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September 28 [Fri], 2012, 12:27
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title Timberland 8 Inch Boots Sale, relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult127 forest Ruoxi very glad to hear that ,what she doesn ,he can start ?The car is also launched the people? Or that he didn he is.
?Had a proud woman immediately to temper ,cold sing one track: give you a key ,see how you start said Bentley the keys into Yang Chen Yang Chen very naturally took the hands ,as if in the hands of the key does not represent a value of millions of cars ,just ordinary but the three open the driver Michael Kors Hot Sale Handbag,Yang Chen inside front cover button pressed ,let the automobile front cover off Lin Ruoxi see Yang Chen this action ,some doubts and wonder , you .
.. ... You on my car ? Yang Chenbai eyes on her ,the woman seems not very clever ,said : do ,car of course is to check and repair .you know this car ? Although the forest Ruoxi not very proficient mechanical vehicle ,but I also know oneself love car belongs to what grade ,this guy didn even own car ,she is in any case not believe Yang Chen would know how to fix the limousine Yang Chen ignored her ,leaned in Bentley car engine have a look at site of left ,and ,on a peripheral component, think carefully, said : is it right? A car engine start off ? Lin Ruoxi thought, is indeed the case ,then nodded you today, is it right? Just with gasoline ? Lin Ruoxi was somewhat unusual, he didn start a car ,how to know the car ,but ,how did he know this morning she added gasoline ? You .
.. ... How do you know ? You must add the past with different gas station oil ? Yang Chen asked Lin Ruoxi this time some really not willing to believe that ,Yang Chenzhen understand the car, because she is afraid of not meeting this morning and went to a close but did not have been to the gas station .
.. ... God, is he is selling mutton string ,previously served as a fixer ?Lin Ruoxi head naively think Yang Chenshu tone, is to find the cause ,said: this car for gasoline requirements are relatively high ,today you add oil should be alcohol content is high, so the engine cannot start an English car, especially the fragile car particularly susceptible to this strange question Timberland Womens 8 Inch,if is the car but not that is to say ,the car did not bad ,the problem is gasoline ? Lin Ruoxi is also understand Yang Chen nodded , well ,eat with you don something ,losing his temper .
that Lin Ruoxi tried not to laugh ,but thought that two people are still nervous phase ,immediately convergence very indifferent smile ,nod , see, I will tomorrow call processing ,now home take the lead in Chao Yang Chen parking direction on Yang Chen ,forest Ruoxi began to sit square ,not a word, Yang Chen have used to this woman ,like driving a car when came to the ring at the high time to red light ,a car engine roaring gray Martha Lahti GT parked in the car next to Yang Chen ,the car was a handsome young man with dark glasses ,wearing a red shirt open pattern ,when he saw the side was a white BMW M3, paused ,then see the half-opened window forest Ruoxi almost perfect face ,eyes flashed a remember the first time naked man Road ,BMW should be a toy boy ,how to look at the picture looked like a rich man ,but with a woman looks gap is too big, felt disdain At the same time ,revealing himself very beautiful smile ,roll down the window and shouted: open Bentley brothers ,to match a ? Light time for nearly two minutes ,boring, Yang Chen glanced at him, good ? Around the city ,until third under high end junction is ,if you win, get off give you twenty thousand ,if you lose, the lady will have tonight to have a drink with me.
said the man ,evil evil spirit to one look at Lin Ruoxi forest Ruoxi frowned ,Chong Yang Chen gently shook his head ,she became subject to a variety of ambiguous cues have more completely numb ,not speaking to Yang Chen is slightly after a thought ,nodded ,and said: you can bet ,but instead timberland boots outlet, if you lose, to stop the car and let me kick kick .
you when you kick a man ,not afraid of break your leg which is Martha Lahti you when the salad . men disdain shouted Yang Chen also do not follow his nonsense , not out than than you are doomed me this car you woman tonight belongs to me men burst out laughing ,began to put on the brakes on the accelerator ,and Salati GT the engine began to roar forest Ruoxi glaring at Yang Chen eye ,if not on the road, she even wanted to immediately get out , you want to go crazy doing me when bet what do you think I am ? Yang Chen smiled ,looked in front of the traffic lights is because doesn you when the stakes ,so I must tell he bet ,rest assured ,I didn wife let others .
