used to give her husband .

November 19 [Mon], 2012, 13:11
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultHow. See Zhou Yingdai in the armor Kenly UGG Boots,Zhao Xiaoai could not help over and asked .
Should not, it is eligible ,why would be dismissed ? Zhou Ying surprised some authentic . Because it does not agree to the deal ! A stout man slowly walked in .With hatred in his eyes looked at Su Yu and Zhao Xiaoai .
Blue ,what are you doing here? , ,Zhou Ying quickly rose to greet . Why can come UGG Roxy Short?, ,, I always angry authentic not coming ,so you get up to ? Zhou Ying suddenly feel infinite injustice ,said: blue ,how do I nonsense ?You say you want to go out to work, so I have a question .
As for the other ,I don ,I don .I just quietly doing their own work ,and not to do illegal things ,why I get up ? Zhou Ying to let Lan Zong more angry ,he certainly can not say ,because Zhou Ying received the order ,will let him share Zhou Ying all plans go bankrupt .
But blue total obviously does not want Zhou Ying conditions so well ,so he waved ,said: you know ,this is the two person the Sirius Star system .The Sirius Star system is the Pegasus Galaxy subsidiary ,as long as the Pegasus Galaxy base station can .
Little Sirius system to purchase what base station ,it was sheer nonsense . Blue total words let Su Yu sneer ,he looked at the blue head ,said: your name is blue ,don and arena blue Iraq have what relation ? It my brother, how? Lan Zong said, proudly t ng ì Ji had neck in the Pegasus Galaxy ,no one dares to do not give me the orchid family ! I would like to ask, you have n days did not see the blue Iraq ? Su Yu asked lightly .
Su Yu blue total bow head wrinkle ,said: carry word mean? Blue total name is Rambo ,and blue Iraq did some friends ,some blood relationship ,however ,is that very distant consanguinity .
If two people with the Pegasus Galaxy Original Sundance UGG Boots,is absolutely not .Just as in a galaxy ,and have a certain strength ,so we re together ,formed a certain group of powers .But on the two Adirondack UGG Boots,is a busy ,don every day will meet ,so ,if a few days did not see blue Iraq ,it was many days .
Lan Bo was unaware of the blue Iraq has disappeared from the thing ,think Su Yu is saying that he and blue Iraq friendship is deep, so I can and blue Iraq everyday communication .This let Rambo some anger ,but also some guilty ,but faces Su Yu and Zhao Xiaoai ,Rambo refused to bow .
He hired ,directly : base station ,is impossible to sell you .You go away ! This word comes from a base station sales site owners mouth ,there are some fantastic .You know, a base station sales, but that the Millennium rare event .
The base station is not strong consumables ,always have to constantly consumed .People usually buy it ,very long time will not change .Therefore ,the general base station sales station ,if there is a sale of home ,that must not refuse .
However, Rambo direct simply refuse ,do not carry any hesitation .This made Su Yu smell something unusual flavor .Hear the Rambo said does not sell, Zhou Ying reluctantly ,she said: blue ,you have no right to say so ,do not have the right to make such a decision .
Base station sales, is the virtual universe .Aren webmaster can be controlled .As long as the guests the application meets the conditions ,can be sold to .If you must do so that I can only report ,the virtual universe ,sue you illegally for guests ,not a competent webmaster .
I think ,even if the station is there anyone at home ,want to keep the station seat ,also feared that some degree of difficulty ! This time ,Zhou Ying was already out there .Zhou Ying needed the money ,and the money ,only landing on Zhao Xiaoai .
So in any case ,Zhou Ying will be contributing to this transaction .Zhou Ying let blue always become shame ,anger in him to say: you better listen to me Ultra Short UGG.I won allow you to do so !Pegasus Galaxy has provided ,shall not be sold to the Sirius Star system base station .
How dare you turn a deaf ear to ,I think ,you don stay in the Pegasus Galaxy at .Don forget ,you can safely live now, simply because you are a virtual universe sales status .If you lose this identity ,I think there will be tens of thousands of s èa wolfcomes up, will you down .
If you are not afraid of that happening ,is reported .However ,I will promise ,will let you off ! Su Yu and Zhao Xiaoai watching Rambo quarrel with Zhou Ying ,two people suddenly have a fright .
However ,more is angry .Rambo and blue Iraq relations, is two people cannot tolerate .This guy again thwart base station purchase ,let Su Yu impatient .However ,in doing away with Rambo ,Su Yu confirm base station purchase matters .
This time, Zhou Ying style has some weak down ,not everyone has a boss through courage and .Moreover ,for Zhou Ying, if they lose this job .They lose everything .Zhou Ying knew that ,if she is fond of holding in the end, will most likely base station to Zhao Xiaoai ,will also get one million virtual currency commission .
However ,this is only a possibility .Life has taught Zhou Ying a lot of things ,the most important point ,just can everything just to think well .Consideration must be given to the corresponding disaster and consequences .
The best result is Zhou Ying to sell the base station ,and access to royalty ,then let Rambo downfall .This result appears the probability is very small ,even Zhou Ying do not hold much hope .
But the worst result ,which is the most likely outcome ,is Rambo will use their power to all press down .Then ,Rambo or stationmaster ,but Zhou Ying can no longer be salesman .In this case ,a loss of identity protection card ,Zhou Ying can only become the plaything of rambo .
Be in the dark room .In two cases ,most also with the worst to swing between a while, Zhou Ying eventually decided to compromise .She can go to adventure ,all bets on a matter is not practical .
Zhou Ying can do it, just off Zhao Xiaoai ,and then to Rambo bow ,with her body in exchange for Rambo understanding ,and from the Rambo gets some virtual currency ,used to give her husband .
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