There five years ago on demolition

November 21 [Wed], 2012, 12:51

Life a hundred years is not long, but really be able to live to be a hundred years old and how much of it! Think about 24 years, a fifth of a century, so sleepwalk had finished. Former youth in wanton squandering Who in thinking about the future, young too frivolous. People, ah! Always through a period of years to go after thinking about that for some years which is not really wrong, just difficult to regret selling this world. The age of eighteen years of age and perhaps a school Mini Bailey Button UGG Boot, but any day is no longer become attached to the way and the book, because reading time has been squandered by his spotless, and today only those new textbooks to accompany himself. Receive a graduation certificate the day is alone in a back, back in his bedroom, facing the empty wall in a daze, the summer do not have money to go out to play to accompany their three years of the new textbooks, as well as those who turned off all of the page processing clean, in exchange for a few steel Beng, and then go out and splurge. Think of that time really is crazy ah! Casually looking through what are gone. Remember the day do not know what nerve cramps, suddenly got up and ran to the living room facing the parents sit there and eat, said: not wasting my dime to let you splurge, or which side to cool side of myself go! Do not affect my mood. These words have more than once said of his own son that does not live up to expectations. Any day after did not say anything, maybe their own parents heart hurt the deepest it! Wander in the streets in October, when it is seen filled with the liquid crystal display in the broadcast conscription advertising, a live broadcast from the Nansha Islands to the Ussuri River UGG Patent, everywhere olive green. December when the city's railway station platforms, a new recruit under accompanied by parents, in a tearful Want waved goodbye here. So leave their city life 18 years, looking at the city's debauchery afar must not miss it! Xinjiang legend that if the day does not occur terrorist attacks Earth reverse any days or times to. Refrained lonely lonely, endure the endless sand. Six years living in the barracks has been gradually adapt to, and even the weather here can gradually adapt. Hard training with itself on the physical, making him into a national company, tasks performed where life and death. Homesick at that time, do not want to send a letter back, but can not send a letter to go in there. Used to perform a task when that city after its own, but only see about, because they were all fly. At that time in the high altitude looking down, do not know their parents are doing it! They must still resentment own useless son! Originally, any days thinking into this company for this company fighting life, but the things of this world is always so unpredictable. But the result is still the same North Face Denali Fleece Hoodie, and dishonorably discharged. Any day believe in yourself, on where you are in my mind the best soldiers, go back, good to find a job, and stability over the life! People in my entire life the only way. left any day that their lives six circles. Train gradually by the station, any days away thoughts, looking at the windows outside the building, six changes in this world really is a big ah! Looked at my own hands the ticket, the next stop is used to live 18 years, the city, I do not know that city should look like, it is estimated that it should be very beautiful! At least not six years ago to leave when the broken kind. Looked up and goes on with a smile on the face of her long really like his sister! Just do not know her now how. Should be well now! Own words if it is not because his own father once said that home should be a re-OK, but the house, six years, he left six years, that home should be beautiful right! Train slowly out of the site, and then there is an hour from the city, do not know what is! Out of the station at the time of any day almost did not recognize that their lives 18 years of the city, but for the magnificent railway station above a few characters, really thought wrong city! Master to ASP floor, how much money there. know. That place! Brothers for a long time did not come back now UGG Classic Tall For Cheap! There five years ago on demolition, textile mills closed down, the moon district, on the train driver or know before the Second Light Industry Bureau textile mills, after all, state-owned enterprises The any day sat up, did not say what Lakaichemen or first take a look at the past to talk about it! If it can not find their home even if the bar! Anyway, he originally did not intend to be in this city how long. To destination and get off paid any day standing in front of dozens of buildings residential buildings, thinking originally paradise! How just a few years, all on the marshes it! Want to go to find what memory about memories, now that I think had to give up the idea. Really do not know how to find their own home, even their own family can not find Do not even talk to find what elderly tenants who neighbors ask. Think also do not have any way to put the parcel on the ground, sitting up and lit a cigarette smoke. Six years before those pregnant problems basically refining completely in that melting pot inside, but the smoke did not lose that environment may be forced to it! Looked the ground gradually gathered butts and empty smoke a pack or leave it! So wait, is not the way, ah! Or find a place to rest your feet again, and so tomorrow to find a police station near to ask the situation, there should be a file of their own home. Lightly on the roadside a hostel stay, went out to get something to eat Luggage What's placement. Did not eat in the train on the past two days and two nights, days and nights did not eat in the previous training is a common thing. But any day now no longer a soldier holding the special forces of the micro-punch, and now he is just an ordinary can not be an ordinary person. Footsteps stopped before a big stall, because six years ago saw his favorite board, just do not know that six years ago, the taste of today can eat it? A bowl of, when they came up to smell six years ago, the same flavor, it is estimated that should not be how they change. Eat mouth feeling how you want to cry! This seems familiar feeling wronged by six years of absorption. As if to say: In six years, and this feeling never before, the moment let the tears drunk with flour! The meal is the lanterns, the city's night sky, it's beautiful, beautiful people cry. Not in the mood to enjoy the scenery here, any day now just want to go back to sleep, good stamina to supplement the back. A small paid their money to stay in the next will be returned to the guest house, carry a bottle of water back to his room from the doorway. Days lying in bed after a bath either did not sleep, thinking about eventually own or back, and back. Cumin, the traces only more years left on his body and identity card age increase year after year, the rest of the money UGG Sparkles I Do On Sale. These years to perform tasks reward money plus six allowances, as well as a few days ago one-time money given should add up to $ 300,000 per bar! Actually, this figure without any attractive on their own, but now is different, you have to go look at it, and now into the community, you are only thinking about it. how to face it! Six years time do not know their own views to change. So in contradiction to sleep, the dream is still the father the scolding and mother of sigh, there is a young girl crying. Woke up the next day, when looked wet pillows, think that should be their own tears! When tears began to dream. Looked at the watch, already half past eight, did not expect to sleep to sleep a long time. Up with the poor quality toothbrush, brush your teeth, then wash the face with their own towels. All get to go help desk to ask when check-out, not that time they were still outside the act, the room here to time, people lost your luggage out. The determine is half past five in the afternoon, any day can rest assured to find home, it should be easy to find it! August 14th comprehension to open new service Latest version, the latest play! The super invincible novice card issuing, together with the Great God comprehension it!

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