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November 13 [Tue], 2012, 16:05

Cattle the bb novel reading network you recommended some equally good-looking novels and Road the warlords Heaven heritage of entropy Princess classification level for artifacts not as good as the US concubine the gold medal Princess countries, or more stringent requirements, such as the works of Giuseppe Castiglione, now can only be classified into two national heritage preservation, collection and market value , but it is not low. () Nothing else to say, a few times so many museums, only the National Palace Museum collection, regarded as a relatively rare, however you count this one, Zhuang Rui hands already have Giuseppe Castiglione thirty-four in painting, if can Jigme Museum of Castiglione works have changed hands, he can be alone in their own museum to open a showroom. This is one of the main reasons that Chuang Rui shot Coach Baby, a museum, it is always to be a little unique, the Qing court painter works, it touches could get the shot. Giuseppe Castiglione, oil paintings, although far less than Picasso, in the international market for a maximum of one to two million euros, but on the domestic and shoot a two or three million RMB are normal, Zhuang Rui if can 120 million euros will win, then it is definitely a sure win not lose. price or let Jefferson some exasperation, after all Canada Goose Womens Hybridge, with the shot he expected price difference. 1.2 million euros Canada Goose Heli-Arctic Cheap, as well as people interested? I'm sure, painting concubine of the Qing Dynasty in China Figure, with a high collection value, another in 2012, certainly can be sold more than 3 million euros a rare opportunity, please consider ... Pherson the intention can be achieved. But Jefferson still underestimate Chuang Rui influence of the remark UGG Bailey Button Triplet, Chinese people like to infighting, but on this occasion are more identity. And in accordance with the rules of conduct of the Chinese people, Chuang Rui say the remark, if the bids were forthcoming, it made clear is not to Chuang Rui face. Zhuang Rui looks relatively young, but the Chinese have a saying called: Ning bullying white to be public, Mo bully Junior poor people into the occasion, no one behind Zhuang Rui, who knows what kind the forces? Man to remain the first-line, this is the venue of many old fox 'idea. Second, only the last chance, ladies and gentlemen, the opportunity to a rare miss this piece of precious oil paintings, not later know not, please carefully consider ... minutes later, Jefferson reluctantly Qiaoxia second under the auction hammer, and do a final effort, encouraging the presence of Chinese buyers. Jefferson do not want to get yourself to shore and then shot to lift a price, but he did not dare to, yes, they do not dare! Castiglione's work is the first international auction price is between 1000000-2000000 euros, which is the price the auction house the Games Organizing square after-researched assessment settle down. And The Chuang Rui given the price, just on the bottom line of people mental endurance, not high but definitely not low, like a fish bone stuck in everyone's throat, can not go up to get down, and then bid afraid overpaid. Jefferson now is such a mood, not before and masters of painting on a good, unlike yesterday's auction, the auction house before the shooting, and the owner had an agreement. But this picture is different, the own people shill and no one with a price, auction behavior own credibility, certainly to own money to buy the painting of that fun. Jefferson hesitated again and again, eventually did not dare cypher audience to shore because of the consequences of this thing, he can not afford to, in case Liupai the or one of us photographed, it is tantamount smashed since stature below it ...... no longer Jefferson discourse deluded. for too long, it can not drag on, the desperation, the auction hammer heavy percussion down today's special auction will be the first auction, and fall into the hands of the Zhuang Rui. Just Jefferson Although Taekwondo Congratulations, his face is not how much a smile, he had intended to cause everyone's attention on the first auction, but now the concern is aroused, is concerned about the wrong direction, and now the venue These Chinese billionaires, Zhuang Rui attention even more than the auction itself. Qin Xuan ice when it is slightly wrinkled brow, seems to be thinking about where seen Qin Xuan ice? The Chuang Rui nodded back a gift, and he is not afraid Qin Xuan ice jealous, because the lady's age, enough to do their own mother. heard people mention your name, has never seen, and I did not expect to see here, good, very good, just