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May 02 [Thu], 2013, 0:43
This is a draft. It's my first story, so I want before I finally COMMENTS CALL. He, it is a true story, I can not change history itself, but I can add or change the formulations of detail where enough people deem necessary. Thanks for your comments ADVANCE!
Just so everyone knows, I have intended to write a couple of different stories, as time permits. (School and work keep me busy ;)) This is the only real, as the events that led to my current relationship with my boyfriend, Bradley chronic addressed. The others are other guys who had before the discovery of love and mine mutual Brad love each other. Hope you like....
I think that has happened to us all. No matter what you thought you were straight, it was a boy or a man in your life changes, your ideas about what you want in a lover. To me, this boy was Bradley. For me it is just perfect. The funny thing is, is that not a single thing that would really stand out. It AVERAGand, if not below average height, you still have a thin layer of baby fat (not fat by any means, and I think it's adorable), and really has no muscle definition to speak. But as I said, he was the person who changed my direction forever.
My name is Brent. I am a man of 17 who lives in an affluent suburb in New Jersey. Besides the fact that I'm 6 foot, I'm like Brad. I have a thin layer of baby fat, no muscle definition real and half covered with hair in the normal places. Another difference I have with him, who is the guy who always tan, no matter what the time, whereas I, if I swim for hours every day, stay pale. In a word, like Brad, I'm average.
I had friends in and out from the 7 Class, and now at the start of the second year ( was 16), was in a relationship unofficial with a girl. What I mean is unofficial for what he had stated that they were out, but everyone understands the type of class, who marriedne.
Meanwhile, Brad and I was really very good friends since the sixth category. However, during the second year, I began to look different. I realized the functions of the body not had before. Like the way the corners of his mouth into a sort of fleshy lips, laughs or smiles when he, or his ass pretty nice ride. I was not sure what to think of this new found discovery, so he shrugged.
But as the school year continues, the discoveries are transformed into feelings. I could not leave his head. When I looked at my friend, I saw it. I did not know what happened to me. It could not be gay. People are born gay, right? They wear bright colors and talking loudly babbling. I am not one of those things. So why did I feel this man for my friend? I decided to some gay porn online. I found a video of a young teen suck dick. And I found myself.
After noting that the video and the highlight to it, I rund only see gay porn. I have also noticed other guys looking at my school. I would like to see photos on Facebook, and fantasize about doing things with them. However, when it was hijacked to these images and thoughts, always felt I was cheated. No my friend had told me less and less, but Brad. That's when I realized I cared about him.
I started talking to him about my friend in the class we had together and began reviewing it in the locker room ( we have changed from side to side). Eventually, I broke up with my girlfriend. He was obsessed with Brad. Not obsessed stalker, but I wanted but did not want to make a motion for the case, refused to give me. (Ignorance is bliss, I suppose)
At this porn games point, was the second year to the end and it was summer. I was in my home is in Massachusetts, and was bored, so I pulled out my phone and text message to Brad:
I: Whats up?
Brad: Not much, just like you?
Me : Same. Boring as hell here.
Brad: It's a shame that up there, we could be hangin '. :)
I: Yah, I miss you : ( How does (It's a lifesaver )
Brad:. Bored as hell, the pool is of 3 meters. deep and there's nobody here,
I: awww, Brad lonely
Brad:. Yes n
this type of response hit me unexpectedly, in the simplicity..? of it, may have a deeper meaning, what he really meant what I hoped it meant you really miss her so much that I was unhappy with a new value found, he said:
I: ' people like you 're going to miss me as a friend haha Sound (haha in the form of SMS worldwide gives an escape route if what you just said does not go over well )
of Brad. 'I do
I decided to call it was too strange that I had to hear his voice, to see if she seriously
Brad: Hello...
I: Hi Brad, Brent is
Oh, hello (he a touch of genuine sadness )
s all right.?
( steamed tears, then silence......... ) n
(through tears ) No I'm not well.................... I need you Brent. God, I need you.............. When you come home? Saying porn games
No need, I was surprised by this sudden emotional shock tsunami, but I was relieved to know he had feelings for me
I:. Brad quiet. Calm down. I'm going back in two days. Are you saying what I think of his word?
Brad: (still sobbing) He must think I'm a monster,
No, no, no, not at all. I take care of you Bradley. I'm actually doing.
Are you serious?
Oh, my God, this is a great relief.
So I think that to me? Since when?
I always had the kind of feelings for you, but if I started talking more and more in the class, and then spent Sara, I thought perhaps you might give me back. But I'm too scared to say anything. I would not be able to have to play a repulsion
Oh baby, I said as tears. I was in the same way, too scared to say anything. I am so happy that his outside now.
So two days?
two days
I'll wait for you, Brent.
I can not wait, Brad.
Needless to say, it was tit 2 days at the longest of my life. Just the fact that I am gay, when Brad began to mourn on the phone accepted. All I wanted to do was comfort him. I wanted to be with him, come what may. I wanted him to feel like the luckiest kid in the world.
This was the first part of the happiest boy in the world I hoped you enjoyed it. Review and comment is appreciated. Remember, this is a true story, so if you do not like something about the story, I can amateur porn videos not change. Watch for part 2.
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