but do not break so easily .

November 17 [Sat], 2012, 12:12
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult? leaf cloud ,today I want to eat chicken cola wings .
.. ... Zhuang Mengdie lazy lying on the sofa ,like a lovely Persian cat . Www I do ,I more so than kfc . Ye Yun beat the chest voice said . ,today I want to eat Portuguese egg tart .
.. ... Forest Landuan white porcelain small cup ,blinking his eyes smiling at him . Rest assured ,to me ,this thing I is the most adept ,keeping out than pizza hut to eat one hundred times .
Ye Yun said of the bow and scrape . Yun was brother ,I want to eat . Ye Yu licked his lips a glutton . Shark fin with fans actually about the same ,but is not a good habit to eat shark fin ,did not see the science channel inside said ?A bowl of shark fin to many sharks fin can figure it out, there was no nutritional value ,or do not eat ah ,I will give you a big pot stewed pork with vermicelli eat .
Ye Yunchun Chun said good . Eccentric ! Ye Yu decisively turned to ignore him . Yun was brother ,I want to eat the Chinese feast . Liu oblivion unwillings to lag behind ,also jumped out of yell .
Who child ,this is not to take up ? Ye Yun looked into the living room and shouted loudly ,to answer his is a pillow ,cushion, slippers ... ... The cloud master ,I want to ..
. ... Zhang Heng also sneak over ,but he also did not say if it was Ye Yun relentlessly interrupted . ,you is it right? That I am not chaos ah ,piss off .Your copy of CD is not cooling time come ,under their own copy to .
Ye Yun waved impatiently and said .Zhang Heng hey ran a smile: my cloud master ah ,I just want to tell you that ,if you folks are open Jimmy Choo Kaia Boots,I will take it . He dived to Ye Yun game to play .
Willow stops this several days also fascinated by the glory of the game, she most like the immortal sword two are thrown to the side ,saw Zhang Hengliu to play the game ,also is not considered on entanglement Ye Yun eats Man-Han banquet ,a kitten step followed slipped past ,to the door of the time did not forget to Ye Yu Beck , rain come ,shall we go to see Zhang Heng play the game to the idiot .
Leaf rain cheering sound to it, but the study came out with a loud voice ,then Zhang Heng Tong Hu ,seem to be submerged in combat at willow .But he did not think of ,Yun in two sisters ,was pretty so badly ,a demure as orchid ,a lively as peony ,each have their own good, this two days with them together, Zhang Hengzhen is reluctant to leave .
Well, I go ,you remember to give him a call . Ye Qiushui stood up ,patted Ye Yun on the shoulder .Here he delayed too long enough ,don go back to just not very good explanation ,though he was here with him the sword ,but if as it left the handle, so the father sword UGGs Sparkles I Do,also not necessarily can work .
Ye Yun knows that Ye Qiushui and the other people are different, so it doesn warm to detain him ,smiled and said : brother eye ,this matter I would like to thank the . Ye Qiushui smile ,after a few seconds later had a somewhat awkward said: autumn cold he was too young, so do not childish ,you don him the same level as sb .
I will make good on his father . Ye Yun apron wipe hands ,leaves eyes took the offer of a cigarette lit ,deep a breath : youthful brother ,don can all but him ,right? I don find him in trouble, but he later if you do some special things, who to protect him? You ,or brother-in-law ?Grandpa most don doing that ,if be grandpa know coach online,who dare not to imagine the consequences .
Ye Qiushui with a sigh ,he did not say anything goes into the kitchen to Xue Xi margin of said good-bye then left alone .Xue Xi margin still think of leaving him down to eat it ,but it has not said Ye Qiushui had gone out, he takes with a automatic speaking ,said : a female compatriots ,how the gap so big ?Ye Qiuhan the kid had watched as is the kind of person ah ,this is really let me down .
If not look at your brother-in-law face, I really want to beat dead to that asshole . Ye Yun climbed up to gently pinch her shoulder ,argued : well, my dear mother ,I am not okay ?Those unhappy things just don go .
Today ,you have to cook ,let me serve you .This time you for me, tired out . Our loving touch Xue Ye Yun on the cheek and said: you are my son ,I don care about you and who cares ?Your dad wanted to come ,but he who now bear the Pearl River is the city millions of people lives ,so can not to leave ,but every day he had to give me a call .
