squeeze the bamboo scaffolding

October 09 [Tue], 2012, 11:55

The 1 piece acutus has more than once from the fourth eldest their noses fled. See it for the first time, the fourth eldest shoulders concernedly a fetch water, it disk roadside halfway back to the shed in the fourth eldest, looks at least four jin. The fourth eldest happiness and fear, in the fourth eldest's eyes, it was not a deadly viper, that is a thousand dollars! I heard on the three catties acutus has sold four to five hundred pound of. Food production ranks the fourth year all sell did not snake worthless. The time The fourth eldest wondering how much it can sell, and it has also been felt dangerous it is to straighten the body, a huge triangle proud head erect, his mouth wide open big, letter sub haltingly, Chi Chi issued intimidation sound, but it disdains the fourth eldest attack, confrontation with the fourth eldest burst it calmly withdrew. Ranks the fourth heart around the corner but did not dare move a little, the mountain roads are steep and narrow, the bucket no place placed, worked so hard to climb up from the bottom of the hill ditch Diaodan water down a really reluctant. Temptation ah, but the temptation of death. Xixisuosuo, stir it with fallen leaves and weeds, the fourth eldest watched it twist twist disappeared deep in the mountains. Sigh of relief, the fourth eldest feel their extremities cool vests are cold sweat. In many cases the fourth eldest admire the Chen Lao old, Chen Lao old face Qing Qu, not high, aged 60, city people, I really can endure hardships with the fourth eldest mao mountains to stay for two months. Following Chen old bamboo one a sawed off, armed with a knife and then breaking into a small piece of a small piece with bagged him two days to bear a load out of the mountains to go on his nephew rock mound mound in the town. Coming out of the the road downhill upper bound tens of miles mule path, he concernedly burden leisurely walk, the Xie Qi point in time on the cigarette and enjoy the mountains, with a vision of the city people. The rock mound mound at first also pick him a ride, then the return of Chen Lao old curse, saying followed him back to the city on. The rock mound mound to open a department store, usually also acquired some delicacies game sold go to Guangzhou, was few spare happy to grow old with the Chen Lao. Asked Chen Lao old fourth eldest, to get the so many the bamboo Kuaikuai do what is the use, he said Yuncheng processing sell those selling barbecue. This mao mountains bamboo to go, and nobody ended up Chen Lao old lumbering from comfortable at more than two months off the side Chushan. Species Gastrodia the 3 fourth eldest, blame Ma, Qian mound mound personal mao the mountains. A few years ago a number of ethnic Gastrodia fortune. Think about chipping away fat mothers, youngest son about strange Ma, vigorously money ram ram into the tens of miles mao deep in the mountains. They chose the side of the cedar afforestation Hill, hit a fence enclosed, roughly divided into three on each a variety of their own. Also called bamboo scaffolding, food and shelter in bamboo scaffolding, every few days to go home with the groceries. Chen Lao old was to the rock ram ram home visit relatives days money mound mound in the mountains to catch the bar for more than four pounds of broken the hit cap (Zaocys) to sell rock mound mound rock mound mound Speaking of some kind in the mountains Timberland Earthkeepers Chukka Boots, old Chen Lao listener intends to prop up rock mound mound Yuehe money mound mound to take him to the mountains to see the, Chen Lao seasoned mountains look Lai does not go with the fourth eldest they squeeze the bamboo scaffolding, room and board Following Chen old offered to do all the housework, and three people ended up promised. Mao mountains of the few people to go the long grass, tree density. Active on the ground, the trees, the air, the wild things very, previously also home to buy some pork meat dishes Later, several people stopped work one day, hill and dale underground sets. In a few days, bamboo scaffolding hanging around the pheasant hare, badger pig ... anyone to go home to piggyback some to the family also. Chen Lao old Mia a rice wine, really enjoyed relief, life is immortal day! The 4 turn money mound mound fetching water. Since the the fourth eldest encounter that acutus, ranks the fourth time to dig the road width, pavement also trimmed some. The fall of the mountain, with the young woman full of mature charm. Money mound mound looked around everywhere, such as leaping flames, which tree the red leaves of a tree, mountain wizard in dance. He remembered a piece King movie Walking the the mountain road wade Road vine pull clothing failed to keep an infatuation asked autumn relatives trace where ... where the money mound mound wife in Guangzhou, money mound mound originally taught in secondary schools, simply because unplanned fertility, really bad cake, previously gave birth to two girl students in third son, finally get, he was expelled from the public at home also points less than the fields. No way my wife had to go to work in Guangzhou. The 31-year-old originally Enenaiai one pair of mandarin ducks, bulk rods of life between the two places. Think of my wife, Qian ram ram eyes watered a little more than a year seen almost can not imagine my wife looks