but it will have the ability

October 02 [Tue], 2012, 10:29
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultSitting in the car ,he drove straight side ,while musing ,and not aware of money many anomalies Michael Kors Jet Set Handbags Outlet, and after returning to the hotel ,in the rooms of the aisle ,he took out his mobile phone to dial telephone ,where ,since the last Zheng Zhi said he to have black rim of the eye ,he listened to the rain no overtime ,are all things Jiao to team members to do .
( _ ) now has a home ,back to the County Public Security Bureau arranged for her dorm room . Rain sister ,I find you . What You speak, I listen . Where to sit on the bed ,bend over ,take off your shoes .
This is just the Cheng Bingcheng captain ,I have intention to close ,leaving Liu Guotao and Tian rehabilitation camp ,I think the person extremely useful ,if you can reuse it, for my future promotion ,there are great benefits .
Zheng Zhi says, did not see go aside more money to hear what three words ,angry gouged out his eyes .Cheng Bing is here? What can I eyes bright, perhaps in Liu Guotao of rehabilitation are more excellent ,but in He Tingyu ,Liu Guotao is also less than range soldiers ,bluntly, Liu Guotao just because the origin of superior reason ,from their elders to learn some mixed bureaucratic experience Womens Timberland 6 Inch, but it will have the ability ,he is not Ueda Dickinson ,was less than Cheng bing .
Take the Lee County Public Security Bureau as an example ,Liu Guotao have already been here for several years ,but before it even Du ,and force other larger forces are difficult ,to finally let Du before his next year will be promoted to shake out ,prestige to lose ,and is the fire also dare not .
So Liu Guotao himself is only a mediocre person, even if the family some forces ,also hard to become successful ,as he now promotion of view ,even if the family to eat Nai strength ,his this whole life is at most only to the province as a vice governor ,but not standing .
If Nong management special matters such as management education, limited to a few special matters ,his power is very limited .The vice governor ,also as a secretary of municipal Party committee ,the mayor is no way ratio .
He Tingyu just take your shoes off ,his legs on the bed, and the rotating body ,the legs on the vamp, I also look at the good ,if recommended to my father ,can be reused . The smaller family itself has little energy ,and vision and ability is limited ,so only promoted enough loyal men ,such as Liu Guotao ,but what will influence coverage to a province large family ,be patient selection has the ability to bear the person to act as their own offshoot of forces .
It is also because the method is different ,with different people ,so little family is always only the small family ,and the family as long as there is a great heiress ,family force will decline .
Yes ,I feel very good .Soldiers ,his achievement in one and as the years go to the wall, were refining the shuttle angle ,if can get a little care of appreciation ,inevitable can fly .
Wen Ting Zheng straight on the process evaluation of soldiers so high ,and where to bend down ,out from under the bed to find a pair of white leather sandals ,placed at the feet ,said: you give Cheng bing a call about it ,we can find a place to chat well .
Well ,don somewhere else, as in the music the hotel next to the restaurant inside the eat and chat . Well ,I change my clothes ,right now . Then ,how to hang up the phone ,jumping on the bed ,put the police off ,take one on the side of the bag ,for a while, out of a tight T-shirt ,and a white seven pants ,worn on the body ,and pedal epithelial sandals ,came to the side a large mirror is scrutinized .
I saw myself in the mirror is x ì ng,calf tender ,is very satisfied, then take the mobile phone with a door key, hurried down the stairs ,is walking so fast ,is naturally want to spend time with Zheng zhi .
Hang up phone call where rain ,Zheng Zhi and more money has come to the two floor hallway ,see immediately to their guest room door, Zheng straight or not and they say a word ,money and a fire, started in Zheng straight ass kicked .
This is a power ,playing Zheng Zhi is a lie ,mobile phone nearly fell on the ground .But the more money is play perfect ,opened the door and walked in ,such as Zheng Zhi turned, only to see the room the door slammed to the locked .
Be rather baffling. Zheng Zhi wonder scratched his head ,don how much more money had gun Yao ,returned to his room ,is called a soldier .Cheng Bing was rehabilitated and fields in a restaurant meal ,although Da Ki has the power ,but was a decent man ,and have no income ,so under normal circumstances and not go to the high-end consumer Hotel ,each guest ,is a small restaurant .
Today, because of business consulting ,is a rare went into a secondary restaurant ,to the private room . The Zheng Zhitai outrageous ,dare and director Liu hardtop ,a superior face of superior leadership of consciousness are not ,such as director Liu promotion ,we must tidy up your he .
Tian Gengsheng heard is modified after the Liu Guotao incident ,so at this time on Zheng Zhi distaste ,but did not think of before has very good Zheng Zhi, why and Liu Guotao face .
