others her child to kindergarten

November 19 [Mon], 2012, 11:06

I read the novel network novel material, site domain name phone synchronization read to visit Wap.66721 712 we got married but, when it comes to good with Yihya, indeed Lee, president of the factors in it, he did have a role in fueling Therefore, this error will result in a decidedly start ... but I can go to strange people President Li? Clearly not (Lightning summon TXT download). Because such a thing his mother said to go out, they're going to say I have different how how is playing with the feelings, are an excuse. Well, OK, this was wrong I the only one to bear good I quietly Cangzaixinli, to face all of this (the demon walls TXT download). ...... For a while to the district supermarket the Yihya buy some vegetables and some meat finished, she and I will back with her family. In fact, I'd also cook, before the reason I do not cook with Yihya said, it was just mildly rejected her, meaning that is not to come to her home, with each other on the outside for a meal like. Because now me and her relationship with each other if the together, that is certainly missed that passion play, with the passage of time, I'm afraid of each other will be more each other's body temperature, increasing with each other skin intimate attachment ... say a modern-day love, the zuo love is definitely a flavoring agent, If this flavoring each other's feelings will be more and more light . Why do so many couples married less than 2 years divorced? It is the lack of flavoring. Say that the generation of our fathers that love their flavoring agent is to send a good book, a hairpin, a candy, a talented a limerick. This is the era of progress, the human from the pursuit of the spiritual, and gradually evolved into the pursuit of desire. Whether this is an improvement, or a fall? I say not, because I just do not know the true colors are in this mountain? ... When I and Yihya together in the kitchen and shift when I found her home kitchen hell, which also lack that missing, so I wrote a list to which she went downstairs the to buy Youyanjiangcu, pots and pans scoop plate, and so forth. Looking at this list, Yihya dumbfounded, could not help but looked at me in surprise one: Hong Leong International Resort general manager, usually when nothing you did not go to beverage department Houchu to see it? watching what the chef cooking should not know? Oh one music: the my mouth pro: Boo ... finished after Yihya also go downstairs and temporary now buy Youyanjiangcu, pots and pans and so on and so on go. And so she bought these things, tossing most of the night until 22:00 more, before doing the meals. Yihya see me doing a risotto, the smiling her busy busy before the busy, go to the living room and laid them out on the table, put dishes, but also running the kitchen meals I have done to end out. Then, the two of us will open meal,Prada Bags Outlet Sale. Sit down at the table, Yihya grinning pick up the chopsticks, clip a twice-cooked pork I do eat ...... she tasted the taste, busy at me cocked a thumb to: ... really delicious with a taste of the restaurant! craft the class chef Zhengren Long School. you? After dinner, I'm used to lit a cigarette, it is pleasant to suck a ...... moment I lit a cigarette, Yihya looked her busy laughing slightly got up and left their seats, twisting to go in front of a coffee table that ashtray to me took over, also deliberately learn the look of the hotel staff, beautiful posture, ashtrays slowly on the desktop in front of me to put aside ...... see her so understand mood, I'm busy pretend polite, he simply said: ... guests gentile, a live hilarious music: ...... stubbed out in the ashtray, then she hugged her arms a countersunk front of her mouth to chew on it ...... the attendant,UGG Dylyn Short Cheap, Yihya is also like a dry wood-like, eagerly desire to be a hug tight my waist, rushed went up, it got out of hand ... when passion ignited ... unconsciously, each other's clothes on the floor in front of leaned toward her pressure down, then she gave the call out tired I gasped supine on the floor ... some ** after, Yihya is the supine on me 's side, is more than breath constantly ...... at this time, all of a sudden,Canada Goose Mens Tremblant Full Zip Hoody, my cell phone voice prompts: The forward Shen Huan calling, I thought I told her nothing, so there is hand Cheguo my pants, pulled out a cell phone from the pocket of his trousers to, connected to the phone: What happened? Well, just like you say slightly. want you guys ready slightly ahead of that ...... it costs you you do not control the, anyway you free is on this matter. I am busy should be a cry, then busy is pleased to thank, you guys say, you guys earlier children sleep very late! beside him, had entered the bedroom, but do not know how it happened, she was actually the door shut on the? Is ...... she went to the bedroom to wear clothes go? Such a thought, I will not worry what is casually lit a cigarette ... a while, when I smoked finished hand cigarette to see the Yihya also did not come out, I would get up, twisting to her bedroom door, Shen Shoutui door, pushed, so I'm right again to reach out and open the door lock, discovered that she locked door ...... Mozhe the bang bang I had looked up and patted the door: bang ...... . Because she was angry with another woman, if she was angry, and have actually speak politely and not noisy. Thinking, I am busy and asked: She is also the Hong Leong Group working in real estate heaven side of things, the sales department's director of marketing, if you do not believe me, then I'll take you with me to meet her? look at me and her in the end have no ? I tell you, oh, the others her child to kindergarten, you say I can what? sleep with tonight, you suddenly this now, what do you mean? she did not listen, is so short, she was fine, I go back ... Mozhe Furious, I also had said:, Yihya you, if you so angry that we were together, what does it mean to you ? Think about it, I'm with you, do not have a friend of the woman do? say, I work you know, is all day dealing with people like you, I simply distrust , that the two of us together What do you mean it? cry, Yihya finally pulled open the door ...... Yihya pulled open the door, breathed and looked at me, and then asked the sentence: Suddenly he heard me so to say, Yihya some angrily Look at me: phone, you are so angry, the two of us how to live together? If you love me, then you should first believe me, trust me, right? Besides, the two of us If they are together, like this types like phone will definitely yes, I was not every phone to explain to you again!? If so, in the future I was your husband? then suspects What's the difference? then after Yihya Lengle Leng eyes, then looked at me apologetically: do not know why? may I love you too much,UGG Women's Sparkles I Do, had different? another woman to call you just heard, I was uncomfortable, so ...
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