thousand years later

October 31 [Wed], 2012, 18:19

Cattle bb novel Read recommended patricide and warlords magic Princess too difficult to chase entropy Princess the artifact kill yuan inferior beauty concubine the gold medal Princess Need feint circle segment flight feathers suddenly remembered the sound respect God, his mysterious Master Lei Yi, but the segment flight feathers have no time to think about Ray Springboard why give him a warning, black people attack is too fast, the eyes but also the first to cope with the past that hurdle. Speed, the black people to be far more than the segment flight feathers Need God A protective segment flight feathers, black section of flight feathers by questioning what harm they temporarily deadlocked in there, segment flight feathers to keep up with the speed of the black people, black The Yi people are not hurt segment flight feathers. Force on the segment flight feathers can feel that black people do have the power of their twice, but this is not a segment flight feathers are most concerned about local, most let him headaches, or the speed of the black people, twice the power of black people speed greater than yourself twice, then five times, ten times the power of opponents speed not high on their own five times times, strength and speed are higher than, equal to their own only being beaten, lose sooner or later. For the first opponent black people, the segment flight feathers have a grasp can beat him, black people, speed is fast, fast, but he kill yuan, as long as the power of the launch of Need artifact, segment flight feathers is sure to kill black people . , After and entangled two years and black people, segment flight feathers finally have the opportunity to kill $ shattered energy crystals within the pubic region of the black people, black people after the crushing of the energy crystals disappeared in the space directly. 100,000 years. White space, a pale figure constantly flashing hundred thousand years in a row, the segment flight feathers have been using a special energy exercise their own speed, Ray paired them said. The three opponents are set in accordance with the ground forces before they went, million years of time can be two to three times, then the two faster, sure to respond to five times the power of the opponent. Segment flight feathers of willingness is good, but how can there be so good to enhance speed, practice environment seems even better than the house of God statue, not to mention up speed, force touches to enhance a lot, now to practice speed segment flight feathers the confidence of to double power after millions of years. 's Time to face the opponent five times before our own strength to grasp is also bigger. The segment flight feathers hearts of millions of years after being closed eyes pranayama fierce a move in front of his land. There are a give full blue shirt wrapped Lanyi Ren silent, Lanyi Ren deliberately distributed power Lanyi Ren does have five times to force higher than before. Millions of years of practice, so the segment flight feathers of force to upgrade a little more than twice. Face five times the power of the opponent and there is not much to worry about. Too fast due to the power of promotion segment flight feathers of speed than the original only increase about five percent, if the front of the opponents really have five times its own speed, then this is definitely a tough duel. An hour to prepare an hour later, I will kill you! If not in advance know that the opponent is not a real person. I am afraid segment flight feathers also could not help but laugh at the two. After an hour. Segment flight feathers, not hands-on, in front of Lanyi Ren becomes a light blue shadow. Then the body will withstand the punches of millions, the body continuous shaking up and down, a heavy fall on the ground, the continuous pounding, so that segment flight feathers mouth a sweet,Timberland Roll Top Cheap, have cropped up bloodshot. Not enough time to restore the rest over blue figure appeared segment flight feathers quickly transported from the divine space resist divine space Lanyi Ren speed less successful in a lot Even so, the body segment flight feathers withstand dozens million of punch, and slid backwards again heavy. own speed ten times more than the segment flight feathers under ultra-high speed of the opponent, there is no any counterattack room. has been injured. Faint blue shadow appears again, paragraph the flight feathers Mangjiang kill one hundred thousand dollars turned into rapidly rotating cover your whole body, so kill the power drops, additional attributes can not use, but also being beaten stronger so just kill Yuan segment flight feathers also insisted will not last long, the best artifact energy consumption is too large and split too many segments of flight feathers, now the divine power supply on, over-the divine overdraft, the saver to withstand. Kill yuan cloth into airtight defense succeeded in preventing the attack of the opponent in Blue Lanyi Ren figure re-appears in the segment flight feathers of sight, hundreds of thousands of Slaughter suddenly synthesized a moment they appear in blue The front of the Yi people. ago. That belt the huge divine Quanjin, seismic segment flight feathers body Need God A rumbling sound, the best spirit world guarding the body of the segment flight feathers, again, is the shock of a vertigo, mouth of blood becomes more. **** Another three space often Ding, European Peng, Kou Shen three god king also faced his second opponent, segment flight feathers opponents, their opponents just strength higher than speed and without any advantage, leveraging artifact and basically could cope, unlike segment flight feathers as completely passive beaten. Lei Yi, too