remark saying well ... forward to watching this foreign devil stole the artifacts from China, and then make money from the Chinese people, this heart is not very smoothly ... figures, and age is not small, quickly humble a few. Chuang Rui described prototype of Liu Chuan Chuang Rui purchase this painting is very selfish, but he did not want to be that his stature is too shenanigans, indispensable to make an indignant look. son-in-law, and the gambling boat to the YK Pao's son-in-law an embarrassment, but only heard Junior thing she does not mind how. Yung Shing Enterprise Co., general manager of the Bank Investment Co., Ltd., the Hong Kong Management Professional Association for Enterprise Development Center President his assets in Hong Kong, can be regarded as the super-rich, even stronger than we do ... is she? She is not a brother called Robert Chang? Qin Xuan ice looked strange Chuang Rui one, said: famous ...... Alice Cheng was born in the antique family. Grandfather Zhang oar, such as to trespassing engraved Shangu name smell while. Father Zhang Zhongying old Republican period, the most famous antique dealer, opened on the Bund Uncle De teach Zhuang Rui antique knowledge, more than once mentioned in Old Shanghai Alice Cheng's brother, it is called for today at home and abroad antique giant famous Robert Chang, nurtured by the family at an early age, Alice Cheng has been some interest in traditional Chinese culture and art. Alice Cheng in the mid-1970s, and the Fok Ying Tung son Ian Fok et al incorporated in Hong Kong Daqing Petroleum Distribution China Petroleum. With the nei extraordinary courage, Alice Cheng spearheaded weather sent oil business, in Hong Kong, China has established a sound sales network, followed by Mainland television, traffic, commerce, real estate investment industry, and laid her in the status of successful business women in Hong Kong, China, the asset has also long been far more than his brother Robert Chang. Career success and not annihilation Alice Cheng's reputation in the collection industry, the Alice Cheng Favorites porcelain, largely by the influence of his brother Robert Chang. In November 1999, Christie's held the Robert Chang collection of porcelain, special auction, Alice Cheng became the main buyers of the auction: she bought for HK $ 12.12 million Qing Emperor Kangxi Carmine enamel lotus BOWL to 22,750,000 The Hong Kong dollar bought the Qing Qianlong copper tire painted enamel of yellow peony bottles. Robert Chang, met in the restaurant after the end of the auction, the sister said: . . At that time, Alice Cheng is the aircraft back to Hong Kong, China, boring see auction news, a spotted Qing Yongzheng famille rose bat peach olive bottle, was pretty pastels bottle for olive style, shape lines very beautiful. The bottle body painting pastels eight peach two bats, peach symbolizes longevity real . The handed down the Yongzheng GUANYAO pastels on painting bat peach patterns are mostly large, small plates, found in olive bottle extremely rare pattern pastels bat peach olive bottles currently the world's only this one, so called masterpiece Aquarius. Alice Cheng was secretly resolved, the gifts must be photographed. Auction at Sotheby's Hong Kong, she placards, from HK $ 18 million from HK $ 37 million straight carrying knives, no shill bidding, and finally with the commission, to HK $ 41.5 million competing That auction, also had a moment to create works of art of the highest prices in the international market, Alice Cheng's name in the antique world, represents the generous, the envy of many cash-strapped Tibetan faithful. For such a person, even if the Zhuang Rui also some Gaoshanyangzhi feeling, whether in money or status, Zhuang Rui and the gap is still very large. , it may be poles apart, Rui Zhuang this will help but the idea to hit each other head. If it wants to open a private museum, Zhuang Rui wanted to turn them into the most influential private museum, but those two objects alone, it is obviously impossible. Chuang Rui already integrated the idea of ​​private collectors collections, however, the specific operation is more complex, Zhuang Rui just stay in the idea stage, but saw Alice Cheng, mind thoughts gradually take shape. The Chuang Rui think so, as long as the other party is willing to come up with their own collection of exhibitors, the ownership of the object or the other, and its signing of the contract, on display after a year or two years, the items returned to their owners, and to pay some of the costs. Of course, if the other party come up with the collection is far greater than their own exhibition collections, Zhuang Rui not mind the majority of museum closing component to each other's shares even if