NV introduces Balinch and He Jiahui

October 08 [Mon], 2012, 17:00
> beauty NV MC of this introduction, Lynch also saw the eyes by He Jiahui .Www ,quanBEn ,the north face,cOM blue Steel Corp ,Lynch is aware of the adjacent city ,is a large state-owned iron and steel enterprises .
The man was able to so old, in state-owned iron and steel enterprises as senior vice president, should say ,in fact, than the fear or anxiety to .The key though is senior vice president, but in contrast ,key enterprise is s ī enterprises,no matter from which respect, promotion is relatively easy, sometimes ,the boss says a word ,can appoint a deputy general .
He Jiahui is a state-owend enterprise ,if there is no strong background, can get such position is not simple .But let Lynch puzzle is :Blue Fai Steel Corp is a state-owned enterprise ,is the Tanaka Nobuo hand so long ,even he was also involved in the state-owned enterprises ?The NV introduces complete ho Fai ,began to introduce Lynch .
I saw her sitting in her left hand extended, to the left of Lynch , I sat on the left ,Lynch ,lin ,timberland sale! Hear her introduction, how Bayashi Cya Ka Fai general stood up from his seat ,but he did not like He Jiahui ,waving their fists ,but a smile on a nod ,appear quite subtle ,rather introverted .
However ,it is not because he had reserved ,introverted ,but because his heart is disturbed ,because he did not know the next NV host will be how to introduce yourself .Lynch membership matters entirely by Ikegami Ko a hand C à odo .
The whole process is simply ignored Lynch .And Lynch gave Ikegami Ko the information ,in addition to mobile phone numbers ,is basically false .He even can think there is such a nuisance horizon Sea Club ?In this horizon sea Pavilion and a new introduction what on earth ?!But listen to the beautiful NV MC unhurried introduces: Mr.
Lynch is the newly established Foundry Company Pina .Little boss ,is bold, generous ,love love love ,Northface Gore Tex Jackets Sale,beauty at gamble at high stakes !Not long ago ,Mr. Lin Shun Jiang City Emperor Club Hu ā Kuiauction in one fell swoop took three Hu ā Kui,and for their ransom ,the matter was there is pass from mouth to mouth with approbation .
She so one introduction ,immediately came under a screaming ,applause than just give He Jiahui more heated ,as if to Lynch this approach quite surprised ,but considerable recognition .
While Lynch is secretly afraid .Article about Lynch Foundry Company was fabricated out of thin air out of a company ,for an organization, as long as some exploration ,North Face Women's 3 In 1 Jackets Sale,is not difficult to find the maoni .
Why are they seem convinced also that not suspected ?But thousands of miles away from the imperial club and this day experience is a what relation ?How self in emperor club matters will be coming here ?Moreover, Pina .
Foundry Company the origin of that Ikegami Ko could have told day experience ,also has the possibility is the King of the club told day .Why it is so easy to be punctured hoax ,that is no one can tell ?If these people are stupid ,that killed Lynch wouldn .
However ,although Lynch was not to introduce new ,this link was passed .The United States NV introduces Balinch and He Jiahui, continued: good ,welcome two gentlemen to join !Then ,according to our world sea club rules ,new entrance ,must first accept warlords ! Her words, below through the knowing laughter .
The United States NV MC also knowing smile ,and then looked at Lynch, and looks at He Jiahui , two ... ... To which come first? At this time ,Bayashi Cchi shocked, the Warlords And what kind of things ?Why not before about ?While He Jiahui is l ùsmile,like a clear in Xi ō ng.
See like this, the field seems to no one but Lynch unknown .Never mind do not understand ,do not understand, ask !So ,Lynch asked : excuse me ... ... You just said that ... ... Accept the warlords ,what does it mean? It is a quite normal for questioning ,but when Lynch asked to finish this sentence ,was also very noisy house ,suddenly become quiet .
Almost all people are always looking forward to the Lynch ,and the NV MC and He Jiahui is the same .And they look at Lynch just like watching a martian !They are more so, Lin Qiyue does not understand .
So he himself to read their own eyes ,as if all normal, the nose is not long out of horn Hu ā ,who seems to have no less what parts .So Lynch can even understand ,m ō mōnose: well, you asked .
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