Xuanyuan held in the hand

November 14 [Wed], 2012, 12:52
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 535th chapter two Gong Xuanyuan Wenyan is very excited ,he naturally understand the sky copper is almost eternal existence ,otherwise ,will not be the sky ,there inevitably there are secrets of eternity ,and it has its own Modawei ,immediately ,he immediately that a sky copper took out - the sky copper have fist size ,very mysterious ,does not seem surprising places ,feels is very common ,if not a well-informed person ,could not recognize this is the legend of sky copper ,Xuanyuan held in the hand ,very light ,but its flavor ,but give Xuanyuan an indescribable thick and long ,this is after many years and immortal breath ,Xuanyuan knows ,wait until the day their potential for the ability to upgrade to life potential fairy realm ,it could from the block sky copper inside to see more of the story UGG Adirondack Tall.
Regulus eyes closed ,ideas easily, since the British soul ,seabed round sea flushs, the emperor bells ,100 Tianjiao show out ,huge hero gas as the vast sea swept the ripples, they in the heroic sea carrier floating all over the sky ,Xianhua ,this a sky copper atmosphere is calm ,very peaceful ,it slowly into the body ,finally sank in Regulus English soul of round of the seabed ,repression of all .
Since the sea round, not because the sky copper integration and produce what kind of change ,everything is attributed to calm UGG Greenfield. Dead old man ,how the matter , the sky copper without a little bit of reflection? Haramoto for the to give the benefits of their own or some expectation.
Otherwise you also want how, will sky copper hidden in your English soul ,day and night are you soul tempered after baptism ,you can know the benefits, the great to get this phagocytic sky deity ,but have no chance of getting ,you get a piece of the meet according to the phagocytosis of emperor , said, if such a sacred into their soul ,so his soul forever ,although not true or false ,but he wanted to try no chance, but want to be sky copper completely into his own soul ,it is very not easy thing ,why it was to take the sky copper in this space ?If there is no sky copper in here, I one huge space would collapse shattered .
Greedy old man rudely white Regulus a look, then look to the universal bag continued: kid ,I ,see there is no other thing ,it was the universe , found sky copper was found to have no need ,gave their the great heart ,just leave the sky copper ,are you alive to your stool should ,if swallow God in the words ,not to argue with you head blood flow can not be broken ,the forces of know ,I look at them one by one to hit his head ,you boys take it easy ,to be known as the sky you have copper I guess the secret organization will try every means to find you ! Regulus hey laugh ,in the vast expanse of the universal bag .
To continue, in the universal bag ,as if like an internal world ,very broad ,with mountains and rivers ,sea lake ,there are palaces in the Moon Palace ,houses ,what has, in addition to life !Here mountains and rivers without the slightest Reiki ,even seemed to be decayed into nothingness ,river sea lakes have become dry ,all kinds of fish bones stacked beast ,throughout all the land of bones ,lose one ,palaces in the Moon Palace ,houses all rotten dilapidated ,only a vast palace suspended in mid-air ,mighty like heaven ,it exudes boundless light ,shining on the universal bag world ,like a round of the eternal sun .
In the palace of a plaque ,writing three stunning nine day ten characters , Qiankun Palace ,which is universe , living place ! Qiankun Palace momentum, Teng in the sky ,and there seems to be a universal bag can not be separated from the support, Qiankun Palace surface interweaving lines ,spewing massive Qiankun gas .
Xuanyuan looked at Qiankun palace , he gasped : actually henselae are natural stone to build from the Universe Palace ,the natural stone than white stone are precious ,it seems the ancient emperor and the ancient sages difference is great .
Ha ha ,kid ,into the Qiankun Palace ,which contains a lot of absolute treasure ,the real treasure ,must be in the Qiankun Palace ,with Qiankun Palace surface texture ,the inside, will not decay ,there is treasure ah ,very good .
Greedy old man laughed ,originally in the universal bag inside to see ,except the sky copper ,the other with one of things that are not ,and now all of a sudden jump out of a Qiankun Palace ,is a dense willow trees and bright flowers ,have a baby can be taken .
