the smoke is a wind

October 09 [Tue], 2012, 19:08
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThank the friends of the strong support of bsbbilly monthly -- -- with the sword rainbow near ,five graceful figure of female orders in the face of the people led by the pink clothes ,was I a foursome ,are to build the base during the early stages of the Red Palace disciples not on top of the mountain all understood ,I have taken the lead in jump sword ,toward the Yan and Le Chengzi et al Yili deep application ,and respectfully said: see you .
.. ... These five women for the Red Palace disciples not false ,but came in a hurry, so confusing about music Chengzi looked ,walking long beards, gently asked: you this girl to do nothing ,but have to say? To see the happy Chengzi smile ,is a mild man .
I show eyes twinkle UGGs Delaine Boots Sale,then said: the elder must be to me a palace ,and listen to the juniors from difficulties ... ... Discourse paused ,this woman is arched hands ,looking earnestly said: my Lord and your elders trapped below the cave ,two months to not see any sounds can you seniors only here waiting ,this stand is ?The younger generation to two fairy door release ,save me a house of elders and said , she leaned over ,behind the four female Xiu simultaneous pleading -- please two fairy door rescue .
Oh several female doll also please tight I have sent into the exploration of will the headed female repair at once, not to say yes or no . Ra Naruko laughed saying goes ,people such as fire so tarry, existing perverse .
.. ... Then, I was also worried by a junior so questioned ,for others ,even do not hang on the face of the coke into the son is the God s è still,turn towards the get up late and cold jade laughing noisy suddenly sounded a loud cold Chi ,like heart ring a thunder ,scared I was trembled behind the women break up ,someone has backed away eye opening and closing ,J ī nglight flashed the woman looks in the eye, Yan up his face ,to continue the cold voice said: how to save Motone Yoraseiko ,friends since a measured, how can you a junior backseat driver ? Speak with people never leave from s è ,Yan Qisheng x ì ngso alone ,the few women to repair is not the time .
However ,this is it right? He and music Chengzi reached a tacit understanding ,can make nothing of it strong curb heart pounding ,trying to calm himself ,I had to bite my lip to see behind several junior produced retreat meaning, she suddenly puffed out his chest ,with a trembling voice ,loudly say: as the proverb goes ,he must seek big husband ,mercy shall not claim for relief and the like ,and I might as well do a back as a man amongst the womenfolk sisters .
.. ... No matter in the presence of the people ,I turned to raising Jiaohu : these elders have difficult, I will sit by and do nothing ?You smile ,I went to the cave with the words God save fierce ,s èawe-inspiring,make it become the cause is she made no hesitation, stepping up Jianhong flew down the valley ,the four to build the base period woman busy with the past Yan has started ,slightly furrowed brow ,Le Chengzi was fingered ,gently shaking his head I manner ,to the presence of each individual expected while nobody spoke into the valley ,all looked that several delicate figure ,proceed without hesitation to split the light smoke ,and then disappeared in the mysterious cave .
call -- the neck at the East long let out a sigh of relief ,secretly with the Chinese girl to catch, and their behavior is the tragic meaning ,a bit does not allow a man of spirit .
He must seek husband I and master husband ?Lin will drink, as if only everything, never happened ... ... ... ... R ìcomesslowly to ,at noon ,in the valley of circumstances like yesterday when R ì headwest ,valley or not see celestial gate disciple rotary ,also has not seen the woman figure here and keep a R ì ,Yan has carefully up he will consult the eyes music Chengzi Timberland Winter Snow Boots Sale,each other but said: m six elixirs medium-term disciple ,is encountered the metallurgical stem I ,also can escape out of one or two people now situation .
.. ... I had to find a hole nodded ,Yan up slowly stood up ,said : celestial gate has been a step ahead of Zhengyang in the keel ,how ?Bullying ,Lin ,you two people each with a brothers and built base disciple to Pathfinder ,Motone Yoraseiko friend et al Arab, camera .
.. ... Yan voice will fall ,it was brought in that music Chengzi and Hiroza Ko who also stood up ,two fairy door off shortly, but one man was sitting out ,also said : to listen to my word .
