the archers players only Despair

November 20 [Tue], 2012, 11:36

Two hundred and thirteenth chapter Do lj when murder attractiveness appeared in the Tamron Square, Feng Ye know the addition of a general. Dozens of people will soon pull into Kuanglei the world, this time Feng Ye learned to kill attractiveness is not the assassin players but the hidden assassin occupations career Shadow make. Assassin is popular hidden occupation, low attack, blood, in addition to assassinations and movement speed, and nothing outstanding under the current level. And spinach original defection event, even have the assassin professional players as the existence of evil seen to kill these assassins have been living in fear. Did not expect the members of Kuanglei world was able to accept them, and use them as their own fraternal treat, can not let them moved. Because time sounding of the closing, Feng Ye changed the the assassin views of the people in this game,coach factory online, and make people aware of a powerful killer Tong late because Kuanglei world assassins powerful professional assassin, so that began to develop. Fourth career advance assassin not taken seriously, so the task of bridging the assassin had already become an open secret, it also allows the professional assassin to complete the conversion from the hidden job to the mass occupations, suddenly became . When Feng Ye with murder attractiveness to the west gate, the fifth installment of monster siege began,UGG Classic Metallic Boots, a huge body on the ground running, the vibration of the earth trembling. Evil rhinos, 70 (Elite) attack 780, defense 450, Magic Royal 121 hp15000 skills hit bonus damage to the walls of buildings. Orcs worship, 670 71 (elite) magic healing power, physical defense 170, magic defense 357 hp2750. Skills Heal, restore the light. Swamp shaman, 70 (elite) magic attack 540 physical defense 210,UGG Greenfield On Sale, imitate defense 317 hp5700. Skills, the quagmire swamp, rockfall. Good strong team, although a small number, but definitely powerful, but also have a fatal flaw. Feng Ye monsters are 70 elite blame yourself these players do not know whether it can hold. Do not count on the back of the npc soldiers hiding in the imperial city, the level of those guys is a brush according to the highest level of the current player, That these npc soldiers, however, and Feng Ye, like only 64, and still will not drink blood fool. However, Feng Ye frowned Ye Feng's idea is right, when the battle started, we finally know the role of these orcs worship, nnd, these guys even resurrection, just kill the evil rhino would immediately get their support, a proven the light of the recovery, with full health and state of resurrection, the form of a sudden because over 100 orcs worship nosedive. More the hateful attack are orcs worship distance away, almost 65 yards, the archers players only Despair. Monster level is too high, I'm afraid you nearly can not be found. Unfortunately, ah, now the highest level of the Archer is 60. This time the walls of the Imperial City hp to half of the gates is about to burst. Although there are thousands of evil rhino orcs pastor of Resurrection little orc priest, was completely killed, also left in 2000 long now. But the walls are not optimistic about the attack high marsh shaman bombarded, hundreds of thousands of players is rapidly shrinking. Feng Ye contacted other city gate, the situation is basically similar, even aloof cents っ Feng Ye where there are people to rescue them, have a leg to stand. Before long, South Gate, East Gate succession came the the gates collapsed sounds. And then not much for a long time, the timid start off the assembly line from the battlefield. The Ray reinforcements of the world, not get out, we Chinese do not refuse. Killed in the past! This time guild channels Kuanglei world buzzes,Canada Goose Whistler Cheap. Previous withstood, rub, how did you get hung up, my brother, the last thing you wrist out, will light Ding come to it? . ......

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