like. The roadside bushes move, the sound, the money the mound mound was shocked. Perhaps pheasant, perhaps a hare, or - a snake? Money mound mound put down his pail, easily picking up a stick, he chops Lane opened the bushes, not the pheasant hare, pheasant hare, then escaped early. He saw the box pattern taupe a snake - acutus. He did not wait to escape for a second time, ran away quickly. Breaking hit cover is not poison, capture bitten on one only when the needle, pain on right. Acutus kiss the pain too will die. Money do not want to ram ram three children also gone father. Ah not afford to die. Dinner time and money mound mound drinking a bowl of wine, talking about when he went to carry water to see a acutus the big one acutus at least five pounds, one thousand dollars, ah, unfortunately own fear of death, dare capture. In case of a bite can be incredible. The fourth eldest see strange Ma's eyes shine, blame Ma bold, childhood have not seen the things that he did not dare to dry. He knew the place snake, the value of one thousand dollars to dig three feet he has to find out. At first ranks the fourth encounter a snake do not say it is the fear of blame Ma know, afraid he might act recklessly drain look for a snake to play blame Ma Die Tryin. Chen Lao the old microphone a wine, it seems that acutus not interested in, is the sixtieth may want to live. The 5 mountains night black on black, like blows out a candle, that bright it just disappeared. The fourth eldest lit a candle, lie down and read a book for two years, the fourth eldest entrance exam two years, still like to read. The evening does not turn a few pages of the book, youngest son could not sleep. Back into the mountains is the scholar insists on giving him wear a beautiful aura. Resting now, alone, he hug the very hot dry matter can be given his rape. Hee hee, youngest son think unconsciously smiled. Say it, youngest son looks really not bad, generally the skin of a woman not his white height Yi Miqi five, childhood sensible, summer and winter vacations to help at home to do a lot of things. In their village still have to be intellectuals, mind and live Pan. Wanted to marry his girl is really a lot of it. This brain alive, able to endure hardship, but also the music of the young man, get along this time, Chen Lao old really liked. A little old and open the dialog box. Strange linen lying there could not sleep, he thought the snake hole where. Money mound mound has been insomnia, want my wife to think. Often with his eyes open until dawn. The night air of the mountains, a burst of tsunami, blown shed squeaky. But the mountain is like a calm elderly. The old man fell asleep. Go back twice a snake opportunity may encounter strange linen every day to go and carry water. He carry the belongings of the snake, a specially fitted mesh bag snake, a snake iron hook, usually taking the time at the side of the mountain snake that searching. But the snake seems to know the danger comes, and nothing appeared. Gastrodia planting early completion mao deep in the mountains, although the food is good, but which more than holding his wife got home hot bed to sleep comfortable? Strange hemp heart unwilling but slowly snake forgotten. The fourth eldest sigh of relief, he worried that to blame Ma to catch the snake, and also worried about the snake to blame hemp kiss. 7 Chen Lao old time his family plot, he would like what kind what kind. Chen Lao tired of eating the old game, he would like to get some wild eat. The two days he did not sawing bamboo, wild in the mountains to find. The bottom of the hill ditch wild Pathfinder the Chen Lao get old stick, to arouse his suspicions. The acutus anyone, it stays on the general signs of trouble. Snake just to ditch bathed lazily in the grass to rest. Head warily facing that exudes the hot stuff, Nobuko telescopic stick swept from next to it, it scared a little, but it is reserved to maintain its disc posture, people do not make me, I do not prisoners. Following Chen old foot into the intolerable range. Lightning attack. For dangerous, people sometimes somewhere there is an amazing sense of foreboding. Chen Lao old that step yet completely fallen of the time, he felt the danger, his feet hardly ever stick has instinctively hit. He saw a piece of soft objects ugly. Chen Lao-old hit the stick fell in the thorn bush. He also watched the thing into the gutter of a chimney. Panic among the Chen Lao old do not know their own which at it bites. He tears, can not think of Laoming sent here? Ranks the fourth, blame Ma, money mound mound hear old Chen Lao shrill Sheng. Know for sure that something went wrong. Ranks the fourth like a wild horse galloping down more than a mile mountain road as if he did a few times to Chen Lao old front. Chen Lao-old is also not up and down in the thorn bush. The fourth eldest ignore Chen Lao old suffering like anxiously asked him how. Following Chen old said is acutus bite. Ranks the fourth one quickly picked him up on the water's edge. Lifted Chen Lao old trousers, Chen Lao that little old meat legs several bleeding. The fourth eldest pull a fine vine to his legs tied. But he could not see which at is that Niexu for sin. Asked Chen Lao old, old Chen Lao was not sure which at. Ranks the fourth pick the one most like bitten by a snake, to stooped mouth vampire. Seems to suck out ranks the fourth Chen Lao old cleaning water. Her own Chen Lao old left. At this time the money mound mound and blame Ma was rushed to the scene. 