whether you believe it or not !

November 19 [Mon], 2012, 10:37
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I can ! Pool of rain , I can drive ,but my h ú n stone.The H ú n stone,the entire ten days to no one can use .Its sole function ,is used to alarm ! Su Yu Wenyan also strange ,but he still pebbles to pool the rain ,said: I really didn over the ten days ,this is sure as a gun ,whether you believe it or not ! Chi Yu took over the pebbles ,smiled ,said: it seems ,like me, you have a lot of secrets .
Now ,I wonder what you are ,a person !This curious ,so I decided to follow you ,then mix ! Su Yu nodded ,and said: you know a lot of things I do not know ,so ,I have decided to allow you to me .
From now on ,you are in me a member of the British empire ! Empire of the sun ? Pool of rain , some surprise ,you still have an empire ? Of course. Su Yu spoke at the same time ,the power of space launch ,with he and pool rain came to Leo et al .
This is my empire main members ! Su Yu light tunnel , white s è skullLeo is a high-level life body ,for general is a senior life :Adi Lina Ya ,Xiu snake is the intermediate life body ,Pallas and AO Hou is the primary body of life .
Now ,you are welcome to join ,pool of rain ! Chi Yu looked at the Su Yu refers to people, said: I know this early ,we don what the Muru directly out to kill him as well ! Su Yu waved his hand ,said: theret understand ,do not want to kill the mulu ! In the darkness of Su Yu under observation ,mulu a pedestrian walk ,look to meet the one two three four et al .
Su Yu suddenly thought of a thing ,said: you ten days to people ,usually is how to contact ? I usually do not contact ! Pool of rain , what things to say . So, why Mu Lu know you have left the Ming Group ? Su Yu asked .
They are using Eagle Communications ! Pool rain explained Eagle ten is the only could summon creatures, this bird can be used to give the distant between the two tribes .Estimation is a departure for mu Lu Eagle messenger ! Su Yu dot nods ,say no more .
He Luren chunky ,with team walk for a while, seems to be aware of the wrong place ,he stopped . Why Ming people yet? Mulu to sink a track , to the Ming Group Eagle messenger have a look each other that what is the hell ! Muru voice for a fall has been promised a sound ,began planning a eagle messenger .
Su Yu thought the eagle should be very large bird species .However, when Su Yu saw an eagle ,find that their understanding is wrong .The eagle is only the earth on the sparrow size ,and the eagle name does not match .
If this eagle is what an amazing place ,is the only Eagle strength .The eagle is an intermediate life body !Su Yu ,a communications of the eagle is also an intermediate life body .
Soon ,a primary life has written a letter ,to the eagle Tu ì Ji,and then fly to the sky .Su Yu looked at it in the old times appear in the movie scene ,could not help but some make me on the spot .
A senior life body to contact other people, actually need to use Eagle messenger ?While a person is actually the primary life, Messenger Hawk is the intermediate life? This is what a funny thing !Su Yu want to laugh ,but laugh .
He understood that it may be absurd, but on the other hand this ten day of terrible .Su Yu now just want to find time to day and to be out of this in ten days ,then find the way out .
Outside there are a lot of things to do with Su Yu ,he cannot be trapped in such a at sixes and sevens world .However ,for his ability to go out ,Su Yu is now no confidence .After all ,with the more you know ,the more heavy heart Su yu .
The eagle speed is very fast ,so much so that Su Yu heart .Of course, this is not the main reason of Eagle messenger .After all ,the intermediate life speed again soon does not necessarily than senior life quickly to any place .
The main reason is that the book eagle ,eagle is the only way to identify a biological .Of course ,too far down the road of eagle is illegible .But a recent Road ,eagle was able to cognition .
After the release of eagle ,Muru ceases to advance, but waiting for the eagle echo .Muru immobility ,Su Yu also did not move .Su Yu quietly watched to honest and day ,found the two individual s èsomething.
Su Yu remembered Xu Zhu and Sue margin of three people ,he needs to know that some three people come here for details .Su Yu on pool rain said ,came to the body ,inner world of another area .
Here, Su Yu saw edge ,Xu Zhu and glass cat .Su Yu asked three people to ten place in detail .Edge is thousands of years ago to ten place, after thousands of years of continuous hunt and kill ,edge memories of that time have some fuzzy .
When Su Yu said he had seen the day and song honest ,edge Hi ,immediately asked two people .After hundreds of years of life and death battle ,edge and the day and the song honest is also forged a deep friendship .
Now hear two people information ,natural some surprise .Su Yu said the song to the day and the status quo, two people look bad ,is that some feel depressed ,seems to have something .
So ,Su Yu let edge recall at the outset with two people with access to ten of cases, and two case of separation .Su Yu want to confirm ,old people and people are different to what today .
In Su Yu reminder Su edge remembered their original and the day one three people into the ten day of the .At the beginning of the day ,is said to be found in fast lifting strength in the way .
