November Emmy Awards Nominee list

October 07 [Sun], 2012, 14:54
911 Mei Yuji continuous drizzle moist pedestrian clothes ,five Yan six s è umbrella surfaceis decorated with a cloud hanging over the city .Under the umbrella of everyone s è rush,no pay no attention to it makes people unwilling to complain about the weather .
From the window of the recovery of gaze ,rain, cold glass with a layer of hazy mist ,white Changzhu looked up to Jiang Junhao before ,about to meet in this weather is mostly due to the curious mind .
He told some of Jin Youli Ji ā o,to this once let a lot of every man side to NV held to appreciate .If not called to the impressive voice sounded again ,white Changzhu how did not expect ,one day will find their own gold Youli .
He was forced to help for a favor ,when interpersonal circle more and more small ,circle ability of each person is more and more big ,one value with that money cannot estimate .To see Jiang Junhao ,the first nature is her Green s è eyes,as each other appearance ,white Changzhu immediately think of entering the entertainment circle after hearing a new phrase , zushi ye give food .
After the meeting Jiang Junhao was polite greetings ,next every word and action to let Bai Changzhu impeccable ,in addition to my heart she always was a NV plaint ,the choice of Jiang Junhao ,he is very curious .
Why not leave s ?If you come to me ,the future development will be very convenient . Brief talk about Ji ā Olet two people well as ten years old, but the purpose is to meet today ,in order to solve the curiosity in the heart .
I think ,may be I know one . Hearing the answer ,white Changzhu eyebrows a pick ,silent to go on the other side . I am a very greedy, it happened that I was also a some sense of responsibility .
If I choose to leave ,I will bring a few ,or many people ,their future is in my hands . Jiang Junhao made a bow, softly sighs , my own x ì nglattice defects ,does not fit to be a leader ,put so much in the future of the shoulder will bring me great pressure .
Of course I will work very hard ,but some things do not work hard can be solved .Most of the time I like throw the helve after the hatchet ,success will be good, if unsuccessful situation will become very difficult to pack .
,is it right? I looked is a no man ? Hear the rhetorical question, white Changzhu shook his head ,admire , courage does not fully determine whether a person can succeed, it can also be interpreted as a man in order to success can sacrifice .
# reading book of the novice playing sections # boldness is larger, in order to succeed can sacrifice more, and vice versa .Instead, what is the most difficult North Face Kids North Face Jackets Sale,although I can ,but by virtue of my experience ,if you can get the X ì ngjudgment maintained ,you will achieve greater success .
Bai Changzhu was not a kind man ,he looks in his forties ,a forehead with a few wrinkles ,if not the wisdom eye ,Jiang Junhao also thinks he street casually walk over ordinary people .
At the stand on the edge of the table black umbrella ,stamp on the ground under the umbrella head has accumulated a group of rain ,as if he were one way it like that .Thank you. Jiang Junhao light thanks ,he knew the X ì nglooks inevitably will lack the J ī andblood, but if the sacrifice for others in the future and the juvenile period is the most unique quality ,perhaps blood will eventually become cold-blooded .
In front of the white Changzhu seems to have a natural affinity ,is very easy to obtain the trust of that kind .But the sense of recognition does not mean that Jiang Junhao can accept all the stranger ,and he is a jealous guy .
Although know ask so presumptuous ,but I still want to know ,why do you want to get involved in the entertainment industry ? Bai Changzhu answered with a smile ,as if the question had known Jiang Junhao .
My energy do not you think so great ,if other countries of the entertainment industry to become one of the pillar industries of soft power ,political forces will be you and I can not imagine .
In fact ,my work is not your imagination so complex ,if you can, I think I was a businessman . Has just entered the entertainment circle and s antagonism ,this is not a wise choice . Ginger Jun Hao tract .
Indeed, but that doesn I don . Bai Changzhu paused, then asked , do you remember Zhang Ziyan ? Hearing the name ,Jiang Junhao pupil with a shrinkage . Then you should be finished their part ,in Japan for the next tour ,on this matter should not be too concerned about .
Zhang Ziyan ,the name Jiang Junhao was not so strange ,remember in the studio when the older than herself to greet younger to .When he doesn ,because the guest that day ,the people are mostly of his fellow .
