just listen to pops POPs a light sound

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 724th chapter (Chapter three ) is the two death in Lu Qiu just met ? Mo Yun hearts of speculation .
He looked down at the location of today ,compared to the last home LV memory ,was found ,it seems, here is the Lu household to the guest of honor Panlong pavilion? But no, if is Lu invited guests ,even if it really is dead enemy ,reasonable in the circumstances ,should also be a change ,and should not be in the Home Lv strike violently .
And even play to explode ... ... Mo Yunyao shook his head ,and overthrew their guess . Then ,is Lu invited guests ,just by the CIA to seek, then the outbreak of war ? Or ...
... The beast invasion? The monster will be ? Mo Yun continued to speculate ... ... One ,another guess emerge in an endless stream ,Mo cloud only sensing head hurts ,but not sure what is going on .
Took very long after, 1000 Italian only raised her head and said : this thing is not trivial ,Fu on homicide although always with one eye closed, but a dead so many people ,however ,have check exploration exploration, to give other people an explanation in house .
Mo Yun Wenyan a shock ,and then nodded ,worried : six years before the events only once ,the Ning Jiancheng residents cut nearly in half ,had almost become empty city .This time ,at least to give a reasonable explanation .
Well . Thousands of Italian nodded ,and then turned around and said: look here is of little value ,let leave to do research .Anyway ,first from Lu itself with check . Say is .
But Lu in the house there are many enemies ,but will take some time ... ... Well ,it will please you more output ... ... Say ,help each other ... ... Two people said, away from the ruins .
.. ... ... ... Lu place the big bang ,became the ravages of news ,soon in Jian Ning City spread .And when the news reached the ears of the pitt family ,originally a group of preparing generosity of the pitt family live and die together ,but stayed .
From detachment in awake, quality has been a breakthrough to the tenth layer medium pi-ming ,immediately pulls a horse, with the stubborn must go with the Bi Ying ,at top speed to the Lu family residence before .
And when two people saw now already be onlookers around the wall behind the bursting at the seams with a vast land was blackened ,two people are shocked .They had also been home LV ,natural know before Lu ,is how a prosperity and luxury .
But now ... ... Both brother and sister are shocked to stay for a long time ,just return to god .Pi-ming quickly brought the Bi Ying to the pitt family ,to inform the are anxiously waiting for the Bi jung-an ,Hekiwoon Jun et al .
And when the two siblings are described ,and also the most shocking of Bi home .However ,their minds ,but do not inhibit gushing a worry .Luo yi !... ... Lu has been destroyed ,Luo Yi ,why not come back? Don ,don .
.. ... When to think after the do ,think Lu and the scene ,Bi Ying pretty face ,into a pale ... ... Don think !... ... Yat small after all how, everybody says to not be clear about ,he can fly ,that place looks very badly, but with small leisurely clever ,will not necessarily have anything !.
.. ... So ,now we can ,wait .Maybe little Yat have whatever delay is not necessarily . Hekiwoon Jun strong self stabilization ,orbital red flush all exhorts: this time Lu destruction, it has a large ,possibly even disturb Tuo cloud sect and the government office .
And I Bi home and Home Lv is contradictory, now almost the entire Ning Jiancheng people already know ,but also many people saw Lv Ren take me home to the pitt ... ... So ,if after Tuo Yunzong and Fu someone to question ,must not be Yat small identity a secret !Do you understand? Bi home all I look is a tight, then nodded .
A moment later ,Bifeng just worried : but Lv Ren is congenital warrior ,he kissed Dutch act to come ,we have nothing ... ... Certainly suspicious .Then ,we explain how? Bi Yunjun thought for a moment and then pay ,said: say ,someone pass by ,can not agree, attempt to save our country home .
If they ask that what is a strong ,that is a white floating face handsome ,middle-aged man .As to its identity ,say don . Bi home all is nodded hastily ,carefully down ... ... .
.. ... Bi home all in worrying about Luo Yi ,and Luo Yi ,now already came to a point before the mountains . This should be it . Luo Yi left look right look ,combined with head Lv Yan scenes from a memory ,to determine its own has reached the destination of this trip .