it comes to the ownership of the collections of the museum shares is difficult to allocate 's. As for the museum whether within money, Zhuang Rui heart not the end, anyway, he is well prepared loss, for the present, if in addition to Mr. Ma's Museum, can barely pay some of the museum's day-to-day expenses, not I heard Which private museum earnings. ... be a next time, then we will ask you to leave another about the truth of history, that are already buried in time, sir, you do not have evidence to say these things, plunder from your country ... George speak, Zhuang Rui face gradually become unsightly He was photographed this picture said, in large part do not want someone to bid him, but George said, incensed by Zhuang Core. The Chuang Rui ourselves that he was not an angry youth, and the need to make a choice between national interest and private interest, Zhuang Rui can not say it will choose private interests. But this does not mean he the provocation can stand it, a person's patience, bottom line, George, it is beyond the Chuang Rui can endure the bottom line. would do such a thing to ... Is a bit different, and the Chinese people in their own cognitive, originally thought to own after the warning, the other side will be very humble to accept, but did not think this young man's character is so violent, actually on the spot and called up, this thing is a bit out of his control. Core regardless Jefferson mind do not mind, directly to the microphone on the auction block to get the hands of this audience and said: minutes, I would like to talk about the things that just happened to me. The middle-aged man, the drawing baleful hands of that ashtray hit the ground. Go to provide the security that the Chinese pull down ...... international disputes ... Chuang Rui the jade Association held his position information, even Chuang Rui family relationships were all cited not only the fax seen auction houses background is very simple. sofa, auction houses have branches naturally know the relationship of this family of fax paper, represents what raising the background. Although their forces all over the world in developed countries, but by a bolder, did not dare Chuang Rui manhandled. Richard only vented his anger to the head of the Jefferson, after all, just Jefferson require lawyers to warn Xiazhuang Wise, Richard was felt should be, after all, Zhuang Rui kick cross into the behavior , so that their interests are being lost. Of course, now Richard not think so. ...... Zhuang Rui sudden outbreak, will not only allow the auction to be overwhelmed, many buyers attending the auction, do not know exactly what happened, looked blankly stood in front of the Zhuang Core. the painting, not like I said, from the Chinese, LD out here, I can responsibly say that the photograph of Castiglione's painting, one hundred percent the year QH French troops Frey snatched you dare say I said is not true? you dare to call for the owner and I check against it Timberland Mens 6 Inch? the ZY country, I did not expect they did not dare to face their own once past history, it makes me feel very disappointed, Is when the German share of your Homeland things Q, and ye forget it? I must say, post-war Germany is still very worthy of our respect, they dare to face their own negligence, a willingness to take responsibility Canada Goose Whistler Parka, to compensate for the losses, presumably you France had this benefit shallow right? Z is difficult but you have brought to the Chinese people, there to reflect? Is holding auction of cultural relics from China L spoil, but also does not allow me to illustrate it? France, of course, people still have a lot of friendly people to face up to history, I am now in a museum to discuss some of the things belonging to the Chinese cultural relics return, but for your auction house acts, I felt very angry. If this is the case, I think you do not need to warn me, I can out of this auction, at the same time, I hope that all Chinese people with a conscience can make that choice, thank you, to waste our time Chuang Rui Having said facing the audience bowed low, then strode to the door went, Qin Xuan ice and Huangfu cloud stood up and walked to the Zhuang Rui side. snapped ...... lovemaking ...... cool, put the monthly pass out of it, ah, recommended votes also in urgent need of power drill for tomorrow to continue burst ready to rest? recommend the following novel gold pupil book club for you to see if it meets your taste? Hou door the entropy women look door lady concubine scared China the strongest Queen's first class lady wealthy mistress ace Diao Fei Shu difficult life geniuses Princess world first an eloquent minister

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