In March this year when he suddenly learned that Zhang Ziyan was in the mouth of Jin Yongxu ,then Jin Yongxu said on his personal CY window mourning ,Jiang Junhao turned to forget .The memorial is , to the deceased rest in peace NV is a lot of people can afford ,this point from eleven years ago, I have been in your mother to clear understanding of the .
She exposed a list ,if it is true to this pillar industry caused the destruction of X ì ngblow . Jiang Junhao snapped the smothering ,said, the list is true ? Bai Changzhu wrestled ,replied , in today Nike Air Max 24-7 Sale,it may not be true .
Cold answer to some of Jiang Junhao anger ,one man die ,she said both true and false could not get fair treatment ,it is enough to make a person be filled with righteous indignation .But if it is true, and was brought out into the open ?No doubt ,the South Korean entertainment will usher in the history of one of the greatest depression ,on the song ballad group also escaped ,will be B only and .
This is a very simple mathematics problem ,a dead person ,many rely on entertainment to bring home the bacon .The answer ,it is self-evident . Korean cultural center is a little exposure .
F ǔ mechanism,it is the Secretary for South Korean entertainment political supervision ,but you know ,in the capitalist countries the supervision is weak .So ,the next will have more political intervention .
Hot dissolved when ,in addition to their fans make ,all the media when the invisible .Now the dissolution Timberland Womens High Top Boots,not just twenty-four hours of broadcast media ,even the house of culture there also consider this event .
Over time, I suspect the entertainment circle any event ,beyond Chong Wa Dae to notice . As to the entertainment industry is famous for the country ,South Korea entertainment market .X ì ngwhen the last one .
If not understand these insider ,it is a wise man that never imagine entertainment can actually with politics ,it sounds as if it were so close .This is more than the most absurd novels also lets a person feel fantastic ,Jiang Junhao now sit here Nike Air Max 2009,is like listening to the story .
Political sense of smell ,they will never understand the sequestration this effect entertainment status ,offend many entertainment interests should be predators act by .Of course ,this is only the first step ,last night if you watched the news should know ,the United States CNN television station for South Korea slave contracts problems were reported ,Zhang Ziyan was mentioned ,it is enough to make the above many people with insomnia .
About this ,Jiang Junhao can only face embarrassment ,as the world entertainment center ,the United States of America Media on Korea entertainment circle within the status quo so attention also is really to let person be overwhelmed by an unexpected favour .
But according to the latest and most network people believe a statement ,this report is derived from a reporter for coverage of the November Emmy Awards Nominee list ,happened to see the name Jiang Junhao ,happened to be paid close attention to the South Korean entertainment ,happen to know the spirit on dissolution of .
.. ... The next series of as it happens, and enough to write another novel .This needs to be low-key Jiang Junhao again stood in the air inlet L à ngtip over, he does not know that this situation will last long ,perhaps he would not be temporarily out of public view .
The next Ji ā otalk and not too long ,according to Bai Changzhu ,the battle of the war since it started the moment have been identified .Leave time to send two people go to m én,looking at the outside in fine drizzle ,white Changzhu distraction on black umbrella ,warns Jiang Junhao .
Wooden forest show ,this sentence is not only refers to the individual songs profession scenery for too long ,many people want to see it down . Family Concert Thailand TV broadcast ,less time to Gee NV ruling Korean community first quarter , superjunior to sorrysorry rule the Korean community in the second quarter ,the dome tour great success ,scenery degree at Japan first male Idol Group LAN .
In 0 had too much make a person sidelong glance results, nowadays, it is a dynamic L ù Dà ngclue .Bai Changzhu turned to Jiang Junhao ,the last track , pay attention to the protection of their own ,especially in others to maltreat an injured person time .
Warn before he turned to leave ,Jiang Junhao looked at the closest subway station and walk to the back, feeling for the people ,he is still unknown .However ,it doesn he can trust .
Drizzle returned home ,m énJiang Junhao also in not far from the corner at several times ,then, only the rain .Gave ,dark sigh oneself is really be suspicious ,debut five years, since I bought here reporter and s īstudentsalready in his s ī lifeextinct .
M é nentered the room ,from now on ,he will need to keep a low profile .The second day morning ,an official from the Ministry of culture had on the media L ù led meto the dissolution ,TVXQ
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