This is Lu in the house after the mountains .The rolling mountains ,like a dragon .The vast expanse of land, also do not know where to connect .Now in front of Luo Yi ,is a two seat high towering lofty summit .
Two peaks, like the two crossed together Skyreach pillar ,based ,looks very strange .While in Qifeng half waist ,was filled with the endless sea of clouds .This sea of clouds rolling ,sometimes rich, sometimes thin, rolled over ,transform .
Luo Yi in the air it after a while, no hesitation ,his ,is drilled into the clouds .Cloud cloud sea ,very thick .But with Luo Yi eyesight ,but there is no problem .Under fly near km, Luo Yi suddenly stopped body ,eyes and consciousness at the same time diffusion away Canada Goose Thompson Sale.
Not long after ,his eyes are bright Canada Goose Borden Bomber Parka Sale, toward a direction to fly away .This is a concave cliff ,in which a peak mountainside .Concave cliff is not deep ,about the only one of the three metre platform ,available .
Luo Yi body ,directly down from the sky ,then drill into the concave cliff place .He turned to see ,it is a close to the cliff down narrow winding .The path was rough ,is close to the sea, the widest point, but also a meters do not arrive .
While the narrowest ,are only sidle .And uneven, really difficult ,a little careless ,it may fall into the sea of clouds ,fell to a be smashed to pieces .In the ease of mind on the path memory ,Lu family every time come to this place ,it is through this path ,and then from the low mountain to climb all the way .
It is generally see ,once there are several Lu elders ,because of an indiscretion ,falling off a cliff .Most of them are at the crucial moment of detonation broken rock ,and soul .But there is also a senior elders ,from here off a boundless sea of clouds, broke into the meat mud .
Congenital level to when the elders ,but broke into the meat mud .It was really sad .But at the same time ,can also be seen this way difficult difficult .Even the innate warrior ,an inadvertent, may all fall down .
Luo Yi looked around ,they no longer hesitate ,toward the concave cliff walk a few steps .Look up look around ,between the concave cliff height about four or five meters altitude, but the depth is three meters ,can see a head ,there is no special place .
In the internal forces of the cliffs above, is filled with all sorts of vines ,looks very barren .And Luo Yi is go to him ,carefully observed them .For a moment later, saw his fingers suddenly after kneading ,printed formula between transformation ,with a golden thread .
Then, he suddenly body sway ,just listen to pops POPs a light sound, Luo Yi at breakneck speed against the wall of the four corners .After ten ,his body was flown back to square one ,then ,a serious look to the cliff .
Gradually, an energy fluctuation ,slowly .It was ordinary cliff ,was revealed as water flow ripple .Luo Yi with a coagulation ,although mind had Lv Yan on here but really see ,but let his heart jump .
It is the space hole . The cave is eight days in space ,the space arrangement ,can rely on a stone out of existence .Its principle as a storage bag ,however Timberland Earthkeepers Sale, is that people can survive in the storage bag .
Nature is more than a little high .And from Lv Yan memory in Luo Yi is informed, this cave as early as nearly 1000 years ago ,already exist .Lu family history ,also did not record this cave .
Just know ,from the first generation of LV family Canada Goose Camp,this cave is already exist ,and only Lv Jiacai knows all .As for the open hole method ,also pass from mouth to mouth .Do not know if the open method ,only know quite a punch straight into words .
.. ... Then you have two results .First ,no action .Power is not sufficient to destroy the space rock base .In second ,space matrix fragmentation ,tearing up the space ,all things ,are forcibly sucking space slit .
The so-called space slit ,it is not a good place .The whole world seems to be a space, in fact there are many space .While numerous space ,they will naturally have a slit Canada Goose Tremblant Full Zip Hoody Sale.In these places, filled with dramatic space force .
Have a bit inadvertent ,even nine days of strong, are likely to be torn to pieces ,even the soul to be devoid of .Of course ,some cracks in space is very dangerous ,some cracks in space is relatively safe .
Because face space crack ,can also be said to be in heaven .After all ,the space law is the supreme law of heaven .There, world rich is psychic ,perception of heaven is also extremely fast .
And these places ,which is also called the cut ,also known as the spirit of the Tao .Of course ,these distances Luo Yi also some distant .Luo Yi now, know it before Lv Yan .
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