while the gold family put plus mercenaries

November 11 [Sun], 2012, 10:03
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultIn order to express the empty ,empty today plus more chapter ,Hei hei we can top up Oh ,if the good results if empty will continue to erupt ,thank you .
( see the novel to love novel network ) ※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※themercenary regiment after listening, although some feel anger, but no way opening and retort angrily ,only said : I hope you speak ,or it can not blame us, although we mercenary group is not very strong ,but also is not good .
The gold three said: certainly ,there is a lot of . He sneered at ,thought: do you have money flower life . But the face is a humble look .Both sides have suddenly caught in a stalemate ,the man in black is left nearly 300 people ,while the gold family put plus mercenaries left about one hundred and fifty people Buy Canada Goose Jackets Cheap, but the gold of the two nine level master also joined the battle circle ,comprehensive strength seems a little a little advantage for gold .
I saw the black sword sage said : humph even added a Blademaster and how this thing ,we intend to win ,nobody can stop us, ,kill them all . He waved the men in black again and the mercenaries chaos together .
I saw the gold two nine peak master a wolf into flocks to black people started fighting together ,and just listen to the black sword sage said: lineup . Suddenly six level eight strength of the black people suddenly caught the two nine level master ,all of a sudden attack rhythm while they .
At this time the Dragon Aotian also felt surprised ,did not expect these black people also know your law ,in eight to six level master attached itself to the two nine level master ,this let the Dragon Aotian to surprise ,but apparently not likely to last very long time ,but this is not simple .
Two level nine master was circumscribed makes gold home strength again fall into the leeward ,men in black on gold home once again rushed past ,time gold home crowd killed utterly routed .
The hunchback juggernaut a few degrees to support ,but was stopped by a black juggernaut ,therefore making the Juggernaut roars again and again, but the Blademaster still flexible not cling to him, so that he doesn to join ,only to witness their party were killed .
Therefore the hunchback juggernaut also use the full ,a silver you toward the black sword cut to black ,and the juggernaut at resistance become more and more difficult ,after all, both the strength difference is not big ,but at first he has already a Blademaster played ,you have some consumption ,now and then Hybridge Lite Vest, and a peer of master confrontation clearly some difficult .
Only gradually to resist the power of all I Do Wedding UGG Boots,some of you might spread out ,hit the man in black body, suddenly a few men in black was cut into two pieces ,turn in one .In this field in the two roars, accompanied by deep purple aura surrounding the original light ,and surrounded by two nine level master those men in black are hematemesis inverted out ,then two master set to harvest a black person life .
The original two nine level master were black men attack force finally broke out all potential instant break each other bound ,to seek it out ,then began to attack the last man in black ,to release it just trapped the gloomy mood ,think of a nine peak master ,half a foot in the saint class master should be a few level eight small shrimp trap ,this let their minds how to handle ,so tired after anger toward black people crowd to kill to .
I saw them the place visited everywhere is a mess ,no prisoners, was the moment on the advantageous ,if such has been developed so that the man in black side must be wiped out all the .
The black sword was also found the situation now ,suddenly become anxious ,but a juggernaut at this time also had caught him ,just one in two is now occurring between a rotation ,which let the black sword very depressed very depressed .
But also the hearts of have no way, only looked at his people were slaughtered .When black people see princes were tangled, they were massacred ,suddenly some black people on one eye ,rushed to the two nine level master side to that grudge .
Just listen to the bang of a few big noise, that several men in black will explode .Be caught off guard ,the two gold home master also seriously injured ,after all, exposing the power can not be underestimated, two people had to return the carriage stability about injuries ,otherwise he will be more and more serious .
Golden moment lost two master support was the moment returned to a stalemate, and both kill red eye, black people now only less than a hundred ,and the gold Jiaze worse less than fifty people ,and both sides began desperately toward each other to kill to pass from the exposure ,from time to time sound ,so the entire battlefield was blown with pit .
Two st class master are bruised ,fighting capacity is greatly reduced ,this time also all glared at each other, as if to each other like a swallow .On both sides of a stalemate when, hiding in the shadows of the Dark Wizard finally moved around ,saw the battle begins to rise the black fog, will all wrapped in it .
While the war of both first time discovery of anomalies ,suddenly wake up ,give up opponents began to tense up .He began to fall across black people and gold home those quivering climb from the ground up ,such as a dead-alive person in general ,began to move in a living person to attack the past .
See sight ,two juggernaut exclaimed : necromancer ?! So in the field of human cadaveric war started ,the man alive down again had the body up Canada Goose Chilliwack,this time the two sides around the carriage started confrontation ,and the original fighting sides has become allies ,began to force against the dead .
Just listen to the hump juggernaut said: sneaking ,get out . He was arguing with a note you cut dead ,dead moment several head smashed lying on the ground does not move . Jie Jie Jie Jie Jie Jie ,poor little children, who am I ,you do not have the qualifications to know ,I only know that you are about to become my puppet ,hey ,two st stage middle peak and a holy level early puppet ,ha ha ha ,harvest today is really good ah .
Just listen to the sound of a ghostly voices from all sides came from .Two people listen to instant bate said: asshole ,mean the evil necromancer, we will not let you get away with that ,hum even death we wouldn be your puppet ,wait, sooner or later you will be bright the purification ,the evil dark mage ,not see the light of old rats .
The dark dark mage is also angry ,only to hear he roared: well, you have provoked me ,I will let you know, against my fate, I will not easily let you die, I will be your soul away ,to torture your soul ,Jie Jie Jie Jie Jie jie .
He then gave a penetrating laugh .Then two juggernaut was also secretly anxious ,they even if the heyday of the enemy can spend a certain price to flee ,but now they are wounded, there is no way to escape ,the heart is angry and helpless, can only continue to send out a series of grudge chop chop to the opposite side of the body ,and then continue the use of spirit force began to search the necromancer .
Obviously it is all in vain, heyday they could not find a necromancer trail, not to mention them are seriously injured ,it would be impossible to find ,only angry roar .Then the hunchback Jian Shengxian is beaten ,the surrounding said: you want how to just let us ,we can do it the gold would not refuse ,also please say ,as long as you let us try our best to repay .
Hear a Blademaster so say, the black sword sage also react, said : well ,if predecessors predecessors, let my words ,we must to skull bandits predecessors, to provide advanced services .
When the gold home people know this group of men in black was famous skull bandits ,skull gang. But long imperial count as one of the very best of bandits ,the perennial flow of robbery ,of no fixed abode ,the army also took them no way .
This time the voice said : the gold skull bandits ,well ,your words touched me ,hey ,did not expect today luck has been so good, hehe Annabelle UGG Boots,so those mercenaries you take anything to his life ,first declare your strength too weak ,I can ,hey hey .
At this time the mercenaries they actually hear the other point to them immediately ,being at a loss what to do ,all the look of the gold family ,after all they are now subject to gold home person employed by ,so all look to the Kim family .
At this time the three jump out said: we only promised to hire you for our work, can to help you out ,so it has nothing to do with us . What a joke ,just from the line of life and death from the gold home can help them out ,suddenly foot will tread them ,draw a line .
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