.. ... Celestial gate alone music Chengzi smile, the rest is look coldly from the sidelines at Zhengyang in here , since the face s è y īnsink ,latent anger flashed by jade cold is the Emei puckering ,look through with doubt Mu Tianyuan vision with some apprehension, and bullying is while the machine is jumped out, finger angrily : Lin ,the sovereign has made ,do you dare not from ? Keep in a forest behind him ,see someone attack ,his eyes up ,but due to the identity and culture ,had swallowed her wrath dare me master scream, bullying ,I remember you on bullying shout as if no one is looking at ,Lin Yan ,God s è plain watersoon after ,Yan is nodded face six celestial gate friends did not go so far, the only visible mountain terrain crisscrossed Clostridium ,there exist not dangerous .
.. ... Lin ,Yan turn first he Gu ,God s è slightlyin these general principles, who knows ,I want to say is not these Lin secretly shook his head ,then said: six Golden metaphase monk, in the do not retreat ,I one can imagine .
.. ... Yan has suddenly turned around ,the momentum of coagulation without hair, but it appears a bit cold ,cold voice commanded : Lin ,do you fear ? Yan suzerain, may I say .
.. ... Lifted the hem ,crawl up ,sleeve gown light off ,open forest Yiang song Yan ,then said: instead of allowing these to build the base in Zhengyang to his disciples ,let them go whether I fear .
.. ... In the cave ,all from the known Lin finished saying ,full of a kind ,but to save several disciples may build the base ,his real intention was to his disciple and I will just go into the cave .
.. ... Get up late in order to think as bullying ,seize the opportune moment to said: Zhengyang were disciples ,since when have a grounding, how can we quit ... ... The bullying would actually do things by irregular ways ,Yan has said it with their own add forest a brow frivolous ,hard-eyed ,mouth commanded : fallacy for not knowing it, it is not intellect he turned toward the Yan up a hand ,said : if you do not let these to build the base students away from here, I Lin turned to go ,change the R ì torevenge it ,this cave was dry I what ? See Yan the chest in gently undulating ,she paid ,not the language but not far from Le Chengzi smile more, is clearly looking at Zhengyang were jokes aside cold jade could not bear said : Lin ,you and mother ,never say no open if not impatient .
Lin an is to get up late ,see the other God s èis unknown,he yelled at the cold jade Shuangshouyitan ,indicate very helpless ,and big channel: the East, with the master left here .
.. ... Heart of a happy ,East is not answered Yan up suddenly said: Lin ,the religious promise you is ,why should such situation ,called the outsiders look lively forest again turned, Yan up face are faint smile flash that is not seen ,his heart fluttered michael kors online sale, uneasy gradually the Yan suzerainty but perennial not smiling figure ,which had sunk or surface such as cream ,before they if such as mu ch ū nwinds ,is what made it so proudly ? Yan Shou lacks three person ,build the base disciples returned with cloud peak waiting way if there is no danger, returned to the Yan has said Yan Shouque and the two other early friars came under Dan ,and signaled a few built base disciples go master thing already so far ,Lin was a good intentions as self-evident to be reluctant to part with him ,and Mu Tianyuan jade Luo according to near also ,gently said treasures faces smile ,facing the three wave, watched a Jianhong away ,forest that turned, when he is not surprised at the valley - to near the cave all round, reddish smoke a gently slide ugg classic boots sale,then ran out a few people from the music Chengzi and Yan has been the first step down the mountain ,then the cold jade and Hiroza Ko et al.
,Lin behind a delay ,he hid in the sleeve gown in the hand ,extremely hidden down a few pieces of jade ,it didn match into the ground disappeared immediately, the foot cloud boots of wind, a support body ,slowly with the past more than ten yards away from the cave where the slopes, the smoke is a wind ,several women are carried A man down, a cry sounded -- Lotus Shishu on the ground lay a middle-aged woman ,the woman is his elder mountain people fall during, along with the music Chengzi and Yan two people gown sleeve waving ,several hundred feet within the smoke of empty ,near the cave a big place ,suddenly relaxed many subsequent people falling body ,slowly near the gathered together several women face sorrow ,which I turned, tears still on the cheeks ,hate to say: if you save my predecessors and out of hand ,lotus master again how will be trouble .
.. ... In the face of a woman shouted ,the God of Ra Naruko s è imposing themin from three feet distant stopped ,he clashed with the land of little more looked ,say: this girl doll into a R ì ,will be found .
.. ... It might be true to my own discretion , celestial gate with six Golden friars has yet to return ,and several building base female repaired yesterday R ì holes,this R ì willcarry
a person too fantastic forest Air Max Command Mens Outlet,a royal air ,ignoring bullying surprised eyes ,but with all the people road to look -- Baidu search bubble book reading the most complete novel x
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