he did not want to tell this mayor in ripped

November 17 [Sat], 2012, 12:04

The manager hung up the phone immediately to Xiaogang where reported UGG Bailey Fancy, this is not all he can do the Lord. That the mayor is not the average person, is not he a little managers can solve the. Is completely not care about this thing. dilemma. These things do not need to report and Lin wind Xiaogang, are just some of the little things. After a child, the manager's phone rang again, this mayor's speed is quite fast. He is also clear that the manager is not to investigate Coach Kristin, but thinking of ways to deal with. Who can know a mayor's son had been struck, the hotel manager will not know it a little problem. long, but deliberately installed. Have to say Xiaogang hone these years Canada Goose Mens Yorkville Bomber, has become mature and stable many. good deal, angry useless in these places, it is important that he now explain, you answer the phone who is not the same. my heart fly from the fire, but he can not say anything, had no choice but to fight back with anger asked. results my store security out to stop, say my store security really saved your son Were it not for their appearance, your son may have beaten the hospital ah , the answer to UGG Classic Short Sparkles Boots. ah, my face is where to put ah the mayor a the Xiaogang say my heart is extremely angry, but he can not say too much, after all, like they say it is indeed his son first wrong and his son, he was very understanding, but he felt that the hotel how this to his own face. the city's upper crust, if I do not fair point, my heaven on earth also how mixed the future. As individuals UGG Women's Ultra Tall Boots, I also told you understand the point, his identity is not in general, you'd better not mess with him. Xiaogang faint said, he did not want to tell this mayor in ripped went directly understand the point, he'd like to see the mayor has ability. Your words what you are in danger, I do your hotel opened here not so easy ah, I tell you where I can still do the Lord's conclusion today I must want you to explain to me, Otherwise my old head where to put ah days and send people to go to your hotel check security check health, so frustrating you, see how you do business. . is helpless, so had to come hard. . Goodbye Mayor heavily hung up the phone, my heart could not resist an anger rise in the ranks. Sitting there thinking, immediately issued coldness eye eyes secretly Speaking of people go to heaven and earth to grab one immediately to bring me, he hit my son, anyway I caught over Called hung up the phone and gave their baby son, so he came for people waiting Secretary Xu less a music this time, but his playing face. The third chapter outbreak Chapter