Eye in the sky break

October 10 [Wed], 2012, 20:02
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The two Japanese master one laugh stated, so many people ,even the ten thousand baby missing is no big deal ! Fart ,ten thousand baby missing ,it will check, ten others are find out, and I could not escape the fate of extinction jia ! Jia Zhengxiong sink a track , Jia show me for so many years ,can order to Yamaguchi group do this thing ?! The two Japanese in which a light tunnel: of course not ,if you Jia will this thing done, then I can get pass more support ,and Jia strength doubled is completely impossible, even if that something is done ,then I pass you Jia Jiagan ?If you do ,besides the family strength ,your own strength but also can enhance a .
Lifting a ?How much? ! Jia Zhengxiong ,he knew that this task would be pushed away ,then ,is only for the greater good ! Up to our this degree is not possible, however ,than you Jia that black fur will be strong in many ! Another Japanese master said , consider how ?When received ,every three days Jiao to pay once ,each time the Jiao pay sites will change ,and will inform you in advance .
Well ,I promise . Jia Zhengxiong way , please treat the baby a little time . Treat ?Ha ha Jia Zhengxiong Northface 3 In 1 Jackets,why so fake ,you know we Nong the baby may not treat them ! .
.. ... Eye in the sky break, Chu eyes it is full of anger ,this Jia Zhengxiong is Chinese ,but Jia is pass under the control of the puppet !But Jia Zhengxiong had also promised that condition !Ten thousand baby ah ,that is not ten thousand dogs, ten thousand cats !Jia Zhengxiong also know for sure if Nong to ten thousand baby to pass ,then the ten thousand baby won good fortune ! The Jian ,compared to the Sima family ,also make people hate ! Chu was scolded .
The Dragon steward ,eye in the sky just to scan the scene ,can Nong into video ?! Long tube well : master ,this is no problem . dragon steward ,will give me this Nong into a video, I do not need the stereo as long as a perspective ,can be done ? Chu tao .
Master ,master ,you need to prepare a U disk ,video data will be stored in the U . Long tube well . Have no ,the Dragon steward ,buy a bar, this should not need a lot of good value .
Chu tao . An ordinary two g u need three good value . Long tube well .Just ten minutes away the one thousand point good value ,only three Chu can care . The Dragon steward ,Nong video ,a video ,almost to die without the burial of the Jia family .
Chu Feng in the middle head .Chinese Jian ,this is the numerous Chinese very hate ,video inside. Is it right? True ,natural will have a powerful person to verify, is true is certainly no problem ,so Jia this time basically is finished !Jia Zhengxiong estimates that the death also won anyone from hundreds of meters to his room is all see clearly !Just a minute a little silver plate is already appeared in the hands of chu .
Although 1ang spent one thousand more goodness values ,however ,have this one thing ,that is the value of the . Chu Fengpao throwing that u heart plaint tunnel ,this time if it is not in luck just met ,even if there is no ten thousand baby suffering will also have a lot of babies suffering .
However ,the Japanese took the baby what to do ? Chu Feng heart gallery . Master ,we do not go in UGG Broome Boots? A number of strange .Chu Feng slightly shook his head :t go in, Party brother ,there are caught together two people ,the two guys fighting capacity are more than 500 and 600 ,can you do it? Master ,Wubaiduoliubaiduo empty-handed fighting force ,if there is a weapon, is likely to fight to thousands of enemy ,positive I one can take two people ,even if it is a person ,there may also be a little difficult .
Fang Yundao. Chu Feng frowned : are you good at using any weapons ?If a weapon, you can enhance the strength of many ? Weapons can improve it is natural, no good weapons ,but no matter what the weapon ,I can use ,average .
On the way . Only one thousand eighty good value ,cups ah . Chu wanted to give a signal to buy some weapons ,but check the own information good value was only one thousand eighty .