However ,the day a claim only Marshal class abilities ,have enough power to break the second layer energy shield .Therefore ,the day with the hope that the edge together, into the second layer energy shield .
At that time, Su edge for day call song honest or strange .Because I don song ,usually involved in such things .So ,edge once asked why to stretch the day song honest .However UGG Women's Lo Pro Denim Boots,beyond the Susu margin expected ,the song is honest is voluntarily entered the article because the song to inherently second layers of the residents .
Edge was very surprised ,asked the song I know second layer space what .However ,the song I know nothing .According to the song were honest ,he is from second layers of space in a small village ,came in before the base has never been the village step don what is outside the village before .
Later ,the song to home out of something ,to honest acceptor spines J ī,m í m ívague,I do not know how to go to the training base .The day took the song to song ,honest in base live down .
The song I have for many years not back ,this time ,he was trying to go back to have a look of my hometown .The way to understand their origin .But to their song for his hometown where ,there is no clear concept Classic Tall Dylyn UGG Boot,also only one side m ō cablewhile forward .
Originally, Su edge of thought ,have a song to such a local people things will go smoothly for many .However ,what happens next ,be completely out of the day of a plan .Originally, the day is to be sung to the Soviet border ,playing as a striker, and the day he is in charge of looking for some help training equipment or building or resources .
And the day a need and edge force to break the second layer space energy shield .However ,the fact proves ,the day the one one men will easily break the second layer space energy shield .
When the day suddenly a seal .A seal in a gently energy shields on the point, 1.5 circular notches in the energy shield .Although not understand why energy shields so easily broken but edge also did not say much ,but with the day back into energy shield .
However ,when three people into the energy shield ,but found himself in a complete M ō mind.In the sky above them in the ten spy, between heaven and earth are fiery hot ,earth are risking is steaming moisture .
Even the ability ,can not help but feel the heat .Moreover, the three discovered a problem :they m í road!Step from the energy shield outside inside, back when ,see only the endless drought earth crack ,cannot see any other things .
The edge feel bad is the day ,don know what happened .Moreover, the day also say ,if you want to go back to the original space ,will find here back key .That is to say ,if you can ,three people can not go back .
Edge has already sensed that something is not good .The song I have brought another more bad news .The Song Dynasty honestly not here in his hometown ,three individuals are likely to come to an unknown space .
The song is honest to let edge heart a protrusion, hurried to the song to look ,and said: what do you say ? The song is also a face to m íHu ò,said: I do, I remember not too clear ,but there is absolutely no ten sun ! The song is honest to let edge know ,three people encountered big trouble .
Three people are to see clearly, they go into the second layer energy shield ,but why will appear in the ten to who can remember .I think so, edge remembered the day had said a few bottles at the time, the day staring at the sun in the sky, automatic speaking tunnel: here is the rebellious ,Sun Valley, Xu is the origin of the world .
However, how can we be here ? Think of here ,edge to Su Yu said: I think of some things ,seems to be ,we have a problem .However ,I think the day ,something to hide the truth from us .
Of course ,I do not say that the day of a heart with a malicious ,just ,there was something he did not completely tell us the truth ! Su Yu nodded ,and said: you know and guess all say ,we work together to look at Versace Bags,have a look have what can escape this damn place way ! Edge nodded ,said: at the outset, the day that is to lead us into the Asahi sector second layers of space ,however ,finally entering is the ten place, and not what Xu sector second layer space !Moreover, the day that here is the rebellious ,Sun Valley, Xu is the origin of t .
Su Yu heard here ,brow rugulose ,said: Xu circles the origin ,why are they here ?Here is not the Asahi community with a lower space ? Edge thought, said: I don the day is so to speak UGG Women's Denim Jacquard Boots!Moreover, we entered the ten day of the way is also very strange .
Is to be rather baffling to come in, I think the day UGG I Do Wedding,at this point no lie .His intention is to lead us into the Asahi sector second layer space ,just don came here !Also, the day said ,to enter the Asahi sector second layer space need keys ,from Xu sector second layer space out also need keys ,and the key is in Xu sector second layer space .
So ,I think ,we should go out from this ten day ,also need from ten to the internal to it . Su Yu nodded ,said: we have now found the day and song honest ,find a chance to ask them ,have a look these years there is no harvest ,also know something !In addition ,as you say ,you came ten place is a accident .
But Xu Zhu and the glass cat had to find you ,it is a little strange .The last thing hurriedly, did not come and ask .Now I ask the two person about how ! Then ,Su Yu Su edge to leave ,and glazed with the cat .
Xu Zhu and the glass cat is to concentrate on practicing ,Su Yu did not disturb the two men ,standing there waiting .After a long time, Xu Zhu from cultivation to wake up, see Su Yu ,smiled and said : ,how to have time today ? I ask you, have something to ask you , Su Yu , you and the glass cat is how to come to this ten place ?Other people ?They have come to ? Xu Zhu listened to Su Yu ,face suddenly shows a m í agod s è,said: it seems to me ,do not remember their own so come here !As for the others didn ,I am not very clear .
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