thing. However, Wang Yue opponent is not weak, the distance of several hundred meters, they will make from time to Yue so easily in the past, because once Yue into the big fuss, that the situation will be very different. A breathing time, enough magic progenitor launched an attack. Hydra in the sky the male magic progenitor driven mouth the nine long cohesion black light ball spray, woven into a black giant network, to go towards Yue network. Yue forward must be this black giant net net a behind. Of course, this black giant net to block the Yue definitely too dispersed lethal enough, can not kill Yue just once Yue entangled, that the next Hydra brute force attack to. The reason why these magic ancestral did not directly use the brute force attack to avoid Yue reincarnation iron escaped intention to haunt him, would not let him move forward to do anything else. After all, the distance between the two sides is too close, this idea can be said to be acceptable. out to him dozens of magic ancestral chaotic atmosphere, the strength has been completely transformed. chopping off. Not only WANG Yue trio hands, surrounded by around Yue dark and stormy, before the rein of demons attack the same issue at this time. Fortune iron then. Before Yue manifested strength is impossible to break the giant net, but Wang Yue has enough strength, obviously, those magic progenitor did not expect this. A mistake enough to decide the outcome of the battle of the other levels. To a large array of front, before you for the magic progenitor react, Wang Yue has opened her hand fiercely the the large array fragile defense shield to spot torn, circling in a dark and stormy, directly into the large array of in. Large array of defensive cover quite fragile, in advance, there is no one thought Yue has the ability to break through here, so, what forces did not remain in this regard, all the forces used to attack. Into the large array of Wang Yue, it is definitely a turning-point victory. Although,UGGs Desoto Boots Sale, the next there will be some waves, but now, Wang Yue has that ratio is completely different from the victory. To the time, Wang Yue and die almost similar. . Yue own magic progenitor toward more than a dozen open his evil hand, the red and black of the wheel again. Had an experience everyone knows Yue what to do, his threat is more terrible than him dozens of magic progenitor. explosion. For the moment, more than a dozen magic ancestral around empty a large blank, have lamented a very high magic ancestral our efficiency. The progenitor of the life and death of more than a dozen magic magic progenitor who shut them Pishi. Of course, people still care about this more than a dozen magic progenitor, and that is the other half dozen magic progenitor. Mentioned earlier magic ancestral men and women stand separately because of the special nature of the matrix method, two piles, with a universe of magic ancestral relationship with the total death, so Wang Yue to kill more than a dozen men magic progenitor that there must be a dozen the female magic progenitor horror stricken, came toward the side of crazy. Unfortunately, these the female magic progenitor was too late. Bang continuous dozen audio drama burst more than a dozen with a magic ancestral fear explode into more than a dozen Road terrible shock wave swept everything around. Only this time the gold well prepared, specifically to strengthen this part of the defense, not the black hole. Even if no-show, the black hole, the situation around is a flurry of shock wave formed so many explosions, so that the men and women on both sides of the formation of the magic ancestral completely chaotic. The formation a mess, a big fuss scotched the sky in the Hydra spot into the invisible. However, the creation of Phoenix does not disappear, because of her good fortune beast just matrix method has been broken, and she no longer has the power of an endless supply of supplement. This is Yue to be the case, the tactical deployment of a break, he's greatly reduced pressure, the next, is the melee, magic ancestral impossible to pull together. To, see magic progenitor their lessons learned, spread out, and red and black runner too inefficient so dispersed, WANG Yue hands appear miserable white long knives, knife light flashes repeatedly void , every flash, there must be two magic progenitor fall of deadly heinous. Kill one to accompany a too earned. Yue single blade sharp and terrible lethal, vividly played out at this moment. Because of that terrible, overbearing knife meaning, as long as the Daoguang cut must fall. The present situation is completely reversed, greatly increasing the possibility of Yue into the platform, as long as these magic ancestral appeared flaws immediately by his victory illegal immigrants. In fact, the creation Phoenix some strange mistake these magic ancestral magic ancestral after Wang Yue scored unbearable, but because Yue is too strong magic the ancestral our consciousness or good, although the chaos, but to start to end of not exposing the real flaws,UGG Mens Classic Mini Sale, Yue into the platform. Course, and Wang Yue, which did not go all out into the platform, but mainly to killing a great relationship, but also because these magic progenitor dedication. Magic progenitor great efforts, because they are very clear, once Yue into the platform, not to mention those interests not previously promised by the creation of Phoenix, even their lives, gone will be the same. If not this premise, you magic progenitor may not be the creation of Phoenix so cooperative. the world of God, came to help you. . . More to Address <

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