even the bodies are blown to smithereens

October 08 [Mon], 2012, 18:35
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultWhat this about , Harvey? At that moment, Chu Yun and Chu wind two people all is all ears ,felt infinite doubt Hu ò.
WwW.NuoShu2 moment ,Du Feiyun s èwasstood in situ, with despair at their attack to kill ,it will be in the dead body ,even the bodies are blown to smithereens .However ,when he was in the nose just disappeared ,only to leave a piece of dark and light .
This is incredible !This is what a powerful baby ?Or what strange supernatural powers? At that moment, Chu wind and the two Chu Yun brothers heart ,and had the idea to .At the same time ,two people in the hands of two bright and sharp sword Gang ,is unstoppable to slash in the dark and the light .
Both severely beat together, immediately burst sh è endlessGang gas debris ,yuan of Guanghua flash full Canyon ,will render a bright night .Chu Yun and Chu wind two hands of the huge sword Gang ,suddenly came his unrivalled anti seismic force ,was immediately shakes disperses ,violence shattered into a thousand fragments gang gas .
Inclusions in the sky cherry sh è gang gas fragments ,and a huge clear buzz .Griddle !Gold iron Ji ā osinging sound ,twinkling efferent way, in the valley of D àngviolently .Chu Feng and the two Chu Yun brothers sword gang was shaken to pieces, Fu-organs are earthquake D à ng,throat mouth is sweet ,a trace of blood to overflow ,shaped like a person or thing gone beyond recall generally throw out .
Two soul attack ,although the moment to save sh è in that piece ofblack light, but did not receive any effect ,soundless and stirless is dissolve lost .Then ,I saw the dark black Accelink namely Lianqu ,l ù out with ahuge black s è yà otripod .
The Y à otripod was shocked to have one around ,lie in the canyon ,just it covered the Chu Fengchu cloud sword to kill gang .At the same time ,in Chu cloud two brother figure to throw out the moment, black s è yà otripod quickly disappeared ,Du Feiyun figure out of thin air show .
This time he ,left and right hand holding the sword ,sword Gang ,the head also suspended a brocken spectre on mirror .The next moment ,he shook the behind the flame wings ,are lost in situ, hands holding a huge fire sword Gang ,momentary flashes into Chu Yun body, high up the sword in hand Gang ,severely cut and split .
To the broken Yue air max shoes clearance store,open !! Swim the eight method sixth method wind sword instant cast ,making his body like lightning, sword light such as hung .Fifth methods to break ,Yue instant start, he in body ,inner force is immediately ch ō u takes asword empty ,gang power suddenly jumped four times !Body is inverted out Chu Yun ,Fu-organs jarred ,stars, mouth overflow blood ,is trying to hold back the trend ,but did not expect eyes suddenly is a violent gang unparalleled flame sword .
TXT ebook download that nearly transparent flame sword gang from the violent atmosphere ,majestic majesty ,absolutely comparable congenital late monk power, immediately made his face s èbig be astonished,bursts open eyes ,pupil contraction ,l ù horrorGod s è.
Don !! Horror y ù deadChu cloud immediately revenant adventure ,big mouth suddenly is miserable call for export .At the same time ,Chu wind also see this scene ,want to rescue is already too late ,and was called the export .
However ,the violent unparalleled sword Gang ,is then split in momentary Chu cloud Xi ō ngbelly Air Max Ultra 365 Shoes,his mouth still did not fall under the alarm had been students interrupt .Dragon Sword J īng pith,wind sword of the perfect combination, to the broken Yue unparalleled power ,mix together .
This Jian Gang blow ,no one can stop !Click !A tinkling sound ,Chu Yun body immediately by the flame sword Gang to split in half, the next moment is furious unparalleled sword Gang shattered into fragments, into a piece of blood in the canyon .
Trick !Only one ,that is no delay to execute the Chu yun .Number of income before Du Feiyun ,dire straits, as would be the two brothers on the spot to execute, even the whole body will not fall .
This time ,it is clean sweep sword to kill Chu Chu wind cloud ,only one .He is still backward inverted out ,the face still hanging panic God s è .Moments after Chu Yun sword Gang beheaded ,behind Du Feiyun is pale many .
He just played his trump card to the broken Yue ,instant ch ō uor the body ,inner force broke four times the power of the force ,now no more .Unconsciously ,he pulled out a handful of Qing dancer entrance ,seize every minute and second to restoring force .
At the same time ,he also will crown carved to summon a turning over ,riding on the Golden Eagle body, ready to flee .What this result ,he right now ,element has depletion ,pranayama restoration urgently .
If Chu wind turned back Michael Kors Jet Set Tote Outlet Sale, he will be unable to resist .Moreover, successfully cut kill Chu Yun ,solve this one day want to kill him be a mortal malady ,he also be accomplished .Next, he just need to ride the Golden Eagle flight ,after looking for opportunities to execute Chu wind .
However, just before he summons a golden eagle that moment ,anti shock force to shake out of dozens of yards of Chu wind ,can can herself .He always return D à ngChu Yun was split in half to smithereens scene ,s èapale ,panic is not hesitate to turn and flew away .
was ready to run ,you run ? Du Fei just ready to escape but lost head ,see Chu wind escape rate, without loss of arm force consumption , Green s è wingsflapping like crazy ,are generally toward the distant flyby in arrow .