.. ... Ranging from forest Ruoxi then speaker, Yang Chen a foot on the accelerator ,M3 like arrows out aside Martha Lahti also started at the same time ,two vehicles in the initial power, also is the V8 engine ,is also more than four displacement ,Martha Lahti GT was slightly higher ,but because after modification, so all these initial data do not have too big contrast when two cars to flee in the high road ,immediately went up ,a white Yiyin like two lines across the dusk ,in the flow turbulent rampant and Lin Ruoxi felt a strong push back a sense of control ,body by by by in the chair ,she drove the car although not slow ,but also the highest no one hundred and forty kilometers ,on weekdays in the drive is five ,sixty kilometers of majority, which will feel the Coupe real momentum ?Although the two car maximum limit reached over 300 kilometers of terror ,but after all, is in the high road ,pressing the accelerator at the same time ,control of the car is the biggest test of Lin Ruoxi see Yang Chen calm way of accelerating stride forward singing militant songs ,with great care ,darted at table ,see the pointer should have to 200 the red figures ,almost did not scream out 200 ?The mad man in the ring ,limit of 90 high opened in 200 ?The sides of the car has been more and more ,has almost not see another car ,the huge gap ,let the front car also consciously began to give way only aside Martha Lahti ,also shot a wild wind ,but as the engine rotates continuously upgrade ,cars 200 ,205 ,210 .
.. ... The other young man begins forehead sweating ,road condition is difficult to grasp and then a good car, also have a way to watch ,when the man found his car has let him to roads judge some hard times, his heart will be full of fear ,severely limiting the Mashala car Yang Chen is like what it does not matter, when M3 frantically shouted reached 240 of the time ,Yang Chencai stopped ,one hand on the steering wheel ,one hand on a gear lever ,continuously more in front of the vehicle ,in the continuous shuttle ,is the most sensitive current general forest Ruoxi felt his heart out chest ,excessive degree makes her feel surrounding all started to slow down Timberland Men's Roll Top, although that is not good ,but Lin Ruoxi finally could not resist, with a light - Track: you ask .
.. ... You drive slowly ... ... Slowly, he will come Yang Chen said smilingly : I say ,I don to send his wife .you look ahead and don forest Ruoxi see Yang Chen turned scared straight ,immediately called Yang Chen Lin Ruoxi did not expect even there so calm side ,not by .
Up Lin Ruoxi feel very embarrassed, adding: I am angry ... ... I am not afraid ,I was afraid you were revoked driver ,you too much Yang Chen was somewhat odd ,sighed ,said : if you feel shy ,little baby ,I forgot to tell you ,actually I never license ,so afraid of being revoked .
.. ... ... ... Lin Ruoxi only feel dizzy ,painful eyes closed ,she felt more look at this man. He will be really mad when five or six minutes later ,Yang Chen to stop at third high road parking area, after two minutes ,gray Martha Lahti appeared young man is trustworthy ,found two human skill and courage after the gap ,and does not run away ,although face the depressed and unhappy ,but I roll down the window ,and said: I lost, give you a kick Yang Chen also blunt ,walk off ,Martha Lahti looked around the circle, the final choice of playing front cover ,the Trident logo at the young man never mind ,yawning too lazy to look, want to kick which kick which ,the feet can kick the steel ? Phut violent Moro ,men feel the car seemed to crumble as terror ,a pale look under the front was Yang Chen played in the front ,the man suddenly didn guts to green regret that Martha Lahti had come full front cover ,was in a a big hole you cheat on your feet to lead men .
Is it right? growled ,the car was playing like that, he was going to cry ,but when he saw Yang Chen doing afterwards, and scared broke out in a cold sweat ... ... I saw Yang Chen sitting on his front cover ,give yourself just to kick the car foot wear shoes -- kick when also specially take off your shoes will be in the M3 Lin Ruoxi also covered a small mouth ,open big watery eyes ,she is seen Yang Chen off shoes out of the car this thought ,Yang Chen is a game, but did not think it would be so horrible as a result of a forest Ruoxi ,there was little doubt ,this man will not only many foreign language ,is it right? It Yang Chen easily wear shoes ,red was speechless with horror the man smiled ,walked back ,again as if nothing happened in general continue to open a road ,forest Ruoxi from time to time to see his one eye ,about to speak, but saying nothing ,nothing to see Yang Chen with his interpretation of the meaning of ,also cannot pull the following skin to ask him anything ,but glumly eyes closed ,but the questions of the heart ,is gradually growing up .
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