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November 22 [Thu], 2012, 15:24

The first more on the first, at noon the second shift, needs to Favorites support. * * bubble! Book. It *. . Raymond has not know swallowed a total of how many innocent people every day this month in the Trial of the few dozens of head, many thousands of heads. In the final battle, Raymond actually day and night to kill the three days and nights before turning around from the ghosts of the group. Three days and nights to be beheaded how much head needlessly, Raymond did not know, he only knew that the light is swallowed complain force is to spend more than an hour and there are at least three tenths of resentment force is not enough time to devour, because he did not time. Disk remind him that there are two powerful abnormal breath are flying over Raymond apart from anything else, to discard remaining rich world complain force directly, Sword escape. Raymond now has become familiar with the disk spoke as unusually strong breath, needless to say, certainly Wraith level of existence. One the Wraith get it working, not to mention two. Did not need 'disk' tight reminders, Raymond anxious than anyone else. Behind two grieving seems to really want to make fun of live themselves, to actually leave greatly forces alone to catch up to speed is no better than Raymond slow. which the main idea, already reached the limits of flight speed actually suddenly almost a lot. But that kind of resistance to airflow in the sky, Raymond felt the skin of his face, almost generally fragmented. Fifty miles away that far from here, said the past is not nearly. Raymond in front of the mind to escape, the latter two covered with purple thunder and lightning Wraith did not relax, tightly bite in the back. And they seem angry, constantly came the roar Guijiao to sky. can give up to leave. hop, only a few thousand head Yuanhun not enough you stick to your teeth it, kid direct hit to go. disciples see looking in the hole at the gathered outside Yuanhun, waved his hand from time to time, a light has issued from their hands, and instantly be able to spike the dozens of head. Are they feel impatient when a terrible roar incoming their ears, Caroline Hill cave practicing disciples awakened anything, actually alerted Wraith kill to be here. The remaining four interior doors sons reveal their the Feijian his real name, actually are subordinate spiritual. However, as it is not their imagination roar over, those containment in the hole of the thousands of innocent people group actually crazy fly toward a Fang Xiangyun Bay. Your brothers, help ah. But no way, behind the two Wraith actually going to catch up with myself. it pledged to rescue, or go back and not only that winds will not easily let go of their own, and I am afraid of Elders also quite objections. Heard Raymond back disciples of all exterior doors are tight head out looking out. A golden light burst into the cave, only to hear a bang, Raymond uncontrollable physique severely hit the stone walls. However, the the two Wraith reaction speed is not slow, actually changes stature escaped the spirit sword attack. The five spiritual sword were recovered, five inner door disciple at the same time out of the cave, in a row, who released Road Transmigration repair. Five masters at once, the two Wraith would like to once again shot also temporarily back a few meters. Which is a very blunt and said: , you will have to pay a certain price. but we can not think of this trials you are actually long been withdrawn to the cave. surrender just guys, we would leave. ? actually went to two of our sites slaughter, beheaded seven million men, but we just practice off, I am afraid that his men will die more since we face, then we have no choice but offended. His words, the top five cents doors disciples looked silly that hit the coma past Raymond Raymond is a blood Fortunately von the Tianyuan timely plug many pieces healing medicine,Short UGGs, now basically had no Han. Actually this kid courageous to the point, went to the people the site up to arrogant, and beheaded seven million Yuanhun what digital,Patent UGG Boots. The total beheaded the Yuanhun of disciples over the years, each batch down trials during trials is not more than two thousand, this figure does not. Seven million figure, however, all of a sudden turned four times, it is no wonder that people all the way to kill. certainly want answers Please wait a period of time. you disrespect it. fact, I think the two should immediately return to son, or your site is dangerous Oh the two Wraith hear actually surprised a moment here and look at each other, hesitation actually really come open, but still left the sentence of hard words: they are just struggling with, you really want to get involved, both the outcome fifty-five number. wrinkled. Everyone watching Raymond deadpan open your eyes, stand up and climb,UGG Classic Tall Fancy Cheap, Bao Quan said: Enron also returned Tin Yat son, the old lady called me Tin Yat brothers can if I'm not mistaken, Lin Shidi the hands of the best sword should be a sea of ​​blood sword, but my wife personally refining, power of feeling how? Multi Xie Tianyi brothers say ashamed, brother inadequate repair, still can not play its twelve powerful, flower border Lianqi brothers manipulation, the power can be strong multiples. refining the best Feijian you used to escape with fear popular thirty feet Oh ha ha.
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