It also can be seen, the man heart, and he would doubt the reuse ,promoted his leadership has deceived him is it right? .Process Bingduan glass of wine ,drank, vaguely nodded .In fact, hearts are dark sigh tin Dickinson too honest .
The Zheng straight but even Liu Guotao could not easily to object ,Da .But looked up ,don and Liu Guotao not to come and take you past ,first by Zheng straight to defeat Nong climbed down .
As for Zheng straight recommended to you under the constable ... ... Here ,field with some hesitation, to his style ,do not agree with the person .Cheng Bing quickly set the glass down interface , the policeman named Wu Ming ,is a very good young plant ,if the key to train .
.. ... ,don deal with him is good enough . Direct wave field with interrupted process soldiers discourse .I put it down ,Cheng Bing had no intention of persuading field with focus on training Wu Ming ,just don your hand against on the line .
Cheng Bing Timberland Men's Custom UK, you have to deal with Zheng Zhi good way? Tian Gengsheng picked up the chopsticks to clamp a piece of bean curd ,put in your mouth .Cheng Bing frowned ,even if there is, he will never tell Tian rehabilitation ,just how to paste Nong past ?At this time ,his mobile phone suddenly rang ,he a happy ,busy stood up ,said : cropland deputy director general ,I went to pick up the phone .
Well ,go go go . Land rehabilitation waved .Cheng Bing holding a mobile phone to balcony outside, it is called Zheng Zhi himself ,and leg lift to go away ,determine land rehabilitation could not overhear ,it presses the answer keys , Hello ,is Zheng director ,can I help you ? Well .
Zheng Zhi no nonsense ,direct replied: why the secretary wants to meet you . Cheng Bing heart jump ,his face is showing a trace of color of ecstasy , where do they meet ?I come back .
In the Lok hotel next to the restaurant . Good Michael Kors Hot Sale Bags,good . Hang up the phone ,Cheng Bing took a deep breath ,he originally thought this life can be a public security bureau deputy director was quite good, but the officer is big ,more want to climb ,but Liu Guotao and Tian Dickinson left, if they can not be what is director then ,only being suppressed .
To know that he and several other assistant director Liu with is not good ,those people if a bit ,can have his day ?So he must find a backer ,Zheng Zhi is one of the natural person .
He is not thought to how he could be so anxious to see their own !Rapid in situ walking back and forth a few times ,he returned to the room, a door, a face apology says: cropland deputy director general ,really feel shy ,my wife got something ,let me go back in .
If it ever, home to do something, be not worth Cheng Bing pushed off and Tian Gengsheng with the opportunity to dinner ,but now he must find another patron ,and even find a excuse ,appear at some .
Tian Gengsheng Wen Yan frowned ,he seldom ask Cheng Bing out to dinner .But Cheng Bing was in the home of a little thing to leave early ,this let him mind how to be happy ?Plus find range soldiers eat business has not been well discussed ,not by the band a glimmer of anger , go go go ,do not know your home can have what thing ! If the previous process ,soldiers will hesitate, said the family nothing, continue to leave ,but today he is directly said : I just leave .
Then he turned and strode out of the box .It makes field .More feel tightness, on a table with a palm shoot .This restaurant is not, for the guests is a bottom smaller cups ,his shot ,put the cup to the shattered ,tea much lower ,there is a half wet his clothes and trousers ,gas field with shouting ,ask the waiter to come in .
Cheng Bing walked out of the cafeteria Timberland Men's Earthkeepers,immediately stopped a taxi to the hotel ,music direction .Zheng Zhi gave the soldiers after calling process ,quickly ran into the restroom took a hot bath ,and changed his clean clothes ,head teased ,to the money many rooms ,knocked at the door ,listen to the lock ring ,but it has not been opened .
This reminds Zheng Zhi of his previous money money play a situation ,but he did not offend the sister-in-law Nainai ah .He had to his hand and pushed open the door ,then a lot of money to head the wet ,apparently just wash .
What is there to see? Zheng Zhi came in, had kept the fierce look, money and face some red, not by the eyes rounded growl .It Zheng Zhiqiao could not afford a lot of angry clue, but secretly speculation ,it is much more money to the month ,so it not normal ?A lot of money and put out Zheng straight eye ,just started toward the restroom direction , wait for me ,I ducked his head up ,we go out to dinner .
Well . Taking advantage of this time ,Zheng straight to Yang Jun and Qin tiger made a phone call, let them work after dinner ,go to Su Jingxuan there, and four men took turns to rest at night, can and the bully to sneak away .
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