Seeing this scene ,Du Feiyun immediately frowned a little ,think for a moment ,then resolved ,have continued to pursue Chu wind .He fell on the ground ,will be after the death of Chu Yun lost a storage bag and a sword ,and a piece of chicken type Y ù Peito pick it up ,did not have time to carefully check .
Fit into Kowloon tripod .Subsequently, he rode a golden crown carving set ,a road towards Chu wind chase away .Jin Guandiao flying speed ,rather than the congenital middle monks Chu wind ,it is natural to several times .
As long as Du Feiyun is willing to ,he just tens of information time ,will be able to overtake rapidly flew Chu style .However ,he was purposely slowed down ,neither fast nor slow compose in Chu wind behind, to make a full kill general appearance ,it is behind in the chance to restoring force .
And Chu wind while being Kowloon tripod anti seismic force for injuring Fu-organs ,but just slightly only, still preserved at least 70 fighting force .If he turned against it, then immediately into Du Feiyun escaped .
Unfortunately ,from Du Feiyun to Chu Yun divided actinic shadow, local injury that moment ,Chu wind in the heart of Du Feiyun to a high position .Subsequently, he and his brother Chu clouds to drag show Liang Yi Jian Zhen, since that win ,win a hit to kill ,but Du Feiyun hid the lost all is well .
Importantly ,Du Feiyun into a wind sword ,instigated to broken Yue ,the tyrannical unrivalled atmosphere ,which he also fear .His closest brother beside him here ,in situ are split into fragments into the skies ,the scene was so shock his heart ,direct rout his psychological defense line .
It was so ,he was losing s è ,appalled at the under cut and ran, head also won ,then a road and flew toward the north .Because he knew that ,in the north of dozens of miles away ,with his patron ,has his Savior ,a congenital late master ,can save his x ì ng life.
If he hold on a moment ,then ratio and the strong relief ,where he will be safe .And ,and the strong here, can also be conveniently killing Du Feiyun ,to help his brother Chu Yun revenge !It is such a loving heart ,Chu wind will be no war erupted ,crazy body ,in force ,shaking shoulders Green s è wings,promote the speed to the limit ,a passer-by arrows generally toward a northern Biao sh è .
At the same time ,he also took out the CASTLE SWORD LETTER Ling crane ,the yuan force is imparted therein, the letter Ling Hok was make green s è Guanghua,row ... The night air break paint ,with a green light time fly away ,disappear in the sky .
Send message notify the strong North Ling crane ,Chu wind that panic wrong Lu à nmood ,this peace is many .Behind him the Baizhang ,Du Feiyun riding a golden eagle ,neither fast nor slow ground with .
At this time he was brought in the Golden Eagle ,and Chu wind kept safe distance ,neither he nor his escape and challenges ,with the lost .At the same time ,he also took a number of stars and Dan ,is to seize every minute and second refining absorption and Dan y à oforce ,the body recovery in empty element force .
In accordance with the current situation, less than half an hour ,he will be able to force back filling .Another half an hour ,his fighting force returned to top form ,is the pursuit of execute Chu wind when .
The side continued to pursue Chu wind the way to run ,he took Chu Yun storage bag ,open view it, see inside a lot of Lingshi storage and material ,and the thousands of stars Dan y à o,horse L ù hi sè.
Chu Yungen as Chen dance inclination ,is really good ,too many rich and generous than he did .Chu Yun sword is a heavy spirit ,the phoenix form y ù Pei,is can be isolated soul check, resistance soul attack baby .
The phoenix form y ù Pei,with his magic heart treasure ,are inferior spirit ,but the effect is strong .Get the baby, Du Feiyun immediately rich resources of many .In Du Feiyun and Chu wind two true north ,about eighty miles away ,is a stretch of ten group .
At the moment, the mountains are dressed in a black s èrobeyoung monk ,quietly walk in the darkness ,friskily speed is very flexible ,such as lightning .While in the mountains to rush about flying ,he also to soul keenly probing around, apparently looking for what .
Come near to a look, he found that the young monk ,tall ,s èfortitude,is actually the castle sword cases after M é nYan bear ! Damn ,that Duanmu Duanyang two brothers after all where ? A road racing galloping Yanfei bear ,in a valley to stop ,quietly stand in situ, Mei Yujian appeared a worry and anxiety .
My brother and dance ,and Chu Yunchu wind two people ,divided into three dial in the underground world ,search hard for four months .While spying on to Duanmu and dragon boat two devil cues ,they hid in the thousands of miles around ,but has been unable to find them ,it is too fidgety ! Yan Feixiong in the night to look around ,face with anxiety and depression in the face s è .
In his heart secretly vowed ,if let him find Duanmu and Dragon Boat Festival two Lord ,not only to B ī asksecond Mundus of news ,but also let them crumble ,so can dispel hate in my heart .
Chu Feng and Chu Yun this two small h ú neggs North Face Women's 3 In 1 Jackets,so long without effective crane letter to have gained nothing ,it seems ,found no traces . Swallow flying bear whispered secretly measure ,heart decided to continue the carpet search .
At this moment ,the sky suddenly lit up a Green s è brilliance,the next moment came to his side .A regiment of light came to him quietly stopped ,suspended, however Northface Women's Boots Sale, is in awesomely a crane .
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