of the lack of Wu'an city troops weakness

November 13 [Tue], 2012, 16:48

> When the Penpower battlefield report road Kuaima sent Xianyang, Wang Ben trudged with 100 Qin were positive in the mountains to Muan, did not expect to be King of Zhao Jones's 50,000 raid, Wang Ben this losses, thousands of Qin army losses of nearly forty thousand. Wu'an city, personally rushed from Handan Wu'an General Chen Yu is and Zhang Er anxiously awaiting the frontline Zhao's battlefield report. Looked at the outside of the weather, Chen Yu worries authentic: worried about. Chen Yu surprised looking back at Zhang Er, Yaran said: Although the method is effective, but after all, is not a long-term policy, after all, if the Qin army dump-nation force, little of Zhao did is vulnerable. now Qin were the reason for the delay does not move it is due to a positive spring,Canada Goose Expedition Parka Sale, lean hard forage followed, until the time of Prachuab summer grain mature, Qin must not resist the longer the delay the more we And now to the strength of the State of Zhao, it is very difficult to compete with the Qin Today, the only way is to join forces with Hanwang just ... said: Chi refused to Xianyang, we see that the so-called drop Qin However expediency, if we teamed up with Liu Bang, perhaps circling the room for just zhaowang undeserved reputation, refused since the fall of their identity. said: Li Liang to report, has king ben six people landed in being Motian ravine. Ben Wang has already begun in the valley forged Ying Pun longer advancing. Muan. Looked at each one, Chen Yu sincerely Bao Quan said: after life and death, but now, I always try to preserve his brother is! Does not feel quite feeling, and also ditan: Xinling Jun how more capable, but being Wangsha, if the son is not dead, nor true face of the world! Then quickly disappeared in the infinite sky. L. Jin, Wu An Chunqiu and Warring States Period Zhao Wu Anyi. Qinmie Zhao after Wu'an of Handan County. Wu'an in the Taihang mountain extension, the territory is mountainous, making major has five branches. Ie the small machonryong Mountains, classic Mountains, eighteen Mountains, mountains of southwest rampant and Gushan, Purple Mountain Range. The northwest Qingyazhai Muan highest peak. The Muan located in the Haihe River Basin territory Rivers confluence in Zhangshui. The king Ben unfamiliar terrain along the hilly terrain, several Zhao cut into several segments, Without Wang Ben and these naturally sturdy Qin group desperate force of war, hundreds of thousands Qin were almost brutally battered. This is the king ben re-led troops since. The most difficult battle. Zhao use a of Zhang Er small shares skirmish constantly harassing tactics. Makes the Qin were constantly in battle of tension in the limit on the psychological and physiological. Motian is located in the Muan North sixty years. Its peaks towering named. The main peak Yuhuangding, surrounded by steep cliff, the only diameter Babel. Peak radius of several hundred acres, wide Happy Valley. The mountain Wu'an five mountain ranges and the main peak, but also as the birthplace of the South, North River, if in summer, can stand on the peak, cool breeze, he could feel the heat Dunxiao. Look overlooking the mountains such as the pill, the river, such as band, clouds sometimes wreathed around sometimes tempestuous underfoot, give people a sense of carried away. Just this time coincided spring, the mountain is still cold and windy, brown vegetation. Till winter scene. Wang Ben took several times to fight in the remaining six thousand people finally got out of Motian, already exhausted,Canada Goose Palliser Coat, so I hurriedly Zhaoleyichu the sunny shade Highlands forged tent camp determined to constant response to Zhao continues harassment, waiting for the support of the of Penpower main army. Finally get rid of the rugged mountain, everyone can not help but sigh of relief, without the king commanded Ben, some soldiers began to start to build a tent under the command of generals in the Army doctor, Hou, when Wang Ben in the Army rushed to the piece the little Highland, the big account in the army has been built. To arrive in less than to sit down, the king away could not wait authentic: look some bodyguard command tent awaiting command: awkward Tsuginoikusanokimi army, Du Wei, doctor dozen different level generals Wang Ben look calmly nodded: really feel apocalyptic of Wu An city of Zhao is Zhao such a small unit harassment of the approach, although difficult to cope with, but more proof of the lack of Wu'an city troops weakness. As long as we do anything, the side waiting for Penpower army's support, the side slightly things trimmed, the other must not contain himself, the only way we have a chance to harassment of Zhao wholly annihilated! Once planted around the trap, the name the crossbowman immediately seize the time to rest, after dark, Zhao inevitably struck, we carefully guard! king Ben sneer, pointing to the distant mountains, nodded and said: the the victories, Chen Yu does it mean Langdexuming? after we stationed responsible for harassment of Zhao necessarily immediately Wu'an city of Chen Yu reported hearing this a go,Ultimate Short UGGs, definitely impossible without two three hour, this time is Zhao standby time, we could have rest assured. come to temptation, outside the camp and more to dig deep groove, the other cavalry can not play a full combat power, our strong anger shot, if the other party is still small shares harassment invading enemy can all be annihilate ! what defeat unpredictable, that is, wins also Pyrrhic victory Pyrrhic victory defeated Utah wins tasteless, fear of His Majesty the blame to time ... the morale of the troops is really unstable, could not help shaking his head laughed: after dawn if Chen Yu really dare to leave Wu'an ghost town out in force to attack, it is the best time to attack Mongolian generals, will be considered lost, With pin down the enemy main credit for, His Majesty would never blame the account the captains heard have to pick up, a doctor approached to Wu Sheng Bao Quan said: Although we eat a small loss, but due to all the other familiar terrain of Front battlefield, Zhao Jun, licked, everyone gave me cheer tried killing one, Taki feats, beating go back to see the family kinship! account everyone said Ben Wang's remarks blood boil, especially to hear concerns in mind, even lose, it will not be something a go, the atmosphere at once easily account up. See all the emotional stress finally relaxed, Ben This nodded and smiled: head a little! ha ha ... ha ha ha ha ... rest. Tent orderly unusually calm and did see less than a defeated army is forced to stagnation phase. To see this scene, Ben slight frown from the next king commanded: account,Juicy Bags Outlet Sale, the king away from seeing this quickly Bao Quan said: times really was defeated, you will be back the same night Xianyang, with the youngest son of the king Ben left starry night ... ? how, at the moment, but all of a sudden so ... , my king Ben since defying a death, but the youngest son not yet a year old, and if we escaped, I'm Wang first-line blood ... A good long while before re Mianwurense king from nodded:
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