The spring state shoe take business enterprise Ji to treat to break "the Jin river's mode"  

October 09 [Sun], 2011, 10:41

Know to all, with Jin river shoe industry for the
representative's spring state labor intensive type industry to enjoy high
prestige whole country, one city of only Jin river, provided the whole world
athletic shoes for aring close to 1/5 annually, created famous"the Jin river's
mode".Since there are many kinds of Lacoste
in the market, you are highly recommended to learn about the
difference of the replica one and the authentic piece if you are going to buy
one of high quality

However in the creation of this"the Jin river's
mode", we aren't difficult either and discover, spring state these labor
intensive type the industry surely has a fresh clear household business
enterprise characteristic:The original capital mainly depends of is the Qiao of
oversea relatives to remit;The management style is mainly "husband and wife's
file", "the brothers connects" and"father and son soldier".More tangibly say,
spring state these abnormality flourishing shoe hat, clothing industries gather
cluster, be depend these household business enterprise is since the childhood,
along industry chain continuously extension, gather together of"inside born
nature" development form.

For example, the Jin river exercises brand
Anne's stepping is an example.The sales from 500,000-200,000,000 dollars, Anne
stepped to use 10 years;From 200,000,Some will stick with the old faithfuls like
the supra
while others will look for the more stylish shoes like the Changa or
the Tataga000 dollars to current of nearly 10,000,000,000 dollars, is also used
10 years.Spring state this kind of depend on an oneself backlog, inside living a
development of the road son is also China reform to open the typical model road
of race industry development.

But, along with time of change with
business enterprise of strong, the household business enterprise manages
irregularity to rear gradually, too many wife's relationshipses limited the
development of oneself in the management.Take an entrepreneur eyes in the spring
state shoe in, by the root break the irregularity of household management
system, the system innovation is inevitable, become available in the market is
right way.

"Becoming available in the market not only just for the sake
of the margin, business enterprise margin the means is a lot of.The platform of
management that is more important to want to pass to become available in the
market, start to build business enterprise norm, can produce power at the same
time clear in meaning turn, walk through the outside dint push business
enterprise the road that the norm turns, so the business enterprise just
probably last long to stabilize a development."Like this does the expert of the
profession explain.Meanwhile, we also the in hopes of spring state shoe take
industry to welcome new innovation"Tui hull", break a cocoon to become Die to
sprint field forward in Hsinshih.