Dragon makes Blue Dragon

October 18 [Thu], 2012, 10:52

1632 eight hundred and fiftieth nine chapters Lion -? Vatican Zen then said: day said: calling the shots. Pig Island novel chapter update fastest with Sun Weiming and Yan northern sky into the temple of the Red Dragon, the large hall inside is very simple, a large table next to a box on each of two small table, small table top. First open the box inside turned out to be a piece of paper that says Original Dragon Spirit of sea ice sheets of water belongs to the past life Longwang it out on the Long icy prison, no ice sheet water adjust the temperature difference, the dragon spirit of the sea will freeze, I figured out these, it is like removing a pressure in the heart The boulders, Relax endless. The second box inside support key, really do not understand what is the use of Sun Weiming carefully remove received, then hastily preparing to go to the dragon spirit of the sea, Dai Jiao is my greatest concern. The Pig Island novel chapter to update fastest YanBei of days with concern and said: The Mind Magic sub boy said: So said: The days of doubt. The Sun Weiming 55 happened Simply put finished UGGs Retro Cargo Boots Sale, and then to the dragon spirit of the sea with a magic heart of the sub and 斯里达罗伊. Left of the magic heart the child right 斯里达罗伊, is really like an adult with a small animal and a watermelon UGGs Earmuffs Sale. Sub Speaking of this century UGG Tall Sheepskin Cuff Sale, and the Orcs of war magic heart on the road, then said: admire. unruffled, it is the only. Baoye Shending previously detained many repair magic, refining many Daimon magic gas should be normal now. For a time, I Sun Weiming they have to the dragon spirit of the sea above his breath hit the closing of the ice sheets of water in the body, when the ice sheets of water a touching spiritual sea, immediately played a lot of smoke. Magic, the ice began to collapse, by caving at a spa-like bubbles, then disintegration growing area, that bubbles also more and more. Next the Fang Binghai financial became mysterious, mysterious and expansion into the Great Lakes, has emerged after half a day, more than the Pentium sea, this ice sheet of water is really easy to use. The Sun Weiming Remove release spirit bottles, Dai Jiao them called out to them straight to the next fly into UGG Kensington Sale. The Sun Weiming eager to see the magic heart of the sub and 斯里达罗伊 Sun Weiming smiled and said: Day day by day before, the Sun Weiming dragon power much progress. Dai Jiao they can live up to expectations of return to normal, wonderful the the nine beasts ranked third in the Golden Lion and the fourth black cat, in the spirit into the pool, hatched the mighty and majestic power law sublime, stand on either side of The Sun Weiming around, like his law enforcement. The black cat is completely different, and closed his eyes, it seems that things here, and it has nothing to do. Dai Jiao, Hakuho, days, respectfully quiet Shao, called: you've worked hard. spider although this ran to meet again I will not be lenient, days secluded umbrella, and hope that one of these days, you do not make stupid, or may not blame my third brother. Lion's domineering but she the day secluded umbrella tremble more than. Yes ah, the Sun Weiming remember spider spirit core, talked about the spider of days, the day secluded umbrella to save it, or it had died by the hands in Lion. Dai Jiao replied: doomed to a rough ride. The Sun Weiming want to let the situation and slow down, said: Red Dragon makes Blue Dragon, injury, Sun Weiming asked: the Sun Weiming exclaimed turned bleak, they said: : into the fertilized egg and the soul to rebirth. Blue Dragon so quickly replied: seeking gifts, a variety of requirements, what they want, hit over the bar UGG Classic Tall Fancy!

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