It is because the section chief chief executive

November 15 [Thu], 2012, 16:39
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultSnowwolf camp all commanders above the level of the senior generals all lined up to greet them, and Zheng Qian fathers and peak period and soul et al bowed ,will guide people to go for dinner .
( ) a walk, some of the atmosphere .It is because the section chief chief executive ,another reason is Huben group and snowwolf camp although reconciliation ,but after all, there was so much unpleasantness, two legion of people has not completely out of the shadows .
Some chieftains also found the situation ,but he did not say anything ,just a smile .Banquet banquet ,all are frequent toast ,atmosphere is relatively warm after some period of chieftains ,then took the opportunity to snowwolf camp classified as warrior regiment led the decided to speak out Canada Goose Kensington Parka.
Patriarch from soul is full of surprise face know a peak is not told the news section of the soul, but this does not matter ,decided things, must be implemented . A soul ,you are snowwolf camp boss ,what idea is there ? Some chieftains grinning soul road section .
A soul has ideological baggage, that . The chief of the fathers, we can use another way to compensate the knight regiment .The snowwolf camp under the knight regiment ,I here there is no problem, but the camp brothers ,certainly will wonder .
Some soul pulled his tens of thousands of people had a shield .Some chieftains smiled at the young man . Section of the soul, I know you snow wolf camp deep feelings, suddenly let you into Huben group leader ,thought to have .
But you thought not ,if Huben delegation is led by Zheng Qian ,this and the previous command ,what is the difference? ,and camp just a matter of expediency .And when snowwolf camp and Huben group are equal .
If the snowwolf camp under the warrior group ,then the brothers invisible will dwarf etc ,which will greatly affect the combat effectiveness . A soul wondering words road . Well ,you said these are not wrong .
However ,some soul ,snowwolf camp into warrior regiment go ,it would be .If you thought burden is too heavy ,can consider to appoint a manager .After all you with such a heavy thought burden ,is to knight regiment ,cooperation will increase a lot of trouble ,you say ? Some chieftains smiled at section of the soul, the meaning is very plain ,if you like, snowwolf battalion commander in chief position of substitution .
Duan Feng saw some chieftains as saying to the copies, surprised .It seems some chieftains to Zheng Qian attention far beyond his prediction .Section chief of peak that vision ,know to do so must have his reason patriarch .
A soul is young ,does not look at the meaning of this arrangement ,if this time period of soul temper ,real patriarch .Coach position, later stage a comeback ,it will be very big .Period of peak seeking so far ,to step forward , a soul ,not to the patriarch of apology .
For you have help big heads ,and restore your manager position .You can not live up to the expectations of your fathers . The soul would have some rough section of heart ,hear the period of peak so said ,suddenly woke up .
Segment to segment can be said to be the soul of the peak ,as of yet ,some peaks also nothing is wrong .A soul has adjusted their attitude, the long spit Zhuoqi ,toward the segment , please excuse me for the impiety of patriarch .
Oh ,good ,good to know ,know it well Louis Vuitton Bags.You have a good uncle ,as long as your heart is not so high ,your future is very bright . Group Changle ha ha said, then turned to the period of peak ,peak period ,the chiefs would not you help ah .
Ha-ha. Period of peak at .The chief see ,seems to section chief soul not to warrior group or some heart disease .Period of peak immediately and apologize, even said several sound not .
The thing you can so resolved, is best .Zheng Qian little brother, later I section snowwolf camp ,then could you take care of the . Some chieftains face a whole ,towards Zheng Qian pures colors .
Some chieftains will snowwolf camp even push with a plug to Zheng Qian ,Zheng Qian also felt like this is also conducive to the later two corps unified management .Two fight ,if not clear position Coach Tote Handbags,will have many disputes .
ll up its snout ,thanks to the chief good . Zheng Tao latent toast .Some chieftains also lifted the cup , today we have not drunk do not return . Well ,not drunk do not return .
Zheng latent holding glasses ,looked for a week .Accompanying the person as well as snowwolf camp all commanders above character ,have raised the glass . In order to knight regiment and snowwolf camp has since become a ,,we do this cup .
Zheng Qian offered to road . Oh ,little brother really straight talk from an honest man ,come, together we drink this cup UGG Ultra Tall,previous grudges cancel once for all .After all I snowwolf camp followers, all must obey tiger Ben troupe and Zheng Qian little brother arrangement ,you hear? Some chieftains loudly said .
