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November 20 [Tue], 2012, 16:54

> Possession of the secret coming out The the WWw.QUAnbEN.COm clang ... Clang ...... twice shaking explosion sound, suddenly sounded the invisible space, slips out of round after round of tangible bō pattern. A vicissitudes old Juding The Void cents the tripod is Swire cents respect, too, the alchemy with supreme cents treasure, the materials used The Panlong kill Gunslinger though they are a very strong attack force of fairy treasure, but the compared to Void cents Ding defense force Lock ...... Just over between the moment is soon as shaking the Baoxiang suddenly sounded, the red scaly yang fire sword flame the Jiangang also split in above Void cents Ding, violent mana Gangqi crazy splashing Quartet cut round after round of vanity, above the earth, leaving countless cracks like moire, but also not hurt the Void cents Ding nothing. Possession of the secret Void cents Ding care tripod colorful absolutely Excalibur, dragon kill Gunslinger, red scales yang fire sword three cents treasure attack are Void cents tripod the block failed to hurt the possession of the secret shred. But! The eyes of the possession of the secret did not trace hi sè, in contrast, his eyes suddenly between welled burst of fear of sè. I saw the the extended bird magic in ancient Chen Tai Chi diagram drawn Gangqi into the giant hand has been extended beyond its borders possession of the secret of the head, fingers a forward possession the secret in vitro Void cents tripod feet. A powerful attraction, and since the Mana Gangqi the giant hands of gush, the Tibetan secret feeling Void cents Ding startled, immediately free from his control, it is necessary to abandon him face to go. Possession of the secret eyes of taken aback and lay this time ancient Chen wins Ding, compared to the last time, that kind of involves force Void cents tripod the means the possession of secret of xìng of life at any time to dangerous, ancient Chen wins tripod possession of the secret hearts, how can not panic? How can we not fear? Possession of the secret at the foot of a move to the ground Yi Deng ground cracked to the foot of the possession of the secret of the across a blur, instantly flashed the dozens Zhangwai. Possession of the secret ancient Chen faster, Mana Gangqi into larger hands, flash also appeared in the possession of the secret side, fingers caught a grip the Void the Xian Ding magic Gangqi into larger hands of a collection Ding, suddenly the Void cents force within the the 〖body〗 from the possession of the secret is out. seize secret Void cents Ding does not let go, the the body followed Void cents Ding, Mana Gangqi into the larger hands, grasping to the ancient Chen. Possession of the secret, you do not have in the Void cents Ding Come here. Appeared to be close to the side of the ancient Chen looked at ancient Chen possession of the secret, eyes full of fear, suddenly loose hands, the body of a discount, turned sideways peaks being the ultimate rule of fire sprang. Blink of an eye,Bailey Bow UGG, the possession of the secret into the ultimate rule of the fire inside the ultimate rule of fire, even crossing the imaginary Fam strong, able and burnt to death, Ming orifices of the top players into the ultimate rule the fire inside, almost instantaneous spike. Instant possession of the secret has been a deadly threat. A powerful force in sharp from the Void cents Ding Xian Ding with his life the Chen genus connected xìng, went back to the side of his body. always be my, etc. I step into the virtual Fam, your death is coming, ha ha ...... leave the ultimate rule of the fire area, although Void cents tripod can stop the ultimate rule of the fire damage to the possession of the secret, the direct damage, but as time goes, will be roasted directly away from the valley is clearly not ancient Chen, possession of the secret will escape, but across the peaks is the rule of the fire burning, that old Chen impossible catching on him. looked possession of secret hidden into the depths of the ultimate law of the fire, the ancient Chen Wei Zhou brow, now the power is not enough to kill the possession of the secret, but enough to seal him he has a deadly threat,Kids UGG Boots, it is impossible to get to large imaginary cents Ding forces out of the squeegee. If we can seal the possession of the secret, the the ancient Chen only need to repair as a further step into the Ming the orifices period, the Tibetan secret culling. If the possession of the secret escape, be into the ancient Chen Ming the orifices period into the Ming Khieu period before to ensure that he kill. the Ares mountains everywhere prohibition, the ultimate law of the fire, it is forbidden for all ancient Chen also did not dare set foot in possession of the secret did not expect With the Void cents Ding, could have strong type through the mountain of fire burning extreme rules? ancient Chen brain suddenly a move, the possession of the secret virtue of Void cents Ding by burning the peaks of the ultimate rule of fire, he is not able to rely Ares order through? Ares make ancient witch clan's sacred objects, Ares Mountain is the Holy Land of the ancient witch clan inevitable great contact between ancient Chen has long been conjecture, but the ultimate rule of the fire too powerful , For life springs Fam monks, is entirely an instant spike the ancient Chen dare try. possession of the secret even with Void cents Ding enter extreme rules of fire inside, the ancient Chen to try the idea,coach sale online. idea of ​​God a move The the Ares order sent light of deficit sè, flying out from xiōng mouth, ancient Chen grip in the hands of The ancient Chen first holding Ares order arm stretched out to the fire to the ultimate rule. Hot feeling more and more violent, stretch into the ultimate rule of the fire, so even if subject to the rule of the fire attack, ancient Chen only lost one arm after cast, superhuman powers, only three of five arm., not be xìng life the threat. Ancient Chen hearts surprise the entire hand stretching the ultimate rule of the fire, however, the ancient Chen palm, did not instantly burnt to nothingness, although a bit hot, but the ancient Chen fully accept the deregulation because Ares order in the outgoing hot feeling worse than the ancient Chen whole arm extending into the ultimate rule fire not subject to the ultimate rule of the fire attack, instead, a flame bō move, all incoming the Ares order among ancient Chen instantly capture the Tibetan secret The ultimate rule of the fire, are very calm, ancient Chen stuck one arm can be touched to a radius of little knowledge, only one place, edge wear inside the ultimate rule of fire. Holding the Ares order, ancient Chen turned against the ultimate rule of fire attacks, and also to be able to feel the the ultimate rule fire bō move, this is really a pleasant surprise, if not the possession of a secret vow to a blog, rushed into the the ultimate rule of the fire. only arm, all into the ultimate rule of fire, the ultimate rule of the fire of the body is more the ancient Chen touching distance of the ultimate rule of fire, the farther away, when the ancient Chen six only the arms are inserted into the ultimate rule of the fire have been able to feel the bottomless outside distance. Zhangting the distance of the radius of the outer, also only one position, are flame bō movable, the remaining area, the ultimate rule of normal fire burning natural, without any barrier. Ancient Chen entire body all into the ultimate rule of sharp. Wow! Surge of feeling extremely relaxed, suddenly produce, it seems that around the flame, is the general the ancient Chen's tentacles within a radius of two towering ancient Chen can clearly feel every flame outgoing combustion frequency,Tall Sparkles UGGs. Addition to the possession of the secret place where the outgoing the flame bō move ancient Chen comfortable laughed, to the location of the major tribal heritage within any inheritance the land, can instantly found. the ancient Chen overjoyed, this way, as long as the ultimate rule of fire walking, to find
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