the snow and ice the Protoss properties

October 09 [Tue], 2012, 16:33

> Several days later, Lin Ling daily maintained 15 hours of online time, every day, numerous senior ore was in the bag, of course, all the bandits attacked him no opportunity to deal with, all the boring Yulia to package round. WWw. qUanBen. COm roving bandits than six days before the players lower on the 10, only about 35, so Lin Ling safely they are handed over to Yulia settle, how to say snow goddess also has 73 strength qualitative gap. The only Lin Ling little depressed, playing ten wave roving bandits, and he wanted very much to get the Explorer badge is not even played. Since the bums pick Carlos task on this matter very body center, his heart feeling that this Carlos Santo is not so simple, he released the task, the reward is certainly not less. But the days are not from people willing, he rummaged every roving bandits something falling,Trainer 1.3 Max Mens, stunned nothing. Of course the time there is, the important items the Lin Ling believe will be in the last few waves appear to do this for a long time the task, patience is very important. The most able to to let Lin Lingping complex mood natural luggage in the fruits of the earth, to look at that attribute will let him secretly music on a half-day every day, and now he has not the fruit thing told Chu love them, ready to time to give them a The surprise, of course, the allocation problem is now he should not conceal one of the reasons. On several occasions, the Lin Ling wants to re-enter Aquarius to look at the tree the tree of the earth is to bear new fruit of the earth, but refrained because of the way into the Aquarius is too painful, To bled. Have been in accordance with the setting of the Dragon Soul Wars, the body's pain can be set, but in the game it will not hurt. It is precisely because the whole reason people hit by the monster or pk only damage the value of life, the body does not hurt, players can also set up their own minor pain, coming to create very realistic effects. But if you want to bleed another situation, in the game to be hit with any weapon not bleed, if you want to stay in the blood, only yourself. In Dragon Soul, the existence of some of the blood must, in this regard, the setting of Dragon Soul is not a little concession, are very realistic pain, and pain set no relationship, you may also do certain advanced tasks set a hurdle for the players. According to Yulia statement, In fact, this Aquarius with blood memory function, but this function only for its owner Helena goddess, which also let Lin Lingyu stuffy endless. This has to enter the sixth day of the Royal Vein, Lin Ling Online more than 14 hours. , Yulia hole and a group of roving bandits fierce fighting, a group of 35 bandits, even with boss in which can not cause her much of a threat. Snow goddess dusty years fighting skills finally began to wake up, beginning her alone to deal with some difficult group of roving bandits, but now revealing a freehand with easy graceful flash turn maneuvers. Used to see the beauty off the strange forest spirit without looking up, continue to dig ore now into the veins sixth day, another day no longer here mining metal ores, but bums dug now 9 ore dug over 10, he has been looking forward to the 10 mine has been no. Although you Lin Ling in my mind is very clear, this top ore insist not, but still felt faint trace of can not be reconciled. Payable to to see Yulia posture lightness was across from a roving bandit head, reflexive thrown an Lin Ling was about to hit section of a good thing, and suddenly the system prompt: Bite, due diligence exercises, mining skills to rise to 5, and now is the highest level. 'cunning men' title, prestige value +10000 points. : Lin Ling is the first time to enjoy such treatment on TV, although there is no mention of his name,UGG Classic Short Sparkles Sale, but still he was very proud. Soon, he received a the five short message, 5 people in the group actually both thought he, which makes Lin Ling have some mixed feelings, it appears that after the low-key. However,UGG Noella Shoes, he is holding the hands of the light overflowing Zijin ore, but did not askew mouth water looks like a low-key meaning. It is also estimated dragon soul continent first piece 10 ore, Lin Ling do not know how much the price if he can sell on the auction house. In fact, the hearts of Lin Ling also somewhat contradictory, if we sold, less the best collection, but if it does not sell, dug 10 ore mining technique to enhance with the players in general, but also a matter of wait till then this thing will be devalued. Thought for a long time, he eventually decided to save this thing, anyway, we also have to use that money, and now do not lack. Yulia at this time has been resolved to complete the group of roving bandits, slow walk to, very graceful. very strange. Lin Ling rolled eyed said: you do, this is a very practical skills Oh derivative ice ice art manufacturing is no ordinary ice Oh, it was a given the snow and ice the Protoss properties of ice, just take one in your mouth , user will enter a calm state, also with frozen injury in the attack and 80% immunization chance for ordinary frozen property an ice cube can be used until completely melted, the state will disappear very practical! ,UGGs Mini Bailey Button Paint Splatter Boots Sale! The chill in the air to create an ice containing clothing can increase the special attributes. Mp consumption: 10 points, release time: 2 minutes Cooling time: 2 minutes. Looked at Introduction of Ice surgery attributes, Lin Ling can generally understand the significance of the so-called derivative skills, and large aircraft produced a magic spell uses, is used to increase the user's attributes in a short period of time. This skill is very useful, but also very economical, actually only need to consume mp, without having to prepare any material. Of course, the release of the length of time and the cooling time also limits the possibility of mass production, and slowly discover real value but also later battle. Embarrassed, thinking some stuck, and today even a chapter, I consider the plot behind how convergence Honourable Brother Wuguai the ~ <

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