woman just mentioned Xiao Rong wolf not

November 15 [Thu], 2012, 10:10
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultLook left in succession two figure ,a white than snow ,a red Sihuo ,two personal well-being is his wolf Hengyu impenetrable .
Look deep looked at two people leave direction ,wolf ,somewhat elusive Chanel Handbags Outlet, called Mei Yun white woman just mentioned Xiao Rong wolf not yourself, is intended to put forward, or really just under the accident ?Whether intentionally or unintentionally ,or ,in short ,the girl in white wolf has been successful for him ,to the heart ,making a cannot close the gap !The recovery of gaze ,wolf ,looked at his eyes before practicing falls ,want, anyway, to keep the scope is here because few people ,generally no one is willing to ,as few people will bother .
Just ,now seeing their is no need here to stay ,and who knows the king of Lincheng, two people will still come back? Who can know the next met the king of Lincheng will be a what treatment? So ,or avoid good .
After more than a year ,never touch the Ju explosion of grass and Jiao Xiao man ,his body explodes the chrysanthemum grass and Jiao Xiao blood mixed residue, no subsequent superposition ,they have slowly cleared .
So you don worry about day Laneige water and pure grass resistance .Lang Hengyu thought ,and no lingering mist fly toward the edge strip ,out of the range of shou .See the cloud of snow back a look the wolf ,the direction to leave ,the king of Lincheng also felt Lang Hengyu left ,his face with a pure smile ,asked for you , the spirit of the pet fox ? In fact ,he want to say half-dead little fox ,just think of cloud of snow even phlebotomy Pluto dead ,is also the first to be released from the feeble mind care for the fox ,it would not have the face to say exports .
Is not all . Cloud of snow wolf head said , Xiao Tian offended me . The wolf howl day bully you ? The king of Lincheng mouth angrily said ,two eyes has braved the gossip all wrapped in clouds ,snow in front of body, to be filled with righteous indignation and said , cloud wolf howl day ,tell us your opinion how to bully you ?Have not been accounted for cheap? You say it, I can help you find a place to go ! No wonder you will treasure the king of Lincheng industry, have a look of the king of Lincheng so high the spirit of gossip ,also understood why treasure house to have so many news .
/ ?How did Xiao Jiao people here live ? Just to keep the peak, looked at the broken chaos mountain ,cloud cold snow free from divine consciousness ,from top to bottom swept the mountain ,not found alive Jiao Xiao ,not by the strange ,ask to the king of Lincheng .
She is remembered ,Jiao Xiao person in those days because angered once a king of Lincheng ,that are trapped here ,not going out . I tell you why not Jiao Xiao ?And why am I here? The king of Lincheng had a glimpse of Shou Yang peak, and then clear eyes ,a blink at the cloud of snow ,said , you tell me ,the little wolf is how to bully you ?And where are you going ?We do ,okay? Basic cloud of snow from my opinion ,that promise is not allowed ,the king of Lincheng he nodded his head, said two people agreed, and then began to say open .
For the king of Lincheng this seemingly gentle ,but who buy and sell style ,cloud snow is speechless ,how their current capacity is beat people ,whereas in the sector ,the rational ,cold clouds snow also can recognize planted .
Lang Hengyu is depressed after the purging fire ,want to find and his murderer ,to and fro a month ,found nothing ,heart angry ,also a few hunting to Jiao Xiao and get into his head .
Wolf ,angry ,killed Jiao Xiao people up and down the size of the whole ! cruelty ,right enough . Cloud of snow nodded her head ,not to say anything .Jiao Xiao eight order above all people all folded in her cloud of snow ,but the rest of them don wolf Hengyu caused what is essentially a trouble ,kill Jiao Xiao people people to vent Lang Hengyu, also be an easy job to .
Because it is not like Jiao Xiao style ,and habits of life ,is ,for Kau rose were wolf Hengyu genocide ,cloud snow nothing much emotion . who is here ,what for? Cold clouds snow asked .
Don predecessors ,the people called old ! The king of Lincheng white cloud cold snow glance ,dissatisfaction said . address you ? Cold clouds snow choked up ,asked . Fire , the king of Lincheng said , fire ,Yi que a que .
Oh ,what to ask before fire que ... ... Sir, why to Shou Yang ? At the king of Lincheng and his rejection of the trend ,cold clouds snow quickly changed . Jiao Xiao people actually did not our land of the demon, but in the confusion of the times before million years from the west to an island migrations ,in Shou Yang breed million years ,it came in the age of chaos everywhere be meddlesome ,against incumbent king of Lincheng .
