stood up and walked toward the arena

October 08 [Mon], 2012, 16:51
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultToday, second more to the next higher ,at 12 noon .
Also hope you brothers and sisters ,read a book when it lost several account number landing ,recommended votes ,collections ,small he be indebted forever !... ... Although Chu clouds and the female disciples to fight ,has no color performance, nor to trick strong collision scene ,but in the eyes of Du Feiyun ,is even more shocking .
In order to ten outer disciple ,everyone is smarts ,called genius .At the same time ,more or less have their own adventure .If the said that Chu cloud not cards ,he is certainly not a letter .
Now ,don use that Chu clouds or trick ,just be an easy job to defeat opponents ,it is not difficult to see ,the absolute strength .In the heart ,Du Feiyun has gradually he was cited for the enemy .
In my heart is thinking ,Du Feiyun suddenly heard heavenly punishment elders called his name ,quickly convergence thoughts ,stood up and walked toward the arena .Go towards the ring ,he suddenly heard ,around the door disciple neat bursts of marvel ,a or take pleasure in other people ,or regret ,or wringing ,very noisy .
Just wondering ,Du Feiyun came to the ring, saw the opponent Michael Kors Shoulder Bags Sale, but also face the solidification ,froze in situ ,slightly embarrassed .Until this time ,he didn why ,just those doors there were many discussions.
Students ,noisy ebullition .Because ,to draw his opponent is Li Qingluan !Have to say ,if the bad time ,things are often particularly magic .At this moment timberland work boots,Li Qingluan is this idea ,heart grief to almost cry out, face is very ugly .
See Du Feiyun step into the ring ,her eyes with a desperate ,she pointed out through poor jade Du Feiyun . Why are you ! Uh ... ... It not what I want .Du Feiyun is embarrassed, lamely smile ,the back of the head .
Du Feiyun was pumped to the opponent in the ring ,he lost ,although Li Qingluan lost ,but did not despair ,mind and one Soon ,expectations for the next race to turn an one city .But she never thought ,when he is in power draw ,actually very bad get Du Feiyun .
Why I so unlucky? Master in this asshole ,Du Feiyun is the bane of my life ? Li Qingluan was sad to to oneself Northface Women's Denali Jackets,very sad eyed Du Feiyun a look not to utter a single word ,then underground arena, disappeared in the crowd .
At the outer door disciple all is a wry smile shake one ,heart is very sympathetic to Li Qingluan but some make me on the spot .As a result, Li Qingluan automatic waiver ,Du Feiyun nature there is no pressure to ease won second victories ,and in numerous door disciple whisper to one another and with strange eyes ,stepped down .
Li Qingluan meets you is really suffered . I don ,Ning snow mico suddenly some sympathy for Li Qingluan ,the poor female students, not only in the ring under the watchful eyes of the people by Du Feiyun salted pettitoes eat tofu ,and two with his opponent ,the pity of it by .
Oh ,lucky ,lucky . Du Feiyun also some frustration, to Ning snow mico that strange eyes to pay no heed . Luck is a strength . Rare is a task of elders ,this sentence was for export ,Du Fei .
However ,his next words ,is that Du Feiyun was speechless ,hate the old do not respect the old guy mouth plug . But you guys this is not an ordinary luck ,appear to be ... ... Well, good luck .
Du Feiyun silent stay in the stands ,watching the arena battle disciple ,a watch several battle ,but can the strength to threaten his own disciples .Until the ten battle all over, day penalty elders then went on stage announced test results, as well as his ranking .
Shot in the first ,there is no doubt that the row two Du Feiyun .Of course ,there is also a and he is tied for first ,Chu yun .Next is the six juxtaposed to the disciple ,there is a split .
At the end of the two disciples ,is two war total negative .The next test process ,obviously ,by two two games are all negative student competition, competing for the ninth and tenth .Then ,by six a split two two disciple ,catching the competition, winning third to eighth .
As the first name and the second name ,is by Du Feiyun and the Chu Yun two people compete .That the next test process ,first in Du Feiyun and Chu Yun between, a crowd of tens of thousands of door disciple ,is the burning eyes toward the two man to .
