Ye Yun hey ran a smile

November 17 [Sat], 2012, 15:26
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultLife is not a movie ,because the film will always be living in some detail unlimited amplification and then reached shocking purpose .
But the movie also cannot truly make life described by the sentence ,how to say ,life is the most complex thing ,not any lens with words can describe it ,it looks very calm ,even a few years may not have any of the waves, but who can know ,in the calm situation UGG Lo Pro Denim Jacquard, to hide if be struck with fright brainstorming and mania .
Ye Yun these days will experience a life of the roller coaster ,the so-called world extreme project ,also can not tell him this several day encounters compared ,let those limits players to experience the days of his life ,the uncertain nervous breakdown ,this is of course not comparable ,Ye Yun just a little too fancy ,always cannot help but will happen over and over again before it out ,while Tang Ni and comfortable two girl showing off .
You were not seen ,I stood there and close the open ,David Cole the top marketing master to the stupefied ,he would strike the table without demur decided to restart my proposal ,you know that David Cole ,wow ,you really should have added the girl the knowledge ,even the gods do not know you, I give you details about his anecdotes ,guaranteed to make your eyes flashing I tell you ,that guy than what Hollywood blockbusters are to stimulate, what you say, I told him what I had just is ,will be ,want to tell you what to say .
.. ... Oh ,don pinch ,green green ,! Ye Yuntong Shu Xin beside bare teeth ,clutching his small mouth cackling laughter does not stop ,and Tang face filled with interesting expression, fair supple fingers are held Ye Yun waist soft flesh ,from time to time to one hundred and eighty degrees .
I had not found you and I so its side, I heard the ear to all too often, you will not be able to slightly down ,say now results in the end if neither know at once ,you are ahead of started celebrating ,Yun Yun ah ,how can you be like this, let me disappoint too ,in order to let you to recover from excitement ,I can only do this ,you slightly do ah ,soon enough ! Tang Ni sounds like greasy ,sweet glutinous rice wine ,but her delicate hand but let Ye Yun from sound have fallen into the pain of hell there ,hands and bow Road : good Nini ,I was wrong did not ,I guarantee that after all do not mention this matter, even if successful I will also maintain absolute calm and quiet ,I leaf cloud is what ah ,it was born under the red flag ,in the long process ,take small steps to meet a great young ,how can so withstood the test of capitalist sugar coated bullet ,this is very wrong cognition ,I want to go back any cool for a month ,you let me go ! Shu Xin heard that just can ,hold the waist will drop to the ground ,out of breath and said: Nini ,you don toss him UGG Boots Roxy Tall,then let him go on I would laugh at Chaqi past ,you just help me not ,never let him speak, I really can ! Tang Ni is also a simmer with laughter ,but it let go of Ye Yun waist soft flesh ,even hand gently rub ,close to Ye Yun said : this will let you ,if you dare speak to ,then don blame Gu two finger meditation does not recognize people ,I let you know what is called ! Ye Yun hey ran a smile ,will also be the mouth close to Tang Ni ,whispered whispered : I fear you are in bed makes me ,want to change a torture approach ,where I is really no defense ,and now I can see, Nini is actually a controlling woman, like in the above .
.. ... Tang Ni after hearing this show immediately opened wide ,squat to Ye Yun kick past : you have said, I will kill you ! Ye Yun laughed and jumped aside ,both hands akimbo to very fancy said : well, fun is over, today battle index is already very high ,and then down I you bear ,two beautiful women ,then we will go there ,this place is too small ,the day here and forth to toured ,if not to wait here ,I was ready to leave ! Shu Xin went and took Tang Ni ,two girls head together account for a long time, Tang Nicai cleared my throat and son : in view of this several day bad ,we decided to bring you this is not open intelligence people to learn ,today there is an old village Party ,is the organization of spontaneous ,Shu Xin and I have invited ,was not ready to take you ,but you look pitiful look like ,I will have pity on you come with us ,but draw up three chapters of law ,will go to my shame ,if discover a little fancy moves ,I will send you out ,and sleep five world bowl brush five days ! Ye Yun clutching his chest ,was indignant and said: punishment is no humanitarian spirit .