I know my dear mother ,you are still worried about my dad appears with something ?I tell you the truth ,if Dad this from Pearl City to see me ,I really will be angry . You and your father.
It is really two peas in a pod ,talk is the same tone ,well today I a son ,here, the kitchen is given to you ,I was out ,and will not call me for help . Xue Xi margin of said with a smile ,Yun was holding her shoulders she sent out ,Zhuang Mengdie saw his mother-in-law ,quickly jumped up from the sofa to assist her, he takes a unhappy said: happy ,your Aunt Xue also not so old .
Zhuang Mengdie feel shy smile ,Lin Lan then walked over ,although two people live in harmony, but in dealing with the future mother-in-law this thing, or keep the heart secretly .Of course, this battle is very gentle ,but also to Ye Yunle .
Xue Xi margin of apparently do not say ,but my heart is clear ,own the bastard but will this two big beautiful women to enlist ,did not know he was there to learn skills ,was able to make such a beautiful two girls are hell-bent on him .
Always beside quiet Zhang Yayan ,Xue Xi margin of feel the little girl looked at his son eyes ,a little differently .Ye Yun left hospital yesterday ,after a week of final examination ,he was just an ordinary cold have a fever ,was informed of this news everyone breathed a sigh of relief ,Zhuang Mengdie is more direct limp in Lin Lan .
Only in the Yun was hospitalized in this period of time ,appeared a are very irritating .Ye Qiuhan ran straight into pineapple electronic in Beijing Branch ,request the following people when quarterly sales report to him ,and also a full range of knowledge capital branch of all cases .
Branch leaders don ,hear him for being so rude request immediately selected alarm .Ye Qiuhan is the person in the office and sat down ,and said he would immediately to replace Ye Yun as the pineapple at the helm ,now in the pineapple electronic Beijing Branch people to give up ,you know Ye Yun for pineapples, that is similar to God is worth being in general, there are several saw Ye Yun manager of the company for Ye Yun himself UGG Mini Bailey,is very much .
The words of Ye Qiuhan is provoked his anger ,several people on the spot this guy to defy laws human and Divine Storm beat .But then came to the police but was once Ye Hao ,but also recognize the leaves home master .
No to pineapple company those managers with the opportunity ,all to beat away .Ye Qiuhan is the swagger before others in pineapple company look up statements ,and immensely proud issued many commands .
The following are all began ,but his command but not to perform UGG Hat And Scarf Set Cheap,Ye Yunna is still in isolation ,it has no one told him ,if he know what two hundred percent will directly into the capital to will Ye Qiuhan to destroy the .
I haven killed you came to grab industry ?It is I leaves cloud industry ,not leaves home .I even hang ,also not to rob you !It soon reached Ye Hao ears ,almost no Ye Hao were qisi .
Lobe second-generation several people, temper the hottest is leaf Hao .A phone call to Ye Qiuhan to call home ,followed by a storm hit ,almost took Ye Qiuhan legs were broken .If it is not Ye Qiuhan took him in life ,estimation of leaf autumn cold the rest of your life in a wheelchair through .
Ye Qiuhan and mom also seize the time to call Ye Qiushui ,only it makes Ye Hao feel proud son ,can let him cool down quickly .Ye Qiushui knew the news, he has always been steady could not help but burst foul language ,who knows his brother heads is what? I think to pineapple grab the controls ,to know that Ye Yun is not dead after all ,even in death, pineapple was not up to him to backseat driver .
Ye Qiushui experience what is called weak ,also produced for the first time to kill his brother .But now things have taken place, the most important thing is how to fool the old gentleman, if my grandfather knew the news, Ye Qiushui fate, but do not break so easily .
You know my grandfather hated the most is the fight for power and money ,family members .Besides pineapple is Ye Yun to create an independent industry, he leaves eyes what rob? It is the brain into the stool !The thing that Ye Qiushui and Ye Hao have endured the absence seizures ,but leaves repair nature also has his channel to know this news ,hear leaves autumn cold similar crazy deal after repair ,leaves just laughs and says nothing, leaf cloud out of danger but Ye Yun ,if any errors ,then the autumn cold will today because he the doings and pay the price ,what was the family will not work .
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