and then was only forest windshield down because

November 17 [Sat], 2012, 16:22

Back to the villa, Lin Feng and Su Yu to talk about everything up. Su Yu now is come to live, usually people with sleep in that big bed, But Su Yu she also have a own small room, after all, the Soviet Union rain there are many things and information, therefore Lam Fung was give her a person arranging a room, while the other few women are two or three people in a room, plus the the forest wind that large room. Eleventh, I understand After the last incident, he felt that this task than a mere trifle more, even the yellow house master of the house can kill this task, it is a mere trifle. Indeed, this difficulty levels immeasurably. Su Yu looked at the forest wind some seriously look so put away the smile looked forest wind some froze, Su Yu is little not landed, can not think of Lin Feng want to say anything. made up my mind, and the reason he put this thing to tell Su rain because the original Su Yu already know a lot of things in Lam Fung and Su Yu own people, but also for their own gear gun, so very Lam Fung believe Su rain is not going to betray him, Lam Fung also feel that this ability will sooner or later be Su Yu know, after all, Su Yu and other different woman, she has a good skill, she will stay with their own to go out together frantic violence, Lam Fung was trying to their ability to tell him. and more people are coming to kill you, and one of those personal skill are very good, and now she is still very depressed Lin Feng in the end how much ability, this is impossible to be able to do things. However, Su Yu would not go own asked Lin Feng, she felt this was the secret of the forest wind, if he wants to tell you that nature will tell you, and he did not want to tell you, they ask as bad but let Lam Fung do Canada Goose Victoria Parka Cheap. Lam Fung to tell Su Yu Su Yu happy. She can also understand, now has his own forest wind woman why we tell ourselves. And now on the side of the room are pure. Lam Fung talk about things and Su rain, so it did not bother. That muffler fitted, it'll startle them Ready, Lin wind took a gun and fired a shot, then facing their own to see action in this series, Su Yu fiercely surprised a moment almost did not fainting in the past UGG Sunburst Tall, just when she reflects over When not already too late, Lam Fung fast, the gun had already opened out. Forest wind gun, the bullet has been threaded into the forest wind clothes, and then was only forest windshield down because Lam Fung is now able to control this energy. Lam Fung then deliberately back and pour directly down on the bed. Su rain to see this posture, scared almost fainted, and quickly came to see the forest wind, Wind this gun opened their own shot, so she had panicked, that did not care Lam Fung who do not have blood, but why do not think about Lam Fung, Su Yu scared almost cried , she was telling them, Lin Feng side ready to go to the phone UGG Classic Tall Dylyn. Just when she was about to take the phone, Lin wind suddenly hugged her, Su Yu was fiercely surprised a moment UGG Uptown On Sale, looked at that point nothing Lam Fung, heart is panic and happy, just that moment really scared her, feeling as if the end of the world. Lin, Lin Feng, you're all right. You a bad guy, why do you lie to me, you bastard Also see Lam Fung stunned, know their play overdo really scared her. Su Yu is also quiet for a long time, the heart was set down. Just really scared that simply did not think about something else. She remembered to this matter. the clothes indeed broken, it is not possible to be false, but he really can not believe that this ability Lam Fung, in other words, she can not believe that the world has such a person. this energy. Su Yu still eyes open great, some were difficult to accept looked forest wind, although before that can save their own ability to know the forest wind is very special, but at the moment know such a concept, or so she was very surprised. Second update VIP group: 101,979,151 join this group must be subscribed to the book, and really like this book Coach Baby Bags, can seriously support small K, and support for small K after writing the book. But also to ensure that the friend added every month to contribute at least one gold medal. Reach this requirement, you can add another group, thank you.

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