Chen Manling eyes virtual squint

November 20 [Tue], 2012, 10:26
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title UGG Wedding Collection On Sale, relationresultTags: ugg classic boots sale, relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 281st chapter the evildoer class talent at this time, just listen to the sound of Chen Manling Johnson said: a brother, the black m é ngsurface since hides traces ,no evidence available, you get angry or not .
M ígroup 4for six .0 5 but Anju Xuesha cases act recklessly and care for nobody to violations of the spirit monk States ,also dare to attack me deadly disciple ,the matter cannot be not prevented .
Yes ,I was the Star League outside the industry suffered frequent attacks ,and Xuesha were related ,it is not what a coincidence ,remind m é non the matter seriously . Chen Manling said his say, but pierce to the heart of the matter .
Zhang monk nodded: well ,Chen Shimei said well ,Anju Xuesha violation spirit state, attacked me Star Alliance disciple ,according to X ì ng appears to bevery strong, it does not seem easy ,go back have to report ,must make the case of M é nattention .
.. ... Chen Manyun echoed a sentence ,followed by eye B ō move,look to Shen Qing : Shen nephew ,I was on the road to ,had met a few surviving disciple ,listen to the few disciples said ,there was an older and very light with m é nsaved them, described in appearance ,age ,and clothing ,and you are somewhat similar ,do not know is it right? You came to the rescue ? Shen Qing was slightly started : uncle returned ,disciple was saved with m é n,however ,do not know be encountered that survived few disciples whether what I save ? This is not sure, right, who together with you the disciple is how to return a responsibility ?I see the peak student has ,and how to be together with you ? Oh ,those with m é n arevoluntary and his team ,and disciples in the breakthrough ,he rescued .
Are you saved ?I have generally read ,have more than 40 people, is that all you out ? Chen Manling questioning eyes ,pan is a colorful ,even the name friars and two other friars would build the base ,l ùsèasurprise .
Through their own efforts to save so many Star Alliance disciple ,the strength not to mention ,this merit is big go .Shen Qing note the presence of building base ,face ,heart beat ,nodded : ,is really his rescue ,in fact ,that there are some with m é ntogether with me to stand out from the valley ,only to later have a part of the same m é n bicycleteam left ,the rest are brother and son the team ,also followed the disciple .
Shen Qing previously described at the time, and did not mention one out of many of the same m é n one thing,he saw Chen Shishu mention active phase to ask ,it is what his mind ,this saved with m é nwork ,have rich reward ,without adding the trimmings ,just to say line .
This is serious ? Chen Manling eye l ùsurpriseasked, she listened to it ,this kid is not saved more than 40 with m é n.Chen Manling eye l ùsurprise,Zhang monk and two other friars is eye l ù surprise,the boy rescued more than the m é nthing is confirmed ,this is great credit to ah .
Shen Qing said : can talk ,teacher, if do not believe ,can summon disciple rescued those with m é ncame to question . Chen Manling eye B ōmerrilylaughed softly : Shen nephew ,you don ,I also will ask ,for I determined, will be reported in M é n.
Well ,you can kill more than Xuesha religious monks ,if coupled with the assistance and m é nthing is really determined ,is two pieces of work ,and you are my Piaomiao peak disciple ,but give me a rose face Piaomiao peak .
.. UGG Adirondack... Chen Manling and Yan Yan . The tone ,shows a trace of pride ,and not only so ,also be showing off at present three to build the base ,at a glance ,misty peaks in the case of M é n has always beenweak Sunburst Tall UGG Boots,this face-saving thing ,that is not to show off .
Zhang monk and another two to build the base ,which didns intention to show off ,three each to look, CH ú nangle to a wry smile .You know, with Shen Qing together ,there is no lack of the three monks belonged to build the base peak disciples, when it is really ,this not only Piaomiao peak popularity Sheng ,the favors owed ,think claim by force Piaomiao peak beauty NV repair as sh ì concubineDing furnace ,the face is not good to pull down .
Of course ,just follow Shen Qing disciple is up to more than 40, this still does not include to follow him out and separated from the disciples .Save the number of so many ,Chen Manling and Zhang ,et al.
Consider carefully . Chen Shimei ,to don jump to conclusions ,the Shen nephew who is really false ,or go with the team and his disciple confirm . Zhang monk is intended to warn of acid .
That right .Chen Manling doesn worry about Shen Qing Maogong .Immediately Chen Manling and Zhang monk of Shen Qing first stepped down after one one ,with more than 10 summoned by Shen Qing to save his .
After a careful inquiry ,ultimately ,Chen Manling four monks not only determine the Shen Qing assistance with m é ndo not false ,is roughly know Shen Qing personally by the disciple should save up to 100 .