He pulled at the corners of the mouth with a smile : but I like ,what is also hesitant ,gogogo ! This fellow party set point at University of Cambridge ,in fact, every year there are similar to the party ,but the size of the problem ,and the party founder ,that home is rich ,so bear most of the cost ,the scale is big ,and the campus can contact .
Alumni to notice again, Shu Xin and Tang Ni is not a student at the University of Cambridge ,but because Shu Xin this time with Professor Ashley around reading ,it is also people to stare at ,and Shu Xin was still so namely ,there is no reason to let such a delicate little flower .
And that day Tang Ni was comfortable with and go shopping together, to send the invitation students see the two water level of beauty ,immediately decided to catch all in one draft ,students are very lonely ,this year to come to Cambridge ,it tall handsome Bai Fumei ,forehead ,wrong ,high rich who should be there, Shiratomi Mi is relatively scarce ,especially the beauty ,that thing than the prehistoric animal are rare, this group of guys living every day in the Jurassic ,almost lost my mind .
Tang Ni and Shu Xin get invitations to the party ,but also of some interest ,because before Ye Yun at the Academy of music made a scene ,so Tang Ni is at the school now is relatively isolated ,if not for Shu Xin to come along ,her daily life is very boring ,now is not easy to have the day, again together with their complete gave his beloved people, some time ago to see him frowning hung up appearance, Tang Ni was distressed not, thought is taking this opportunity to let leaf cloud relax .
Just did not expect ,Yun self healing ability so badly ,but the day did not see him from the decadent melancholy literature youth ,now turned into a showcase of funny young .But they have promised ,and also for a long time did not participate in this scale association party ,Tang Ni and Shu Xin want to have a look .
Rides the public bicycle came to the meeting place ,here has layout is the domestic festival like breath ,even with two teams wearing cheongsam Tang men and women standing in the doorway of the time ,Ye Yunsha has a kind of came to the immeasurably vast difference .
Tang Ni and Shu Xin show the cards ,the person at the gate is polite to let them in ,but Ye Yun have a look at his hands around here where ,completely is a town of just Chen Huansheng ,but his temperament is quite rise above the common herd ,so the door two is not how to make things difficult for him to let him go ,and the party was a party ,leaves with Tang Ni and Shu Xin in the clouds behind ,that he is a hundred-percent chinese .
Tang Ni and comfort in not long after ,began to have various characters come up ,but two if not just out of the cottage Girl movie ,meet up with extremely well ,neither against each other will not let their ugly ,but in Ye Yun ,this party is not the past that Babbitt .
Because the person is too much, even if there are family background ,also will be submerged in the vast sea of clouds ,leaves the heart is particularly don that in private party name actually is to build their own spheres of interest parties ,although this is now gathering normal ,but inside the school UGG Sunburst Tall,he still hopes to be able to keep the last bit of purity .
So Ye Yun in Tianfu University was known to the party ,he is the first student to those unfamiliar with the class ,also met Zhang Yayan one ,second is the cloud master now in Tianfu University also be considered a celebrity, really want to go to the party, it is subjected to the affirmation is criticism from different sides ,a pleasing envious hatred ,unless it is enough that he will find this uncomfortable Canada Goose Womens Hybridge Lite Vest.
At the party ,just fine, though many but still feel very warm ,because everybody comes in after no loud noisy ,but very conscious of lowered his voice around with talk . Really good this party ,is to eat things seem too less ,how the bread or bread ,even meat can not see .
Ye Yun went to the front at a long table ,placed above a variety of bread ,bitter face .Tang Ni followed Shu Xin on one eye ,by common consent of the said four words : the meat-eaters are vulgar Coach Wallets Outlet! Ye Yungang is prepared to refute ,the result is heard behind two ringing shout : boss ,it is really you .
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