Standing in the entrance to the underground

November 21 [Wed], 2012, 9:52

> Lu Ruiz led the four angels, all the way to find there may be all kinds of dilapidated temple of the fallen angel Lucifer. WWw. quANBEn. Com but no matter how to find no news. Finally a prophet hut, when her east search a few days after intelligence about fallen angels. This information is not costless, Ruth Ruiz, the hands of a jewelry treasures fable card (+1 lucky), the greedy prophet discussions go as the conditions and the exchange of intelligence. Lu Ruiz dismay, but in order to be able to complete the task as soon as possible to return to their own continent where angels had completed the transaction. The prophet told Lu Ruiz, a hidden place in the underground world of the east, a demon temple erected standing there, although it is not clear the fallen angel Lucifer does not appear there. But even if it is not there, can also be obtained in the tall demon temple new intelligence. Lu Yi HEREBY GIVEN that kind of feeling cheated, she was very angry. Can the prophet only disclose information on Ruth Ruiz can only be led angels to find the gateway to the mainland to the east of the entrance of the underground world. A few days of running around and looking, Lu Ruiz increasingly irritable mood. Variety of wildlife of the road, but it became exposed object of Ruiz vent. The magic thunderbolt lightning with the sword in the hands of the archangel, and wildlife along the way who killings clean. . . . . . . When Lo Ruiz saw weird entrance of the underground world, her mood began to improve. She hastily off the assembly line, looking for someone to share the joyful mood. Lu Yi Zideng the game saw another girl is holding a entrance of the underground world. TV drama girl said, play with, ah, Do separately so long you're not lonely it? Do not shake me. course I just received a task on the camp building card This does not, under view, you continue to shake me, we are not that card myself,Canada Goose Cheap. crooked smile, and to make greater efforts to shake Lo Ruiz, similar to take revenge. Lu Ruiz indeed be shaking some uncomfortable and said, quickly landed into the game. The girl smiled and glanced Lo Ruiz continued gnawing that the thick Lu Ruiz landed in place and saw several large angel and hero Elle have ready. So she walked to a pleasant pace of marching to the under world. The the Erathia the mainland to the east of the underground world is not so complicated as imagined, a winding continent looks to extend deeper down. Lu Ruiz after four hours away, and finally at the end of the underground world, found that the devil temple hidden behind a pile of rocks. Demons on the entrance of the house, three dogs back and forth to patrol several squadrons of hell. The When the they saw Lu Ruiz Archangel,UGG Australia Classic Argyle Knit, the excitement barked. Soon a group of a group of three hell dogs rushed out by the devil house, the number of each group in more than two or three hundred. Three of these hell dogs divided into ten heap stationed down. Lu Ruiz received a prompt six in his head with goat horns, the body red and dressed in black robes, the big devil holding a giant scythe lightning around the Archangel. And wrangle and Archangel door. (Big devil and the archangel is a sworn enemy, will give priority to attack after that meeting, unless issued evacuation orders can not separate them, the skills of the devil is mobile instant moment went to the other end of the battlefield, of course, if surrounded by a circle of Archangel surrounded by other soldiers the big demon can not be moved to the soldiers stand position, this is the game interim Chikae group. the Archangel skills is the resurrection, but the resurrection can only be one unit, it is used resurrection of a small number of senior branches of the military is very good, the players can not be resurrected.) archangels the angel hero Elle auxiliary magic attacks accelerated surgery blessing, and Elle also carrying her two-handed sword to join the fight. But the devil's obvious zhan advantage. Soon, the two archangels due pincer attack, the giant devil sickle batch down to the ground, the situation becomes more serious. Lu Ruiz some anxious watching the battle of the angels, and also re-start,UGG Jimmy Choo Sora On Sale, only facing is getting closer to hell three dogs who cast Thunderbolt Lightning. Elle in a Xijian, fast dancing with her two-handed sword, the devil Zhanxia a skull, Lu Ruiz said, hell we rushed three dogs, we have no time to spare to take care of you. Lu Ruiz retreat forces complete, the soldiers did not decrease morale reduce only over a period of time. On a green light while Lu Ruiz retreat fly out from the Temple, Elle direct hit, making her fall to the ground. Lu Ruiz anxious directing the anti angel on Elle toward export orientation retreat transfer. The big devil all the way mobile instant catch up with gel Ruiz troops behind kept coming bark proved the hell three dogs who did not give up chasing. Retreat open Ruiz makes this case very embarrassed. . . . . . . Standing in the entrance to the underground world of a few hours to catch up with the escape after the dew Ruiz felt very wronged, arranged a hidden location stationed, after she found the Elle and no death, Ruth Ruiz The Logout games. Now she Well, of course, is looking for someone to share her bad mood. Lu Yi Zideng the out of the game, found that girls have left part of their two games room. Thus Louis HEREBY GIVEN look at the time and put on slippers, and ran unto the name of the girl's bedroom. Lu Ruiz is no knock on the door directly rushed into the girl's room, and threw herself on her bed and burst into tears. The girls were called Iraqi grain after repeated asking, and finally understand the reason Lu Ruiz crying. After a burst of short-term thinking, she said, as long as you can to get them help pin down who the hell three dogs, your angels will be able to solve those devil you safe. Ruiz face folder. Lu Ruiz surprised a moment, she was thinking and said the thinking and the pain gradually stop. Lu Ruiz Iraq patterns after a counterattack,Canada Goose Tremblant Full Zip Hoody Sale, gradually took a strong effort in two slapstick, fell asleep. <

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