Moreover, Chen Manling and Zhang monk four also learned that ,last exit out of valley ,and Shen Qing and another practice Dzogchen master for gas rushes to the front, but the two disciples boldly in front ,fought his way out ,n ò ng not good,stuck in the valley suffered before and after the attack one of the disciples ,all have fallen may .
Get this amazing results ,although Chen Manling is pleasantly surprised ,and Zhang monk and two other friars is to build the base being at a loss what to do ,now ,three hearts are flashed an idea ,has always been the weak Piaomiao peak out of an evildoer class talent !You know, in Zhang monk et al this is called Shen Qing young disciples ,but only seven layers of practice training ,not only can kill more than 20 to the same order of friars ,also rescued with m é ndisciple hundreds more visible ,its strength is how metamorphosis .
While the concept of the age ,not yet sixteen years old ,is more a hundred times ,this kid is actually miscellaneous spirit root qualification ,not your class what is genius ?... ... .
.. ... In a room filled with light fragrance of D ò ngcave ,Chen Manling lazy leaning on a soft bed ,beautiful eyes half-closed eyes ,m í,occasionally also sent bursts of pleasure moan y í nsound .
Now ,that Chen Junliang was in the soft couch ,gentle massage her slender beauty Tu ì Ji,his hands toward her naturally or half unconsciously between double Tu ì Jiwonderful uplift movement .
When Chen Junliang missed will touch the Y ò uhidden place ,just listen to the sound of Chen Manling greasy greasy gas said : well ,well, my nephew ,is it here, you can go on ...
... Double Tu ì Ji. Said, gently ,broke away from Chen Junliang not honest hand . Aunt ,you don do ... ... The God of Chen Junliang s è surprised,in accordance with the previous habit ,massage to here ,this beautiful aunt should send L à ngis .
Aunt, I would like to, just ... ... Hee hee ,.You ? Chen Manling M í humaneyes squinted his eyes ,with ridicule ,satire meaning is not to cover up .Chen Junliang listened to ,s èbecamepale ,eyes the beauty aunt erotic y ò u people,the following are really has no reaction .
Obviously ,these years he lived by night ,very life ,let him in Yuanyang had been emptied .But ,in the face of Chen Manling Chen Junliang satire ,but not there is discontent ,but also l ù s èaflattering : aunt ,my nephew can use this .
.. ... . said Chen Junliang ,stick out your tongue Ti ǎ nTi ǎ nmouth ch ú n,now can use, and only that he is a very flexible tongue . Forget it ,you ah ,every time n ò ngi suspended in midair ,is not n ò ng.
.. ... Well, I ,you go on ... ... . Chen Manling yawned ,a pair of interest lack kind .Chen Manling went down the order for guests to leave UGG Short Sparkles Boots,Chen Junliang did not dare to love her forever, he too clear this beauty aunt temper ,really annoyed her ,I get more than one bargained for .
In Chen Junliang not up went to the D ò ngcave exit ,heard Chen Manling said : and so on ... ... Chen Junliang was a joy ,quickly ran up the return to a soft couch ,doing his best to hold his apologetic : ,you still reluctant nephew which .
.. ... Chen Manling got angry white at him : don you think ,I have something to tell you, that Shen Qing guy ,you don mess with him later ... ... Sorry. Chen Junliang was first a stay ,with a face anxiously : ,you promised me ,will bring the boy to give up ? Chen Manling gently sigh: Alas ,circumstances alter cases.
,Shen kid in M é nmade a great merit ,for I Piaomiao peak pulse Rose Facial ,I Piaomiao peak draw a talented person, aunt I not to have the heart, forget it ,or let him go ... .
.. ? Chen Junliang eye l ùhate: ,the boy nephew demons ,he one day die, my nephew this fear is not a breakthrough to build the base !No way. Can not let him ! You don let go off ? Chen Manling eyes virtual squint, with a slight cold ,cold voice: when this is not my aunt want to say to you, would you now look like this also want to build the base ?These years, Piaomiao peak in the NV disciple was you plagued many, hum !Put the L à ngbody ,satisfying sound s è,should not look at you is my own nephew ,can let you live now !My heart and I have decided ,Shen kid can ,so be it ,you can roll ! Chen Manling came out, Chen Junliang s è change,not by urgent sound said : aunt -- roll ! Jun Liang stayed ,he never thought of its own this pro aunt will mercilessly let roll !Chen Manling saw his face pale God s ès è,dull ,recall Shen Qingna Zhang Qingxiu but calmly face the face ,than the person, is really exasperating .
His nephew Chen Manling on the gratuitous a disgust, one do not want to see ,can Han said : how ?My words you hear is ?Don go away ! Chen Junliang wakes up to God ,and then touched her cold colder eyes ,and my heart is a surprise ,her aunt is not good the stubble ,and lingered, n ò ng not goodis it .
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