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November 21 [Wed], 2012, 12:00

> 6:00 pm Third Division of the Japanese army finally started to continue the march. WWw! QUANBen! COM and annihilate the sixteenth, the Sixth Division hehe exploits compared the five ace division was created, is the real miracle. From 8 am to 6:00 pm, a full ten hours. Full ten hours, the Chinese soldiers Shuimi not into so quietly Pafu the muddy water, let poisonous insect bites, ten hours, which requires what perseverance to stick with it? Some soldiers have completely stiff in that, regardless of the edge of the brothers how to push him motionless. Some soldiers face bitten by poisonous insects already swelling Titanic, the whole face has been completely impossible to separate the original appearance. But still no one move, maybe they have completely numb ...... start also anxious, impatient, there will be crashes, can not stand the feeling, but as time goes on, they have simply no longer himself as a living life ... everyone is quietly waiting, waiting for the arrival of the last attack command. Since the General Headquarters has issued a combat command, they believe that the enemy will come, this is their belief, a belief inscribed in the bones. The soldiers seem to all have ready to fight! Bayonets took out. Frame to bore. Quietly activities wrist, and then out into the side as he broadsword, ten hours, a full ten hours! The Japanese Third Division the same is also difficult road, they curse the damn weather, actually under the rain of the day. The road was muddy no way to move forward. In front of a misty, in addition to rain or rain. See anything. But they do not think, in this extremely harsh weather, tens of thousands of Chinese soldiers have a full waiting for their ten hours. The Fujita into eyes to Chief of Staff is wise. Land seem somewhat indecisive people, this environment simply does not have what he said ambush, no one can be so insistent. Yamamoto smile macro times down, wiped his face to rain. Maybe he really worry too much, call that Zheng Yongnian of scruples too. If you do not own proposal, perhaps the Third Division to reach the battlefield. Yamamoto macro times asked. If you really can not arrived in time, delayed rescue, this responsibility will own to bear. Division division commanders, will work together and you take on the responsibility will be with you face Command questioned. Yamamoto macro times grateful smile. Division commanders have been on their own love, even sometimes against their own will to the greatest extent possible in common with their own. This is also a force wants achieved successfully prerequisite ... In twenty September 11, 2007, 18 pm. When Japanese figure finally appeared. A totally unimaginable attack began. Tens of thousands of Chinese athletes suddenly appeared on the battlefield. However, the Japanese could not imagine it actually is in **. These military people covered in mud wrapped, simply can not tell the original look,Canada Goose Womens Whistler. They emit bursts of rain washed roar, walk through filthy, extremely difficult to line the road, Shan Hu tsunami toward the consternation of the Japanese rushed past. Rainstorm hard to imagine the difficulties caused by land between the two sides, either the offensive or defensive side. When the Japanese to time to wake up from the shock, the Chinese soldiers flew at the front. Here, those advanced weapons seem to look lost, the aircraft could not take off, the artillery could not embark on the rest, all of a sudden it seems to return to the era of cold weapons showdown ...... bayonet bayonets, human life human life! Both soldiers yelling fight together in the rain, red eyes desperately tumbling together in the muddy ground with bayonets, with fists, with his teeth, in every possible way to win with each other's lives. Two Chinese soldiers to wrangle together tightly and a devil, three men biting each other like mad, generally hiss. That stout stature of devils, and the two Chinese soldiers look a little thin, always unable to suppress him, but who also adds many scars. Suddenly, a Chinese soldier bite in Devils ears, screams, the devils the big banla ears bitten off, followed by another Chinese soldiers to take advantage of this opportunity, get distraught fist doom hit devils face, body, smashing everything possible fatal ...... Devils still struggle so more slowly, but gradually stature, bite his ear that Chinese soldiers jumped from a grabbed the devils throat how not to let it go. Devils feet rapidly pumping * action. Finally stopped struggling, lying like a dead fish camel muddy water into ... some incoherent pull still card with the brothers of the devils. That the brothers did not move, if he did not hear anything. Hardly managed to pull him, before suddenly do not know when the brothers actually already dead. Stiff and motionless in that chest stuck a dagger. Blood simply can not tell the color, and the mud along the chest so slowly trickled down ... , shook his head. He did not feel sad, only some hint of regret before and brothers with a point of feeling. Results and go so fast. In fact, nothing, who know next minute dead is not their own? Side have a brother fell, he shouted, climbing out from the muddy water, stumbled rushed past ... tens of thousands of people strangulation scene in the rain, ground completely so that no personal experience people who are hard to imagine. The army the reporter Xiao satisfied Cloud really feel lucky, he witnessed all witnessed how Chinese soldiers under extremely difficult circumstances for the soldier's dignity and the Japanese with the worst fight in. They are more like a group of machines, fully feel the presence of less than fatigue. Not, perhaps they have been very tired, and only in the last bit of energy in the body were doing, fighting for their own country. Rain finally a lot, let me see this heroic people touching scene. Pirates soldier also was very aggressive, spent after the initial panic, was suddenly attacked in ferocious into fighting. The heavy rain and muddy ground maximum degree of reduction of the combat effectiveness of the Japanese, and now God is fair to both sides. Only by virtue of their own will this battle in the end. I saw many soldiers fell,ugg classic boots sale. But I do not see the blood, because the rain washed away everything. Soldiers blood, life, the dignity in this habitat is not worth a single penny, when you fall, or even no one will see more of you at a glance, as if death is the most normal thing,Kensington UGGs. From the third theater set up that day, we have carried out numerous battles in this vast battlefield, we wiped out a lot of enemies,Canada Goose Womens Snow Mantra, but again, we also paid a huge sacrifice, almost every battle victory, are numerous in ** people to the blood as well as life in exchange for the land. When I first came to defeat, and witnessed the victory, I cheered for our victory and excited, but when this excitement was growing pale As time goes by, Instead, it is unforgettable pain. Because I know what kind of price we have to pay for this victory. I know a soldier surnamed Fang, his young enthusiasm, always haunt me I gave him the camera, every time when I am ready to give him according there are always a variety of reasons can not be done. But that I promised him to wait until the end of the Eastern Front Strikes Back, I certainly good to help him take a picture of. But I will never do their own commitment, when the last time I saw him, he has become one of the bodies, he was killed on the first day of the Eastern Front Strikes Back, died in the assault the way, who is played in the bullet holes. At that moment, I actually hated myself so even that little things can not be done. I've always had a dream, I want to help the third theater all the Chinese soldiers were all shot on a shine, I know that many of them can not live to the day of the victory of the war, but I hope my photos can be handed down, allow all people to see, those of us mortal remains of the martyrs who died for the sake of the country ... I understand the military, but to see the distant scene of Chinese soldiers fought bravely, and I know that the battle Similarly win because we are fighting on their own territory, to fight for their own country, even if we die also died in their own land, and not like those nasty invaders, will never back. I will continue to stay here, stay in the third theater, I watched our soldiers how heroic fight, how to create one after a brilliant victory, how to drive out the aggressors all, I will do all possible, record every one of our officers and men of the most heroic deeds, let their names be handed down forever, forever ...
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