mask has basically disappeared

October 08 [Mon], 2012, 11:13

> Three 28 Incident, the new contract wWw. QUAnBEn. cOM human posture. End-sun-sun side began to pick her thorns, but fortunately Mira did not care grin as passed. and Zhang Fan has very deep feelings, but Diya sub is the case, do not like then, except for that time, and only one request Zhang Fan strengthened to her, after there have not been a similar situation. Zhang Fan now understand their four, so the performance of four people of different, is not surprised. Cleared his throat, his stern look to them. Hell, you will always followed me? He must be asking such a question, he has long wanted a good, try not to use coercive measures. Has been like a traffickers are forced to control their own fancy, never. Completely as items, as a plaything. Just begun when, to be honest, really great sense of accomplishment. The thought of a dream of beauty nv own collection, I found myself very interesting. But gradually, when with nv the child in him more and more, this feeling began to degenerate. No longer so beautiful,Air Max 2011 Mens, but kind of faint disgust. Hate this feeling, also disgust previous. Exchange and included the nv child, has become an established fact, not change, unless he who nv the child anti convertible back into the system. But to do that, not to each other as a commodity? Zhang Fan can not do! So Zhang Fan, in this space, to give up the means of violence, psychological suggestion is to use a maximum, the number of small, and he wants to make a change, nv child's feelings, more attention, and no longer forced control. If the person really do not want to, he is also ready to give up. He wants to change, it must start from now. So he would ask, he asked only really means to follow him, he will release the control of the contract, or, at worst its laissez-faire to leave, even though some dismay, that there is no way. Fortunately, he did not disappoint ...... listened to his words, Diya four people Lengle Leng, then that is a long silence. Moment ... the position, are willing to follow Zhang Fan. Zhang Fan face did not change much, but my heart is still relieved. Few people get along has been for many years, said no feelings in this imaginary circle, that is false. Zhang who know, they look after the broken surface, so from the beginning, he no take them as monsters, but as a treat. Get along for a long time, even cats and dogs have feelings, not to mention people. Zhang Fan's heart has been put forward, although he believe in each other's feelings, but can not deny that the voices of opposition is likely to appear. Now, we all agree, then there is no problem. While standing aside has not been talking to Nel also exposed a happy smile, to hear the answers to four people. So many years of common life, not just a good relationship with Zhang Fan and Diya, the Lilo and Diya their relationship better. Perhaps because the female imaginary in the virtual circle of low status, are been suffering from bullying angle does not like meaningless battle now join together in a common language repeat itself as much as, decades ago, they has been like sisters. If Diya and Zhang Fan mean they do not agree, then a few people will be bound separately, Nel reluctant. Diya they agreed This means that their future will live forever with what is there than this kind of thing people happy? Once the quilt, you thought life including soul, will all hold in my hands,Nike Air Max 24-7 Sale, and shall never be betrayed, but I do not want to do, so I ask you, since you agree with my side, this The contract must be signed, of course, is not to control you, in fact, I am not of this world, sooner or later, one day I will leave,Northface 3 In 1 Sale, but when I go, be able to take away the only and I that is entered into a contract without signing a contract, then the barrier of space and the rules of the world, will you refuse outside that time be able to leave with only my own, you will be left in this world. Zhang Fan, then slowly sounded in front of the words he said, across the four-member body at the same time shocked and sad feelings in my heart. But when Zhang Fan said last time, they understood why. the content of the contract and the contract you signed, and I have been inside the control of the contents of all deleted, I need to just be able to bring your left! In fact, the upgrade of the control of the contract after Nel. Nel signed under the system prompts. Control of the contract also called control of the contract, but the contract is more relaxed, no longer is the kind of total control, but can be adjusted by Zhang Fan. Only this deletion is not permanent, if someone is really betray him, he was able to pay a small amount of a fraction to its full complement, and then punish defectors. Fortunately, however, the angle within the animation especially nv angle is usually very trustworthy, as long as the agreed basic not kept his word, which is Zhang Fan the reason why so reassuring. And Diya four people, after listening to the words of Zhang Fan, hearts last grudges disappear. Once stepped forward, gently touching the contract pattern floating in the air. The four golden light flashed in turn, they and Zhang Fan mind to establish direct practice, they felt a deep sense of love from Zhang Fan's mind, Zhang Fan, the same from the other side of the heart felt exactly the same feelings. autonomous fusion fusion of the sharper, the higher the degree of break-faceted As to the virtual traces can not be completely removed, I do not know but I have seen the highest degree of broken surface, is Nel,Michael Kors Purses Sale, mask has basically disappeared, and normal human has no difference so properly efforts, and strive to become more perfect! the head gray of è energy ball directly fly out of his body, floating in mid-air. Ball of energy is the power of chaos, although not imagine the kind of strong to extreme pressure, but Diya four people, or from the kind of impossible to detect whether the perception to understand this energy powerful. Then, Zhang Fan again cast a look of encouragement, the ball of light into the body of the four people. Then, a lot of energy wire began to appear, a little bit in the air, intertwined woven into four the same size but the Yan è different energy cocoon, side by side, stand in front of Zhang Fan. Zhang Fan body suddenly shook, Nel surprised, hastened to his side. worried about you ... then sat down cross-legged. Nel around all right, they knelt before Zhang Fan, quietly watching him, not out of any sound. Then, is the passage of time ... and finally, after a month, four bright beam of light, while rising on the imaginary circle accompanying that can help people alive pressed into cakes powerful Reiatsu ... A! ~! . . <

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