you seem slow-witted Houtu eyes were cold

November 20 [Tue], 2012, 15:39
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: UGG Short, relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 897th chapter of the god heaven has a past ,now ,future three Fates, the past no longer ,right now ,the future is full of variables ,general monk can only grasp the present ,past and future are off-limits to God and now ,after a God ,one can burst on the five emperors ,Pacific past ,now and in the future, all destroyed ,such power is indeed God it is already the most people imagine ,even in the house next to large hills ,he simply did not sell, but even so ,the earth had a boxing, tackles ,still feel to a strong force ,as if to take his soul away general this time ,just know he tackles ,and earth has made a huge difference, this difference is almost qualitative difference, cannot make up ,gods are gods ,superior beings ,overlooking the Pacific turned pale the kingdom of God ,they unite ,but in the face of earth of the blow ,but still feel great stress ,which makes them extremely surprised even though they still half god The body ,not the real God ,but after all, is the God of reincarnation, be no trivial matter.
,especially the Kingdom, with its powerful kingdom ,each of these are infinitely close to the gods ,even can contend one or two but now ,five of them together ,are vaguely could not withstand the frenzied attack on earth ,then Houtu are not generally gods powerful God ,ah ,this is the deity of strength ,if we return to God ,where a statue of the God can be forced into such a situation? Only emperor sombre incomparable, his kingdom was firmly oppressed ,as if at any time there may be shattered ,God comes ,this pressure is not the average person can withstand the soil body is still huge ,on the divine fast radiating ,again swings a boxing : blow break eight of two.
Power surges ,rolling towards the Pacific the oppression to earth ,appears quite relaxed ,he has done the deities ,the achievements of great dignity ,even if unable to execute the Pacific ,but it can be compression if just ordinary deity ,never had such a powerful force ,earth God is not a god of success only ,he was the dragon ,Phoenix ,refining the three drops of blood kylin God ,this three statues of gods ,even in the hundreds of millions of years ago, gods of war and military exploits illustrious ,is second only to the Supreme God their three drops of God of blood ,can create a powerful incomparable gods so ,despite the success of Houtu deity ,but its true power ,but almost all those gods two punches, only two boxing ,the soil exudes boundless golden glow ,these light Seems to have a genius of the world in reciting the gods of the noble Swire five emperors, you did not return to God ,if you do not want to even the origin has also been broken up, give me back ,otherwise ,will make you source collapsibility, no return to the throne .
the earth filled with endless majesty ,he in the Pacific the threat ,to know that God is also able to reincarnate again ,because they also have their own gods source the source is God at all ,the origin ,their God will not disappear ,so just waiting for a future time ,regression tablets .
But once the origin were scattered ,that they God will naturally disappear ,they will never become the God of chance ,so the face of earth of this threat ,so the look was changed, the bare threaten seriously seize their weaknesses in Dili looked behind them, Yang a retreat where, as if determined ,drying and smile: the origin ?The earth ,you overestimate yourself ,even if we don return to God ,but I the upper God dignity inviolable ,men, we have no way out ,Yang one one dead ,God once we return Sankin ,there are way out ? Hear the precious imperial take a drink ,the other four honored the woke up ,Yang is their only hope Canada Goose Borden,God is not terrible Sankin ,they can imagine ,to such an extent that they are now ,no retreat - God ,origin is the God ,yuan the origin of central ,is God ,the origin is the run out of God, the origin is the God UGG Ultra Short,the origin is the of Tai Po ,was emperor ,emperor ,emperor ,the central section of the emperor too play out their origin ,in their brain, suddenly rising from a virtual shadow ,as if it were a superior gods ,the dissemination of this majestic general this is the most precious ancient origin ,they return to God all the obvious Swire have struck ,have called out to the source of origin ,and the invisible force ,showing their own God ,these tablets but the God of the earth ,far stronger than the lower gods ,so the light is that the atmosphere of terror ,let earth hurried back a few steps ,he finally met great barrier showing God ,this is the reincarnation of God the last resort ,also They are the most unique and powerful ,but the source is too precious ,once the damage ,then it could no longer return to God ,so cannot but UGG Sparkles Short,any a reincarnated gods will play their origins to summon the God but now ,five Pacific emperor only general means ,already can earth steps ,they were only able to play origin ,call out the invisible God ,for God to stop the five statue of the God of the earth God once ,immediately clear sky ,broken space have repair ,even powerful earth, true God ,in five statue tablets ,also appeared to be small lot this is essentially the difference, the God is always superior to God ,for God has a strong pressing force the God ?You actually will be the God play out ,you seem slow-witted Houtu eyes were cold ugg boots cheap,staring at the old emperor ,he smell filled with devastating ,every act and every move can destroy the entire world seems generally eternus can not be trampled on, I am the family first gods, too it will become the most powerful gods ,Swire the ,you know ?You are just tiny ants ,you were the God ,but it is already gone ,and now you tiny ants ,ants since five so slow-witted ,then only the destruction of earth body seems to be big, his body surging power constantly running ,as if in brewing shaking heaven and earth .
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