once every the magic weapon Qudang the idea are afraid

November 20 [Tue], 2012, 12:22

I read the novel network novel material, site domain name phone synchronization read to visit Wap.66721.com Zheng Lin really angry, had just shot Qing Fen to rescue nine Yiu god king, Zheng Lin only when her heavy bonds of friendship, and not with the fuss she actually also do not want to let the matter rest (HODIAS). (..) Zheng Lin Chien-launched gifted supernatural black have been killed in the past, and did not stop, can not stop. Launch a gifted supernatural black, strength doubled offerings empty sword more each attack are times, not to mention the lost bullwhip the Qing Fen, even at this time bullwhip still, she can not strength to resist black attack. When powerful Heavenly Sword is necessary to imminent Qing Fen sad smile, the underground passage human actions can not live. However, when the sword Jianguang Ming empty tingling in the skin of the Qing Fen, the space around again solidified, the black speed suddenly dropped to the lowest, with offerings empty sword in this moment is like a temporal detained general , it is difficult to move anything. Do not want to know, this is the ancient God-level master, almost no prizes for guessing who also can think of. Sure enough, after Banke, react black, instantaneous on and slid out of the detention of the space, while in the Qing Fen side there is an old man wearing a white robe, kindly face, said bone cents wind. Do not want to know, and to those who must undoubtedly wind marks the ancient God. The ancient god of wind marks pulled around his daughter, to lovingly whom wiped tears actually ignore Zheng Lin and black, gently wipe the tears on his face as Qing Fen. The launched gifted supernatural black will lose your head, holding offerings empty sword against the ancient god of wind marks is the sword pixia the. The ancient god of the wind marks strong black hands of offerings empty the sword but holy quality, but also can be seen, not to mention that he is any ancient gods are not Yingjie, once every the magic weapon Qudang the idea are afraid (online games Sword read the full text). However, the ancient god of wind marks seemingly doddering, but it is extremely fast, looks like he did not move, he has actually jumped all the way, and offerings empty sword cut in on it like a real ghost. (..) Black will not stop and, well aware that Zheng Lin, although he did not want to recklessly with the ancient gods Coach Wallets, but also had shot, unlimited avatar strike again, the mournful chant of demons also looked wanton singing forward. Demons Yin nine Yao God king can not resist, and even Iraq snow so powerful soul force repair is also good The demons Yin under soul jingchan, wind marks the ancient god is not completely defensive, though he know the sea has quality best soul defense artifact is the same feel dizzy, attack the underground passage opponent soul is sick. Wind marks the ancient god, after all, standing proudly spirit world myriad years old monster, and other ancient God, the monks existed when they are spirit world was born, is definitely a bad phase and the formidable figure. The ancient god of wind marks at the same time to avoid the black attack, overhead roared loudly, a son of the mighty sonic also from his mouth came up with, but still so many places at once at the same time the demons Yin, and wind marks the ancient god is this gap wielding their magic weapon. That magic styling is a bit strange, like a sickle UGG Montclair, like a two-edged moon scimitar soon as he was very excited, in the ancient wind marks God's divine perfusion, actually in the sky burst spinner. Occurrence of the scene amazed extreme Zheng Lin went on, that magic trails, the space completely split, turned around Cheng Lin avatar waist all cut off, followed by cracks swallowed into space. Zheng Lin quickly avatar are summoned back wind marks the ancient god is holding its own magic, rapid road actually started the exchange with the black. Qing Fen has been the ancient god of wind marks mostly from behind, and will not get rid of the wind marks the ancient God. Black ATK prevail, but since they can not keep up the speed of wind marks the ancient god, also can not hit people, can only follow the ancient god of the wind marks seem increasingly manic (The ancient god of wind marks posture constantly flashed from time to time to black then hit attack. Black beginning of thinking can dodge, in the end it is frequently wind marks the ancient god hit, the atmosphere is increasingly weak, innate magical powers should also be about to end. Zheng Lin, although it has also been launched yin and yang the town Lingjue attacks, but in the high-speed movement of the ancient god of wind marks, but he can not lock the target, most attacks fell empty at. Under a last resort, Zheng Lin try to launch tied to God network, but the wind marks the ancient but God has kept a certain distance with the black, due to high-speed action tied to God Zheng Lin no role. However Accessories UGGs, Zheng Lin observed after a long while, also found the ancient god of wind scar reason why the speed is so fast, because he was pregnant a more clever shenfa to always appear in most of the position, this seems amazing speed. Zheng Lin impossible in a short period of time see through people shenfa to the characteristics, but can also glimpse a trace of clues, these would have been sufficient, he will land into the wind in his judgment marks the location of the ancient god appears tied to God net. Sure enough, the ancient god of the wind marks really appear on the go, then they are tied to net over God, and closely follow the black hooded. Ancient god of wind marks the next big trouble, black attack immediately and to, at a time when he if full to attack tied to God net may be able to break open, but this short time enough black to give him a heavy blow. If he went against the attacks of the black, can not block the Leaving aside even blocked, if black attacks continued to issue, he will be caught in a bitter struggle, and it is estimated that it is no longer probable opportunity to break open tied to God net. Quick ponder hearts, wind marks God king or development effort tied to God to break open network, because his daughter behind Qing Fen simply did not have the strength to resist the attack tied to God net, if strangulation fear immediately his death. The ancient god of wind marks suddenly shouted the hands of a half like magic power and influence soared to really break open a tied Neurotechnology. However, no black offerings empty sword also hit the ancient god of the wind marks UGG Women's Ansley Shoes, it will be his one arm cut off. Qing Fen exclamation, but the wind seems to expect this result marks the ancient gods, and not too concerned about the speed again lift is killed over Zheng Lin (hunting magic card reading text). Cut off an arm, does not have the slightest impact on the Wind marks the ancient god of speed, he is still able to be a black behind them, he is around to Zheng Lin, in the hands of magic is also cross-cut over. Zheng Lin know and under wind marks the ancient god so perverted speed, he did not dodge, they simply refuse to hide UGG Classic Tall Stripe, is the town of demon tower block in front of their own. However, the ancient god of wind marks magic is too strong, it seems that over the quality of the town of demon tower, actually the town demon tower bombers to fly all the way, even the tower and had had a deep crack. Followed, the ancient god of the wind marks Dodge black chase again, as sleight generally a azimuth attack Zheng Lin. The Zheng Lin is no town of demon tower to resist life lock is Spirit, however, it is time to let life lock body to stand in front Zheng Lin, a note with the ancient god of wind marks a magic weapon recklessly. This recklessly, powerful life lock to the quality of the Guards did not let the disappointment Zheng Lin not only blocked the attack, let the wind marks the ancient God magic weapon covered with cracks. The wind scar cursed opponents magic weapon too much is too strong, a Heavenly Sword had enough Guards, actually jumped tap out a holy-level lock Bora. Life lock is spiritual side driven life lock ontology again Hongxiang wind marks the ancient God, while also bear the yin and yang town Lingjue with the attack. Cheng Lin wind can not lock marks the ancient god, was surprised to find that he was Hallows level lock treasure tightly locked. See they simply can not win the people, the ancient god of wind marks the hearts of a cross, thrown out of their hands magic. That magic has not yet come into contact with the life lock crashing burst open, powerful explosive power for Cheng Lin and black burst absence. Zheng Lin recovered, where there is wind marks the shadow of the ancient god that Qing Fen.

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