Hear ,Jinzun clan education ! Snowwolf camp all the executives answered in unison . Stem ! Stem ! A head ,Zheng Qian will be a full glass of wine a clean light ,the cup mouth down ,do not drop a drop of wine .
Some chieftains also gulped ,doing a Zheng Qian and the same action .Period of peak drinking wine ,end empty cups look young and old .Some chieftains of Zheng Qian was not at all is an elder to younger attitude ,this period of peak to see clearly .
Family patriarch is a rare talent ,impossible it is without rhyme or reason. So valued Zheng latent ,must already know what Zheng Qian bottom ,so will Zheng Qian as an equal of people .
This treatment is even some peaks are not . ,you must be careful in the . Duan Feng except Duan soul ear whispered , ,you should be able to see .Even if you have a problem with Zheng Qian ,also want to keep .
Or said to me ,do not make decision without authorization ,and out of trouble ,remember ! Know ,uncle . Some soul holding the glass is empty, the wine he can drink clean .This meal banquet ,for a very long time .
Knight regiment and snowwolf camp all, drink to the last ,he put together a to .Zheng Qian also joined a competition ,I pulled the occasion ,period of clan grew up drink drink .Some chieftains have so long a good drink ,and to be deliberately wanted to give Zheng Qian a good impression, also spelled a jealous heart .
Wine with a cylinder and a cylinder ,tired to move wine soldiers . What are these people do it ,so can drink ? The soldiers moving wine was not eligible to join to the high ranks, but constantly from wine put through ,have a little tipsy .
A drink ,by the afternoon straight drink to sunset ,made a camp fire ,and all Zheng Qian was then drink .All women with to see men fight wine is not a thing ,will go ahead of the rest to rest .
Keep these men continued to shout you could stop .One by one they drank it, finally leaving only Zheng Qian chief two also sat push cup change lamp . Good ,ha ha ha ,good ! Zheng latent opens his wishful snake scales ,flat chest ,domineering exposed .
Some chieftains smile ,when he really picked up Zheng Qian ,it is an intermediate in the PA .An intermediate PA cases can create a space ,this is not what miracles ? drink ! Zheng Qian and the cup holding period ,toward the chieftains ,his eyes have some red, say some not good .
Drink !Today we must drink a race . Some chieftains laughs ,but suddenly felt the wine upwelling ,mouth is a puff of thick wine . Ha ha ,you are drunk . Zheng Qian looked up ,and took a long swallow of wine .
I ,you drunk . Some chieftains ,picked up the glass ,also pouring down . I don you not drunk !You see my this is a few Bailey Button Krinkle UGG Boot? Zheng Qian held out two fingers ,in the segment chief waving .
It is not clear ?The course is four . Some chieftains tract . Ha ha ,ha ha ha ,I say you are drunk . Zheng Qian laughed . Not four ? Duan chief Zheng Qian ,also took a long drink .
Of course not four .How likely is it four ?This is clearly three ! Zheng Qian is a crooked body ,had a collapsed .For a long time to earn earn up ,out of the two fingers are holding up ,to show that the segment really drunk .
Impossible ,clearly is four ,you say is a three ,you are drunk ,can . Some chieftains back down, trying to pour wine into his mouth ,drop a to . My fingers I don ? Zheng Qian shakes him out two fingers .
He and some chieftains distance is not far away ,so he wants to go to the section side ,put your finger into his eyes .Zheng latent contorted to go forward ,but also how to walk some chieftains side ,did not go far ,was at the foot of a retaining body lying roar ,threw himself on the ground, couldn .
Wrong ,I was wrong ... ... Zheng Qian is more and more low ,as he lay on the ground ,extending two fingers ,fast asleep .Some chieftains moving under the move to make up, earn half ,then fell back again .
Holding the cup from his palm out ,on the ground rolled away ,gave a clear voice .A night of drinking ,but several withdraw woman ,Zheng Qian and knight regiment ,Duan patriarch and snowwolf camp ,killed ,the whole army was wiped out .
The night the soldiers to help these people up ,only stood afar off ,in the darkness of night ,like a stump as nails on the ground ,to protect the men .This night, knight regiment and snowwolf camp with two armies ,corps is zoned and rule will become Winterfell history .
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