At the same time ,Du Feiyun and Chu Yun two people also know each other ,will be the biggest rival ,is the mutual spacing exchanged a glance .Du Feiyun calm ,look no different, but the Chu Yun looked at Du Feiyun with a trace of smile ,mouth ,eyes flashed a shizaibide confidence .
The time is at noon, the sun from the day down, covered in broken head on ,many doors disciple is not feel hot and dry ,with face is full of excitement, passion .He continued in a battle ,the first battle ,is by Li Qingluan against an equally unfortunate disciple .
This time ,Li Qingluan had a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment ,successfully defeated opponent ,won the ninth .And her opponent Michael Kors Skorpios Sale,the face white male disciples ,only finishing tenth .
Subsequently, six with a split juxtaposed to the disciple ,took turns to catch on .After several rounds of competition ,two hour past ,finally winning out .By now ,third to tenth have all been produced ,then, is the first and second place .
At the same time ,the almost all eyes ,are collected in Du Feiyun and Chu Yun .The penalty elders announced that the two stage ,thousands of door disciple passion suddenly ignited numerous population ,calling Du Feiyun and Chu Yun ,for they cheer .
Chu Yun started earlier, in the outer door disciple in the higher prestige ,is based on the voice is quite big .Du Feiyun started for less than a year, usually rarely and the outer door disciple contact ,is a weak voice .
However ,before all of his deeds ,as well as in the arena ,for he won many support and cheer .Arena ,also had a number of disciples chanted the name of Du Feiyun ,for he cry refueling .
Among them North Face Down Jackets, dressed in a blue livery with the young disciples the loudest ,expression is the most exciting ,who is Han fei .At this point, he applaud to cheer for Du Feiyun ,also did not forget to close a few companions .
Did you see that ?This is my brother du !Initially in the ground and world dragon tribe ,he is generous move saved me ! Du brother he is not only the strength of high strength ,and honest, kind-hearted ,amiable and easy of approach .
.. ... In conclusion ,we ran with him no wrong . ... ... Arena ,day announced after the start penalty elders in competition ,they left the arena ,the arena to Du Feiyun and Chu yun .
At this time, two people are separated by ten feet ,gazing at each other ,in the eyes of the game fishes rising ,was gradually rising momentum .The ring periphery ,stands atop the task elders ,eyes narrowed ,looked at Du Feiyun and Chu yun .
A fine watch for a while, he seems to find what is more interesting ,eyes look .Desert depressed attitude lazily sat on the big chair ,see figure Du Feiyun, eyes full of appreciation .
He had ambitions for Du Feiyun just before entering ten ,didn expect that he should have qualified to compete for first place .At this time, he had in mind was determined ,as long as Du Feiyun can win the first prize ,he is all the way to solicit their command .
Du Feiyun demonstrated the potential ,has made him feel shocked and pro-Lai ,with Du Feiyun he leans against dance Chen will be more advantages .Moreover, Du Feiyun and dance tilting Chen has the bear a deep grudge against sb.
Do not try to help themselves ,not afraid of Du Feiyun .By a lot of portosystemic disciples surrounded by dance tilting Chen ,at one hand nanmu big chair handle ,right hand knuckles on a chair lightly percussion ,rhythm and lively, clear mind .
He looked at the figure of Du Feiyun ,mouth without revealing a cold smile ,heart thinks: dark thought you only will generally reptilian ,really did not expect some doorways ,power lifting speed so astonishing ,less than a year in advance order operation of nine layer peak, a step to step into the innate .
But ,despite your smarts ,adventure ,today is to improve on the spot .I was absolutely will not permit you to grow up, threatening me . Chu Yun strength this just step into the innate ,and now my black Japanese Pagoda in the hand ,just find the opportunity ,not difficult to defeat you .
Even ,seize the opportunity ,take you destroy or kill ,also not impossible ! The ring of Du Feiyun ,now the tight ,be absorbed in to alert the Chu Yun ,not imagined ,stands on the dance tilting Chen had already begun to calculate he .
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