8 Chen Lao-old knew that his own life is in a race against time, even if empty-handed walk tens of miles of mountain road on weekdays, the fastest they have to spend four hours. Maybe even before the town to kick in.. Think of the heart, sorrow and grief, ah, the legs which felt more and more pain. Lament, close your eyes and wait for death. Ranks the fourth to Chen Lao old cheer: people feel his work efficiency shares tiger Jin, but not reckless red his wit go again. Ranks the fourth with money mound mound, your legs, go back and call a doctor after Cheng said acutus bite human life, to be fast. Blame Ma, you force me back person. Chen Lao hear the fourth of the old arrangement was more relieved many feel not die. Ranks the fourth back the old Chen Lao trot walked Chen Lao old old bones on a hundred pounds, a hundred pounds of eggs placed Dengcao ranks the fourth, The easy way is the fourth eldest ran fast. View Chen Lao old injury with strange linen shift, youngest son, Chen Lao old legs are not red nor swollen, The fourth eldest slightly down a little worried, perhaps played a role in their disposal, youngest son wanted. More accelerated speed. More than an hour later, Chen Lao old legs still not red nor swollen, just feel a bit sick. Fourth eldest was a little anxious, venom hearts and minds would be finished, Chen Lao gods also can not old. More than an hour and blame Ma two people have been very tired. Especially strange Ma tired to walk. Fourth eldest boy body, the slightest rest physical on the restoration of many later Chen Lao old, with his back to the strange hemp can not keep up his pace. Is coming to town, youngest son to see the doctor carrying a medicine chest hurried walking. See a doctor, and fourth eldest sensory own legs are not in themselves, step Maibu Kai. The Chen Lao and old not feel sick. 10 doctor carefully checks Chen Lao old injury, looked confused, of Chen Lao old legs thorns stabbed, simply not acutus bites signs. The original when acutus headed towards Chen Lao old, Chen Lao stick just to play old play under the in acutus mouth. Chen Lao youngest-year-old man, in the fourth eldest strange hemp backs bumpy for so long, how can I not disgusting? ! The fourth eldest sweat and tears of a stream, to criticize Chen Lao old paralyzed on the ground, the old fool, you can put me exhausted! Following Chen old also scolded ranks the fourth, you ghost Zai Zai, almost ran my death. One old and one less happy giggle. 11 home break of the night UGGs Boots Mens Sale, the fourth eldest blame Ma UGG Amelie Shoes, money mound mound and into the mountains. Strange hemp carry a hoe, bring the snake's belongings to go to hunt that acutus, he said that the snake frightened certainly stay in the dens will not run around. So three people act together, carefully invading in that one place, actually really that Niexu cleanup. Acutus threatened exudes coldly murderous, three people met, both happy and afraid, or blame Ma bold clip Chouzhunshiji snake caught in seven inches of the snake, put it in specially fitted snake bag. Injury to the snake's mouth, that old hit Chen Lao. The fourth eldest Think on scared, the Chen Lao old really lucky, then waved his stick was so clever to hit in the mouth of a snake. 12 Chen Lao old picking up an eighteen-year-old young lady to shed. The town is the beautiful girl, the eyes water Lingling drops circulation, the fourth eldest dare look ah. Following Chen old smile on the fourth eldest, my granddaughter, I heard that I was bitten by a snake, leave to see me. The fourth eldest dare people watching a big girl, the people town girl but very generous, staring at the fourth eldest looked fill. Is that you almost ran my grandfather died ah? Girl silver bell camel laugh. The fourth eldest whispered, whispered, embarrassed to answer, then. The Chen Lao old granddaughter but find it more interesting. The front of the big boys, the most manly man she had ever seen. Chen Lao old saw his own granddaughter's face suddenly red. He knew Zhe Nizi fourth eldest is love at first sight! The old heart of Chen Lao said, I fancy, Xiao Nizi not fancy pigs fly. Of Chen Lao old even went to the fourth eldest they squeeze the bamboo scaffolding. Coming back each time, Chen Lao-old brought back a letter to the ranks the fourth, beginning ranks the fourth read the letter to hand on the pillow next to gradually pick the letter more, later each received a letter after reading it carefully on personal pocket. Night sometimes ranks the fourth letter sneaking out forward to a bean candle light to see over and over again, sometimes careless laugh. Want Which big girl? Following Chen old to make fun of him. Your home the big granddaughter. The fourth eldest mouth or oil. But this is the truth. You have to wait for several years, my family granddaughter just college. Chen Lao-old says with a laugh, was secretly swore ranks the fourth, the brats! I waited, whiz, can not go back on the Oh! The fourth eldest hearts proud ah. The night wind in the mountains Jin, the fourth of the mind have long since been blown to the girl that water Lingling big eyes were rolling. 's Mountain sleep, a stand, a fiery sunrise on the ridge.

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