obvious, you want to exercise your eight, not so eccentric ah! Sima heart, Lei Yi section of flight feathers really overdone, the event because God statue of interference so segment flight feathers fail to Lei Yi regret dead. Segment flight feathers where the space. Lanyi Ren still unilaterally in the attack, kill $ segment flight feathers softened again, but insisted only three years to withstand segment flight feathers, now entirely in the passive situation of being beaten. Body injuries are aggravated. Observed she will determine segment flight feathers do not have any chance of winning. . Both limit live but big brother can both ground belly first hiding restore what then out to deal with him,north face jackets sale! . Although disappointed, but there is to safely place first hide or he did need cultivation, or old is such a heavy blow, his final defeat. that in blue villain start weight, both also feel the pain. Small the Jinding first wore segment flight feathers immediately turn a blind eye to cultivation up a bottle of seven the environment Shendan also segment flight feathers directly thrown into the mouth, in the past few years in Blue consecutive opponents blow, already very heavy body of accumulated injuries , though not fatal, have been so accumulated go absolutely unfavorable paragraph the flight feathers future development. Yi are afraid to face to stimulate Sima, Regulus purely created for itself. Lanyi Ren is not a real person, and when his opponents disappear and appear inexplicable Jinding when he stood there motionless, as if waiting for the segment flight feathers re-emergence. This finding allows segment flight feathers, but also a lot of pleased segment flight feathers is not this Lanyi Ren opponent in small Jinding space segment flight feathers can also upgrade allows one day raise up strength and speed. Three thousand years later, the segment flight feathers, the state has returned to become the best condition, but segment flight feathers also found that, after such a time of consumption, the growth of the supernatural power than the original but also fast, short period of three thousand years, so that segment flight feathers of divine power than the original but also increased a lot god, now has three times come when the segment flight feathers is not weaker than the safety their old god king. Enhance speed, but did not face in Blue opponent or a little grasp, but the discovery of so-segment flight feathers pleasantly surprised beaten also can enhance the strength, higher than the opponent's own strength, his speed in the fast useless, this space segment flight feathers have confidence in Heaven's off the blue shirt opponents kill element in this limited space. One hundred years later,Northface 3 In 1 Jackets Sale, the segment flight feathers hurt again hid in a small Jinding Ding furnace, this time out is five thousand, five thousand years, the segment flight feathers of divine in Blue opponents difference is not too big, and speed also improved a lot, it can barely be and blue clothes opponents bucket a few rounds. Fifteen hundred years, small Jinding re-segment flight feathers sucked into, a thousand years later, the flight feathers out in paragraph forces have been slightly higher than in Blue opponents, especially in speed, although not yet in Blue opponents quickly, but has been able to slow slow to keep up with the speed of the opponent, the situation has completely changed the original one-sided passive beaten. Three hundred years later, the flight feathers finally take advantage of an opportunity to crush the Lanyi Ren energy crystals, defeating second opponent, access to millions of years of time to rest. Small Jinding rest time segment flight feathers have little significance when several furnace seven environment Shendan, and blue clothes opponents fighting it, just take this time segment flight feathers and refining charges many of his seven habitat Shen Dan, facing the last more than ten times the power of the opponents, and prepare some more is always good. After millions of years, the forces of segment flight feathers have powerful than came in a lot, in terms of the power of a single theory, has been weaker than the third opponent, segment flight feathers are still worried about the speed of the opponent, if the opponent is too fast for its own still also beaten in a passive state. Opponent has three additional space, often Ding three of them face a third opponent, the years they have greatly improved,Northface Men's 3 In 1 Jackets Sale, but to enhance the range cheating with a small Jinding higher segment flight feathers, face third opponent like them in the situation of being beaten. Europe Peng space than fighting the most intense, Ray into if you see this scene'd be surprised Oupeng opponent on divine than mine into even stronger, that is, Europe Peng did not enter the first five test space before, the divine only Biere into small some, definitely not less than ten times. Came out after the exercise of this test, Oupeng than mine into weak, not much. European Peng repair is the highest, the strongest force his opponent is most Similarly, there is no Need God protected Oupeng A is the most dangerous one, after 3,000 years of desperate battle Oupeng blew a God infants only get the opportunity to kill the opponent's best artifact, but unfortunately this behavior Oupeng addition to Lei Yi, a few of them respect God, not anyone else to see. Ready to rest? President only joy does not love looking door lady concubine strongest Queen's scared of China first-class lady wealthy mistress ace Diao Fei Shu difficult to obey first pulled the little Princess devil darling Merry Missy sake of the child with husband

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