Xuanyuan Wenyan ,also made her heart easily, but he did not enter the universal bag ,also can only stare at the a magnificent Qiankun Palace . Dead old man ,you go universal bag inside look, since you want to get the treasure inside .
Regulus bluffed greedy old man, greedy old man turned up eyes, he also some timid ,paused, said: do not , Qiankun Palace in such a place, a person may not be great in ,as if anyone dares to attack phagocytosis house cents words ,will die without the burial the great man ,unless it is held when the device moves phagocytosis ,Sally house was also able to escape safely , Emperor phagocytosis phagocytosis in house cents spent a great deal of thought , universe , must universe in his palace left many means ,this dangerous thing let swallow Emperor come ,he knows that there is good ,will be able to disregard one ! The greedy old man want to strangle ,early know so dare to go there yourself Qiankun Palace ,two to Qiankun Palace don bring any thought ,just hope to be able to Qiankun Palace looking outside can not find out what kind of good stuff .
Unfortunately ,two people search for most of the day, in addition to the dry rivers and lakes ,decadent no aura of mountains and rivers, no other ,had dug three feet . It not anything else ,forget it ,can have a sky copper ,you should meet .
Greedy old man said very deserve it . I have been very satisfied ,huh? Dead old man ,have you felt that there is a very strong life swings ?It moves in ! Regulus was ,suddenly feel what .
Like ,kid ,quickly closed universal bag ,there must be alive a horrible existence ,God, will not be universe , said the mounts, the universe , horse is a beast ,terrible ,in that battle ,plays a great role , it will win and it has the very big relations ,beast ah ,is to swallow God as often live a million years of existence .
.. ... Greedy old man was scared some shudder with fear ,Regulus demur did not say ,directly put the universal bag to shut down ,away ,his eyes can crazily jump, curse : not ?The death of emperor PigHead can live so long? Nonsense ,beast ,you know what animal ?Dragon in the world the first time there ,it will be able to live so long Coach 2012 Bags,you know it immortal beast only, not to mention the animal ,the animal is very mysterious ,unusual people can not control ,even some of the great figures of the animal incarnation is ,so far ,few people seeing all of the animal, the animal in the thirty-six charts ,in addition to the ancient emperor ,Ko No sage ,may also have seen a part ,without the other saw .
Greedy old man with a sound ,he is the spirit ,been the subject of numerous world Reiki nourishment ,and respective world road transport ,although growth is very slow, but life is also very long ,this is also the reason why the phagocytosis of the great desperate to keep them under two and the body extremely difficult to find ,in time ,he is not sure to find the other one and the ,because a person even worse, can not escape the shackles long live ,not live III, III is over, everything will change as the decadent ,as well as save corrupt Emperor and swallow God ,this will be his heritage continue possibility will be larger .
Regulus was with one ,suddenly want to have a universal bag to throw away this impulse ,if inside the beast which day bag breaking and figure out how to do? It will die very miserably ? ,you must not take this universal bag lost ,until later you reach a certain strength ,also may not can not enter Qiankun Palace ,and inside the countless treasure ,can provide you income ,hope Qiankun Emperor not for God and his practice of all in this Qiankun Palace inside .
Greedy old man that exciting ,more fun ,Regulus heart itch ,hate not horse went Qiankun Palace to those who treasure all for coming out .But Xuanyuan knows ,now want more is redundant ,he stood up ,stretching Timberland Womens Roll Top For Cheap,a piece of fried beans ,such as voice ,Tsing Yi has left ,he has practiced here long enough, Xuanyuan looked at this stage ,his practice had many pure source of hope ,no see no know ,look frighten jump ,in Xuanyuan to fight the ring inside of less than thirty thousand kg pure source of hope ,that Xuanyuan could not help some of toothache .
, and the are really a chowhound ... ... Xuanyuan also resigned Timberland Earthkeepers Cupsole Chukka,and now one thing is very important, it is looking for Hua Xia Liu accounts ,this guy loyalty ,loyalty overslept .
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