think there any way this thing can do best

November 19 [Mon], 2012, 12:53

Woods looked Ya-nag to invite He Yujia when she is a bit upset, perhaps such a thing for her is a blow! But had to do so, as they said, even if no transaction is the same To help do so, and now regret Ye Linlin outset it should be blocked, but not as do. Chen, do you think there any way this thing can do best. He Yujia coming Chen Ya or to foot stepped forward to shake hands before, after all, he is the host family is off Well! He Yujia directly said to sit down: the fish will bring a lot of trouble. then again, He Yujia put this thing to think too simple, did not think about own difficulties. Woods then stabilize Maradona's emotions, and then said: . A pedestrian to the control room, called security next to each graph to open. Nag watching the entire monitoring graph to think Ya-time and again asked the reason for his money Canada Goose Mens Langford, and when their own can not see the money in the end spent so questioned UGG Women's Over Knee Twisted, no sound really is little doubt ah! Because flowers that value. Woods is also know Ya-personally supervised wherever he goes Monitoring will do well, but did not think this would do good. Chen Ya really is a character in this regard, ah! They want to build the full SH top wherever he goes now with confidence ah UGG Neumel Short On Sale! Chen Ya hold the line that felt much more uncertain clear hearts blueprint. Few people saw some time in the control room is basically determined photographed by 22 people, and they are all male. He Yujia watching are male, that laugh again erupted really is easy to handle, originally thought women do! Not, and that is to get rid of the worry seems to have confidence in this thing to run within an hour. Really looked at in the laugh that He Yujia nag really want to go up and pumping her slap, what is this ah! Then asked: smile Since all men, then I think the thing that is easy to handle, because did not the woman thing is very simple. The woods then nag as saying: people. He Yujia looked finished after Chen Ya, this woman had heard, but not seen UGG Ultimate Short Boots, seen today, is also beautiful and Leng look full of hostility coming from their own, although the handshake than legendary , but not the kind of warm hot hand inside feeling. . But that is unable to control, such as yourself saying these things behind Needless to say, amicable. words, then looked at her ugg boots factory. Chen Ya after a period of time, as the front He Yujia said: woman confrontation down the meaning of it! Were two dialogue that is put inside the monitoring personnel plus woods and nag all ignored, as they left the two women, two women in a drama really! Woods mom free watched this two is not a simple woman dealing play. Chen Ya deep breath and said: back, walking down the catwalk in fact, is to attract the eye of those men, and then play a game that is holding a box call those men to pay up the phone, and then you come out from the inside two, enter their number, remember , believe that in order to make those men on the spot should open up the phone. wherever he goes I think we do not open up. to do the best that is, if there is a person to take the lead, it must cause an uproar. He Yujia laugh when it comes to this, and then said: held the thigh. only when the presumption that it is your own luck, I believe the phone to you, in fact, it does not matter what that is, because it is only a woman's picture, relative to his side to get a woman, if you are a man, then how to choose it? He Yujia was regarded as almost invincible said, and the discourse that a poison ah! Chen Ya finally asked the aftermath of the post-work that relates to their own privacy and life Canada Goose Mystique Parka Cheap. The last program, there is really the end. At that time really is a tough one. your Chen that is busy busy, there is, according to my report, now basically no one side only allowed into a not allowed out but there are a few, but be advised back and saw on the screen? front door, as well, and you also need a good rest carnival, sweep some of the shadows of the past few days! nag, employees do not recognize you, you sad! you should call them know your boss. Woods front of the old horse whisper said: this woman is a gas, but less an opponent that is pleased it ah! Are thinking of this woman Shashi Hou invincible.

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