hanging in the heart put down

November 17 [Sat], 2012, 18:14

Zhao still busy, there is no time to come back. Hongyu Zhao orchids at home, to see her daughter has been picking up in the Linsi Yu et al, Hongyu quickly stood up. Lin Siyu and Arjuna approached greetings Hongyu, only then present to Auntie. Linsi Yu's arrival Hongyu very happy at home has never been so lively since married Zhao Hongyu wholeheartedly start housewives, in addition to accompanied her husband to attend some banquet dance, Hongyu generally nothing else to do. Now all of a sudden 来了这么多 girls, Hongyu be some busy. But today's dinner does not need Hongyu hands, full-Lin Siyu do, with Zhao Orchids saying: walk around, take a look at the way the room. After dinner, Zhao Orchids after was Hongyu agree, go out and play with Linsi Yu et al. Xia did not go, Lin Siyu know 李霞 mind, did not force her. That's good, Hongyu have someone there to speak at home. The villa area already has a bowling alley, The Zhao Orchids know Lin Siyu do not like the ballroom, so few people received the arena. Xiao Ke Qing bowling, Lin Siyu time when playing more than an hour accompany Zhao Orchids feel no skills at all, therefore, there is not much interest. The Arjuna and Biyun just seen, but under the influence of Zhao of Orchids and Shaw Keqing soon love this elegant sport. The beautiful bowling itself is a stunning visual experience, not to mention all of a sudden four beautiful. Therefore, Arjuna four Jiao voices and laughter soon attracted a lot of attention. But the United States is not a woman really attract nearby players perspective, but Zhao Orchids and Shaw Keqing beautiful move and hit the ball soft, quasi. If only once or twice to knock down ten pins to, it may be a coincidence, but two consecutive knock down all the pins at least four times, which allows the players in general admiration. Zhao of Orchids and Shaw Keqing again standing in front of a fairway, while holding the ball standing, the Arjuna and Pik nervous watching two waiting for them at the hands of the ball out. Drag the ball a little higher than the chest, and then a beautiful decline after the rejection Zhao Orchids step forward, slender legs soft cross, soft and smart waist with a full beauty of the curve, single arm an occasion before rejection, the ball hit the out along the middle of the fairway cyclotron straight to the ball bottle collision and ten balls bottle was knocked out at the same time after the burst of musical sound,Coach Bags 2012. Burst of percussion, Xiao Ke Qing also knocked down a ball bottle and Xiao Ke Qing batting posture in no way inferior to Zhao Orchids. The Arjuna and Pik side applauded went to the two front side, not far from the crowd laughed and applauded. Zhao Orchids direction Xiao Keqing grimace: ,UGG Mens On Sale, the you and Xianer of sister Bibi. This time Arjuna knocked down eight ball bottle, Pik knocked out nine. Pik Arjuna Pik vertical Shudamuzhi: On the way to Beijing, Pik and Xia are obviously heavy heart, Beijing, Xia heartache, the place to start is also Pik tragic fate. Xia can not forget those humiliating days, but Biyun then they do not know anything. While the Pik lamenting his personal life, sad for the death of their parents, but Pik heart simply do not have the impression of their parents, some of Xia and Lin Siyu shadow. Xia on, Xia afraid again encountered the bully, she did not dare to face their own past, not even the courage to come out to play. Go back and persuade Underworld Linsi Yu secretly in his heart. After a round of applause, the Xiao Ke Qing and Zhao Orchids again tied. The Arjuna and Pik just stand to the fairway before the crowd of people began pointing few curry favor with the refueling Arjuna. Arjuna and Pik calmly hit the ball out, batting moment remains soft posture, are nervously watching the ball glide. forward to the ball bottle, deliberately said sadly: This man more than twenty years old, no matter where on the one hand, who are in no way inferior to Lin Siyu is the kind of gentleman-like temperament, more than the average person can have is that there is no such noble temperament Lin Siyu. Villa area in this rich gathering of such men are regarded as out of the dragon. Lin Siyu, after all,UGG Women's I Do Sparkles, the lack of formal training. Wealthy children, childhood is necessary to accept all kinds of etiquette training, walking, talking, eating, drinking, and so on, even if it is a gesture we must strive for perfection. Lin Siyu actually experienced these things? Lin Siyu hidden under own imperial heart tactic caused temperament, and the man is simply not the same social level. Arjuna indifferent smile: walked outside. The man was slightly stunned for a moment, obviously I did not expect that he was Arjuna refused. Looked at the four women followed an obscure moving out with the big boys, the man mouth thrown trace imperceptible smile, despite the buzz around, brisk walking a few steps to catch up with the Lin Siyu. Lin Siyu. Mr,Canada Goose Citadel Parka. Fang, we are not the same kind of people, I see this friend or a free bye Fangling Xiao this time catching Linsi Yu et al, but stood there and looked at the back of the Lin Siyu and four women, nodded slightly. Fang Lingxiao meditation, made a gesture The two able middle-aged man in the distance standing the trot came to Fang Lingxiao around, asked: interested in just the young man and his girl around you trying to investigate absolutely not allowed to let what they find. apart from anything else, to the Fang Lingxiao made a gesture, and turned to leave. The Fang Lingxiao slowly out of the arena the recent far behind followed by two 31-year-old man. Looked around, up Fang Lingxiao to himself: Fangling Xiao hum loudly, the gentle look instantly change the look, and the air around him seemed to stagnate in this moment. Seem to find myself drooling Fang Lingxiao slowly exhaled breath, at once became a gentleman, the two men behind him hanging in the heart put down. The Fang Lingxiao and whispered: Another said: Fang Lingxiao still soft tone: room, but I am confident that she is not an opponent that Lin Siyu, hum! Zhong Fang, Fang-yi some do not believe, Fang-yi side of the steering wheel too hard, Ferrari steady draw a curve, turned a corner, square Yicai said: reached before the birth of the environment in the two-year-old master is very little you have is a miracle, the old man is the saver of the repair, you are only 20 years old on the practice to the saver of the younger generation, but also Who is your opponent! 's family and the Lim family this four families in the younger generation now has several several repair and I almost. addition, more secretive family and martial art more than we can understand the, still carefully . : hand revised higher to me. money, how much? smashing young master's money can be stoned them! they will be martial arts, so what, a little repair what? Master repair since higher than they are, there is nothing to worry about? laugh or two: ah. I'm careful, do not grab a few girls secretly call the shots if anything happened, I do not break your legs! the angry Arjuna and Lin Siyu not give him face. [Mobile phones, computers synchronized read e-book e-books can also download] phone access: anytime, anywhere to enjoy the pleasure of reading!

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