If you buy a x ì ngthing, one thousand eighty good value should also can get the two Japanese ,but it is a little thought .Do not buy weapons to promote Wei day strength then rely on Wei day strength of the two Japanese .
Chu Feng heart gallery . The Dragon steward ,five hundred kind of values ,probably can buy what kind of knife ? Chu Feng in the middle head .Long tube well : master ,five hundred kind of values you can buy good knife ,strong and sharp are OK ,but if you give two days Wei such strong use of words ,the long one is likely to be scrapped .
Scrap scrap . .The Dragon steward ,five hundred good value to buy a handle for a knife ,five hundred good value to buy a handle for three soft sword . Chu Tao , Notification No.
two and No. three to come here . Time slowly past ,about half an hour after the No. two and No. three has been to Chu . No ,No. three ,your weapons . Chu Feng respectively the knife and the dagger to number one and number three .
Thanks for the master ugg boots clearance sale. Fang Yun and the number three took the weapon face a smile appeared on the same channel . Good luck ,you just until they come out . Chu eye one bright ,the two Japanese master at this time it is from Jia Zhengxiong villa in began to leave .
Hello ,who are you? ! Chu Feng suddenly jumped out from a hiding place . Authentic ,you boss Jia house do UGG Langley?See you sneaking looks sure what is not good ,well ,your nose left under the Mao ,are you Japanese ?Jia how the boss at dead of night and Japanese have connection Northface 3 In 1 Sale? ! The two Japanese a eye immediately to the Chu came here .
,heaven have road you don ,you send in the door to hell ! The two Japanese with a sneer right hand into a claw violently toward the door catch up chu !On the right claw almost to the Chu peak before when a sharp knife light moment appears, the Japanese hand shoulder and broken, and another Japanese there, a black shadow seemed to lightning crashed into his arms ,in the Japanese want to pull out the weapon to strike time ,the black shadow had been one handle dark dagger thrust into his stomach ! Roar ! The broken arm of the Japanese mouth makes a sound like the beast growl ,then ,in the Chu surprised eyes ,the Japanese tongue was like arrows generally toward the past number one laser !Ordinary people tongue can extend export ?Great 10 cm ,but the Japanese tongue was extended two feet long !Alien ,yes ,Chu the moment think of special-shaped ,movie horror alien tongue that is their most powerful weapon !The Japanese tongue was also quite hard ,on the body is very strong ,but the Japanese tongue was lightning on his left shoulder to open a dong !Another Japanese there, behind him even blink out a bone and then fast to stab to number three !No.
three instantaneous bursts back ,but the tail bone attack faster ,even in the three arm tied a small Dong out . Master ,use day may have on their hand ,formed certain intangible suppression .
The Dragon steward in Chu head of middle road .Chu Feng ideas easily, instant day hand in on the deal with that a Japanese head hard to catch .The Japanese strength day hand is impossible now will he to catch Saint jail space ,but in the days after his hands ,obviously slow down a lot ,the people as if by land into the water ,although it can still move ,but the deal is certainly by no effect of small ! Die ! Fang Yun in the Japanese below the tongue hurts a bit ,but the guy left arm all cut down or much better this time is Chou ,the Japanese out of the Katana samurai sword ,but the quality is also compared to the party cloud the knife of poor quality ,Fang Yun is compared to the Japanese difference a lot of ,but one day hand that can make up ,fighting capacity stronger ,was small ,their weapons and dominant ,only a short period of time the Japanese had been in the wind !No.
three there, and the Japanese at No. three is also accounted for a little advantage, but compared with the one here her advantage is not obvious . Pour me ! Chu Feng aiming a chance
,instantaneous wind body made out to grab and a bucket with the Japanese side gave a leg to the back of the Japanese chou !( brothers have flowers on what ah ,thank you !!However
,this is not the first flowers ,our goal !Our opponents in the old book list ,therefore ,flowers and old book list of children his bahai !The gap is quite big, you awesome ,thank you
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