The king of Lincheng said the fire que . Later ,the king of Lincheng ,and combined with many large can people ,will be forced to keep Jiao Xiao Yangshan ,and their students trapped in here .
But in order to prevent Jiao Xiao human minds in order ,and then to keep violence break Yangshan and trapped array ,in the order above all Jiao Xiao who was killed a space, then every hundred years ,the king of Lincheng to come or send someone whispered into the keep of Yangshan ,after all the impact of order twelve Jiao people secretly dispose of rose .
Fire que said, I came ,for the same . No wonder ,here I see only the order ,not aware of twelve order on Jiao Xiao man . Cold clouds snow look deeply into the fire ,said , I thought it was Xiao Jiao people trapped easy, so the loss of progress of the heart, in the family of only one of the eleven order of the old patriarch ,has not seen the twelve order on the people ,even the ten order discrete people ,also is only three .
the king of Lincheng ,is pretty good . Of course Canada Goose Mountaineer,this cloud of snow did not say ,for fear of angering the king of Lincheng ,would like Jiao Xiao man by generations of vengeful ,trouble .
Although that year Jiao Xiao family that what little chief, show no respect for elders to provoke the Lincheng king elder went to !Had the little princess ,shy anger left on the mainland ,to the days never ,never came back .
Mr. fire que said , he had refrained from direct tu the Jiao Xiao human race ,is already a big crocodile . Cold clouds snow started ,the original there are so many a ,also think about ,if he came close to others shame, if it is itself will be looking to slaughter each other family ,then go .
The loving predecessors ,that wasn the Jiao Xiao family hands Tu ,fear is to leave out with a daughter ,daughter ,never to come back . Well, said, I have done ,it . Fire que two glistening watching clouds of snow ,set to hear the story .
The wolf howl day in my failed when injured ,gave me a ring ,made me spit out the blood ,then I hang out his storage bag ,and that . Snow cloud cold touch on lightly and said, that also is the fact .
Que Haixing fire caused by vigorous waiting below cloud of snow ,who knows but it stopped, the puzzled and asked, then what ? No then . Cold clouds snow said . You and the wolf Xiaotian grudges so simple ? Fire eyes asked que .
Well Canada Goose Banff Sale,it really simple ,you feel should be more complicated? Cold clouds of snow quizzically asked .Fire que very want to have a hematemesis impulse, I be in the best of spirits to listen to gossip ,but is two words ,vapid to finished, let him have a feel hoodwinked ,almost a fall down from heaven .
You can cheat me ?See you are so beautiful ,the little wolf no heartbeat ?No other idea ? The fire did not give up the chase asked que .Cloud of snow to some do not understand ,the predecessors to keep in mind what ,is it right? Every former Lincheng kings are very people ?Also, people is half man and half demon ,this gene is the presence of uncertainty ,some strange is understandable .
Cold clouds snow completely forgetting his veins and demon clan lineage ,but is being in the awakening ! Fire wolf howl mountain que predecessors to ask the wolf howl day soon know what he want to .
? Cold clouds snow pushing displeasure ,blunt said .Then ,step towards the edge strip away .Fire que stunned me, thought ,this very many years, nobody dare to give him such a long face ?Then ,fire que videocamera chuckled , cloud home this girl really interesting, no wonder that the old man is so fond of her curly maple .
Night home two kid is Baba place .Her behavior ,presumably before Ming LAN in the rumor she is immortal Wu Shuangxiu things should be true ,just become less accurate . UGG Classic Short Sparkles.The immortal weapons Shuangxiu people ,but very rare .
Feelings ,fire que have guessed the true identity of cloud and snow !Also ,their treasures club but and selling various messages ,like Wu repair to repair this immortal interesting news ,he is not the king of Lincheng to join in the fun at .
But ,in his eyes ,even can cold clouds to snow ,is also impossible to miss cloud snow holding the handle lock jade bamboo flute .So long a can raise temperature spirit core of Polygonatum odoratum but is very rare ,and are so nicely flute ,can be said to be scarce and the king of Lincheng ,he knew ,like a cloud of snow this hand .
The cloud ,wait for me . Look at the clouds cold snow falling body ,ready to enter the water ,the king of Lincheng to shout out, walk two steps ,on to the cloud of snow . Cloud Canada Goose Foxe Bomber Parka Sale,
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