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October 07 [Sun], 2012, 17:26
Seeking collection ,and recommend ... Do you want me to stop the Japanese people and cooperation ,let PuYi win when the traitor ? Luo Yaoguo stared beads ,stare at her femme fatale son read net 89 uh Kawashima Yoshico blinked bright eyes ,smiled : Japanese now to the northeast also have different views ,the politicians most advocates continue to maintain the status quo ,or is .
.. ... At the appropriate time from the Kuomintang in the selection of the pro-Japanese princes and generals all part in line to rule the northeast ,to ensure that the Japanese special interests and the appropriate time, refers to when Feng system cannot be maintained in the north when the Japanese military rule but energy greatly young Guard officers ,mostly are very radical ,they advocated in your heavy industry was built before the war ,on the invasion of northeast china !Then.
Direct annexation or build a new country, best to foster a pro-Japanese puppet leader as I hope you can prevent you from the inside of the pro-Japanese elements ,so PuYi can go when the new state leaders indoor air and quiet ,two eyes are staring at each other Luo Yaoguo brows tight the dead girl ,heart that the original is afraid that somebody will rob you traitors business !When the traitors even when to race !It is deserved to die .
.. ... Later caught should not be lightly !Only ... ... This small Japan appears to be iron heart to launch a war of aggression against China ,it is early in the Luo Yaoguo expected now the world is still the law of the jungle ,the colonial aggression and expansion to develop domestic economy is fundamentally as unalterable principles !Any advanced countries is a step by step through to the late great powers ,of course is to emulate in Japan in their view, Japan should be taken for the development of advanced countries in the old road through aggression and expansion ,seize colonies to the accumulation of wealth and aggressive goals ,naturally is persimmon picking up soft pinch in the north the Soviet Union is obviously not what soft persimmon ,Southeast Asia islands are now controlled by the Western powers ,it is soft ,and the chinese .
.. ... Unfortunately even the most soft soft persimmon ,the family does not invade your aggression who ah ?In the suffocating silence ,Kawashima Yoshico burst into a laugh : I must have you seen the worst woman ?Now I to personal power even the country can sell !Well, you think so ?In the future .
.. ... I in order to save his life will care about selling the Japanese ?Well, now you help me stop others to grab him traitor business ,I give you when internal selling Japanese ,so .
.. ... It must be fun ? Luo Yaoguo squinted for a while Kawashima Yoshico North Face Women's Boots Sale,heart of dark sigh : this woman is really the best !The state as her toys ?If a woman really is threatened .
.. ... Now I have to watch what is now that PuYi and Kawashima Yoshico are determined to go when the traitor ,okay ... ... Luo Yaoguo smiled : this thing I try to think of ways ,but in return ,you now have to give me work, cannot wait until later in the Northeast all the Department g battle plan ,can you come ?Harmonious and happy as your people ?There is four yuan of Japanese advisors challenge syndrome Lang also and you well ? Kawashima Yoshico blinked ,thought for a while that should be down at the moment, the doorbell rang up Luo Yaoguo put arms bad woman on the bed he ran to open the door in the adjutant Luo Shun ,hands holding a copy of the telegram auxiliary ,is the premier sun Secret Luo Shun look somewhat excited ,close to Luo Yaoguo murmured : the prime minister ordered you to temporarily fill out Jingyi Zhangjiakou Hu ,Deng Yanda military advisor ,be sure to help them win the river Han Nanjing line along which the territory .
.. ... Sorry. Luo Yaoguo gawks ,received a telegram transcripts ,carefully read the original Sun Zhongshan miss Henan territory in his opinion, this is the Henan Kuomintang leftist Kuomintang in their hands against the Kuomintang in the south of the rule is always favorable so .
.. ... Let Luo Yaoguo use any way to let Hu Jingyi and Deng Yanda get some territory is ... ... Beijing City ,the night falls Youth Party in Jia alley of the Central Party committee ,it is lighted up a building hall put hundreds of table dinner today is the youth party leader Zeng Qi a pass by Beijing, Yaoguo ,Youth Party members were a gathering of many people left Shunsheng ,Li Luzhi ,Li Wei ,Zhang Zizhu ,Hu Guowei ,Lu Zhi ho both sideways where the table is four when Bazhen ,in the middle a Chongqing hot rolled red water ,it is the busiest time sitting opposite Luo Yaoguo Zeng Qi ,hand picked up glasses ,a faint smile on one looked pleased with the youth of party leader Kawashima Yoshico says ,the leader can be prime minister in the back that he give advice and suggestions for Zhang Zuolin in a break line just .
.. ... Feng system crisis broke ,and the crisis of the state and this happened ? Mu brother Han now but a success, China is the leader in the young politician ,is indeed the next admire ah ! Luo Yaoguo tasting wine ,emotion and Ceng Qimang laughed : I the scenery there and Woodsville general compared ?General child two people all is the premier sun the future unknown ! Luo Yaoguo also laugh, like happy ,eyes on Zeng Qi ,laughed : admire brother Han soon to be prime minister ,do not know to have forgotten your youth the tenet of the party ? Ceng Qi Wenyan stupefied, gently rotating the holding cup ,considered a little while ,laughed : I this office if it is going to practice my purpose of the party, I auxiliary Wen and the Kuomintang can help is the Luo Yaoguo smacking a sip ,face grew solemn : does the Murano brother Han in mind, it might only the Soviet Union ?For anything I know .
Now we are the East may have been playing in the three provinces in Northeast China idea ,do not know for brother Han there is no crack art ? This remark ,the inside of the house was in perfect silence ,a house will be focused on Luo Yaoguo smiled ,looked calmly in these eyes ,looked around ,and finally and Zeng Qi eyes on two people smiled ,quietly watching each other, seem to be read with the other eye behind something Zeng Qi ,the Youth Party of soul ,two years short made in the core circle ,is seeing prime minister this strategy was ambitious, and now there is such a stage for his full potential but .
.. ... Take a very bad cards Air Max Skyline Sale,the cards is himself not to that side now in the Department of the central situation seems to be the history of the Kuomintang Central replica ,as only a few province small site ,is also the domestic trouble and foreign invasion perplexing ,is also facing the GCD Land Revolutionary War and the Japanese behind the arrow .
.. ... By the time they can muster the courage to resist to the end ?It has qi and can give his contribution ,what up one ?In their eyes ,Luo Yaoguo laughed ,with some bold, careless stood up ,walked to the Zeng Qi side ,whispered : I admire brother Han ,the information is absolutely reliable !You cannot pass how long is in line of the Butler North Face Men's Boots,the thing you must pay attention to ,must prepare for the worst and now in the nest is placed in the mouth of a tiger below, people always can be hard on a bite !When I you want to play is still having a heart but no strength .
.. ... Just at that time ,although you resist North Face Gore Tex,the national government minister of armament will support you well ,I can say that much ,I hope you in this matter can do better than us .
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