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November 19 [Mon], 2012, 14:52

Suddenly feel a little ridiculous to his ability to be easily able to do just puzzled why the patron deity would like to do? Does he know in advance that this difficult? The nine days Shending slightly shaking wisp of smoke from the tripod to take out like a blooming morning glory rose to the top of the two feet at Ding mouth expand like a bears from the virtual into the real reveal a the humanoid male colleagues do white sleeve robe eyes deep The wise Muguangruju. Smoke silhouette face solemn majesty right into Mu Wind: A Re your own to some fate the old lady Lier this is the spirit world Kiyokami recently pushed a diagram must calamity then has a life of memories stored cents Ding. underway a diagram to infer too in case your old lady issue Xiangqiu please me this memory back to the the flesh old lady reincarnation otherwise thick newspaper! avoid avoid! Introduction respectful bowed bowed. . The Road of massage such an approach could fool children played particularly effective example, a one hundred mischievous story: Once upon mountains hole hole in an old monk telling stories to a young monk. The content of the story is: Once upon mountains hole hole old monk in a young monk storytelling. The children again ad nauseam mention this story Shangqie silent than children. So silent did not pursue the questions then raised a serious problem: seriously wanted to banter she switched to want one: memory back into your brain you is the patron deity. not a very terrible thing. People live unhappy breeding may be the envy of all the ideas do not necessarily want to become that person. In other words they may not want to do their own emperor envy the emperor just want to get his Sannomiya six homes seventy-two Princess and endless wealth and the high-ranking position. Hopefully, the silence is not the patron deity reincarnation of Mu wind most cruel thing is not the patron deity of reincarnation became silent but know it. do not help you but it can not let you return. The closer the foot only the mortal time less than a thousand years a cents artifacts evolve into goods,UGG Tall Sheepskin Cuff For Cheap. More than a thousand years ago, I've seen you when you only grade cents beginning of all spiritual knowledge I do not understand is there is no trace of the gods of the gas you how to become into artifact? Mortal thousand years it should be considered a relatively short period of time, I do not know if this argument is not it? my ultimate escape I installed a furnace gods of the gas remaining in these years in addition to absorbing midway students a little accident,Canada Goose Womens Hybridge Jacket. themselves. Then I suddenly on the club with a soul can imitate people speak I am also very strange that she is in the end is what? Mu wind self-mockery smiled the nine days Shending right is nothing more than casually asked one no one thought the spiritual artifact temper is not small along with the idea of ​​God being brought nine days Shending submissive turned into a slip of smoke got into the heaven and earth wishful bracelet. Seems to - heaven beads may change the time is so mortal mortal time slower. digital uncles trace now I do not know them-degree robbery success without ever Chui Ha Tien town in case of purple rhyme senior sister apprentice but forgot to ask several uncles. Hill comprehension of many Mu wind one does not know these people more than rising star even twelve slightly familiar faces Mu wind could not utter the name of the year meridians may be blocked to come down in the scripture library know people little. Incorporated into the nine days Shending heaven and earth wishful bracelet the Laojun the bottom of the lake that wire energy fluctuations and suddenly disappear Mu wind had to withdraw the soul now - heaven beads unaccounted only a clue and broken! Day southern no Mu wind nostalgia, only to evoke the memory of his slightly sad. Although suspected the Chen Jing beads feeling errors but from Extreme white jade cave to see hints of the planet the female Through Tenjin beads where? The Mu Wind holding silent release blockbusters soul around to stand in the cloud is certainly not desirable,UGG Women's Tassel, but also no better way only so Qulao the exploration approach to the search for a needle in a haystack sometimes. Days southern although only mortal a normal country, but the energy storage can be considered rich in Mu the wind probe not know a probe startle original energy everywhere in mortal energy is not polished and concentration is not high, but less talk than nothing If the terms of a previous time in mortal absorb only a year is equal to stay a little while so to say seems the efficiency still not low in the spirit world. But now mortal time is changed to talk about but it is not very cost-effective energy absorption mainly take into account the length of the time-consuming Mu wind seems significance is not large but Mu wind finally gave up absorbing the thoughts of mortal energy required many If Jiezeeryu mortal comprehension for people does it mean not a heavy exploitation? Secondly, the soul of the Mu wind hit the other of unknown origin soul! Mu wind instantly retracted the soul look slightly variable holding a silent hand slightly brought you force. Normal that you also evasive do what? Star the following light flashed abruptly two figures emerged from the void! Hitodo a yellow two elderly suddenly appeared in the Mu wind and speechless in front the Baizhang away pet magnificent stretch a powerful pressure overwhelming onslaught over. Mu the Aeolus read micro surge of momentum quietly stand in silence in front of. This elderly face gaunt faces of the children Crane a black the Yulong hairpin through the constrictive the white hairpin Last fall three is smaller than a pea, dark red beads. Robinson,UGG Tasmina Slippers? I wonder if the two men belong to the Guards [cents inverse] God Union or the spirit world orthodoxy. Mu wind mind power switch trace of soul flying into the body immediately. Elf you know that they have it? strange is not enough to blame. the Su Yi elderly under the Road ban the moment there is no one to see his skill shades per capita sense of two old heart under doubt in yellow elderly frown A Tsing Yi elderly had reversed eyes staring straight Mu wind coldly. God sector stayed tired of it to the lower bound everywhere play. said: Silent to the Mu wind body, and squeezed it by the tighter she suddenly also come to understand the two elderly openings said, the lower bound must be a spirit world human her inconvenience quiet carefully steal watching them. The Tsing Yi elderly under Mu wind startled phrase Think also of the coming man of God, how could not see his skill shades. The Tsing Yi elderly in the brain fast Search this figure no one Mu wind. Not not see the skill of the Mu wind man of God may not give Mu the wind good looking. (Reciting Book)

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