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October 07 [Sun], 2012, 11:37
Dream to dream ,with absolute dedication ,enthusiasm has beyond the ordinary ,with most people did not have the courage .It has been used to many things in the Libra are compared ,the dream is not a deal ,but it can be measured ,when the bright future and dream draw further apart when, on the day chessboard on is important became about life road foundation ,juvenile one antrum warm blood makes Jiang Junhao in the selection for the dream pour into countless proportion, so he became a dream catcher .
In addition to a cavity blood ,Jiang Junhao into the dream side of the tray and a lot of other things ,such as his emotions ,and that one to belong to young people the unique childish .A lot of things to be mixed together ,these things so that Jiang Junhao chose to go to Japan ,to a film actor identity as a singer ,no doubt ,Jiang Junhao six years of dance training for the dream career is also added .
But when a cavity blood ,may also play a role in weakening the future weight !In the place of failure to climb up ,not only need courage ,sometimes also need the opportunity ,when the chance to show in front of Jiang Junhao ,he did not proceed without hesitation chose this road ,but some reckless ,the blood of the choice of the road .
This is the way, Jiang Junhao decided ,even kneels must also walk !Attention ,popularity and curious ,these are from the heart of millions of websites for night he saw general ,known as the South Korean talk show ,night heart had no major suit star figure, from the singer Rain to actor Choi Jiwoo ,landed on the heart never major suit also has new rise to fame ,and as of 05 years the highest degree of new topic ,the figure of Jiang Junhao is to climb over heart absolutely natural ,there are a few days is the movie premiere, Jiang Junhao must make an effort to promote .
The sister Moon Geun Young in making the program ratings have nothing to worry about ,but ,Jiang Junhao brings the topic of is the program group unexpected .For star questions are the heart never night audience through the Internet Forum privileges ,form collect problem ,and then in the program by MC publicly presented ,there are opportunities for the curious doubts ,Jiang Junhao attention time burst out .
More than 80000 people involved, although only in the webpage to knock down a short passage and gently click of a mouse ,but it more than 80000 people participation is still a record night heart had the history most ,Jiang Junhao awareness from the numbers are visible ,while Moon Geun Young added to this number also contributed his whole strength of .
Do not take this program as a featurette for making melancholy ,but can be predicted by ratings but still lets a person very happy ,as for the opposition is naturally .The anti organization for artists to maximum damage in addition to spread rumors ,creating confusion ,the set up public opinion momentum can also on artist development caused great obstacles ,such as the Jiang Junhao board the night heart absolutely platform ,anti together boycott declaration let program group server nearly crashes .
Join TVXQ, two order six positioning let Jiang Junhao anti over a stirring among the dry bones ,and the exquisite face was become a lot of people the reason for anti, for these complicated matters ,but Jiang Junhao didn .
Compared with the original rice and Orange Princess, Cassiopeia will little many ,boycott although also diffuse into the reality ,but Jiang Junhao in South Korea as an actor to make him completely avoid the singer that frequent exposure ,in addition to practice every day with our acoustic dance ,until the recording of that day, Jiang Junhao is not feeling to any objections .
Fans of the world and the artists of the world ,no matter how often each other is implicated ,close ,but is always two world !Is also a SBS television ,but the treatment is different, whether film has not yet released North Face Men's Down Vest, Jiang Junhao is indeed very popular attention recently and newcomers ,he brings the topic of that program group in ratings with great confidence, good treatment from staff attitudes could already be seen in general .
Already ahead of time had a phone call from Moon Geun Young ,the variety show the sister still nervous ,although this is not the first time she appeared on the variety stage ,but in the talk-show topic the importance of the natural is most in need of attention .
Don ,you like and field were MC are familiar with it ,to speak properly, always remember you are in front of your fans . Again ,see Moon Geun Young is a different feeling between each other ,from day to day to meet a months ,once again cooperation so that both are very excited .
don is the uncle ! , gently frowned ,Moon Geun Young said as if thinking of sth. . Well, did you but don the tiger East brother heard ,he secretly still very fierce ! Jiang Junhao make an empty show of strength ,the scare ,see Moon Geun Young face half-believe in appearance, Jiang Junhao feels happy very .
Starred in the show and former child actor actor Chung Geun-hee ,as early as 98 years had actor Chung Geun-hee together or Jiang Junhao predecessors ,but the year Chung Geun-hee starred also are some small roles ,now has just appeared in the Prague lover is well-known South Korean actor Jeon Do-yun and cooperation ,thereon, in 05 years foot head began to show the actor ,Jiang Junhao is be worthy of the name of the first ,Chung Geun-hee is come out in front .
Moon Geun Young and Chung Geun-hee in the early years of the common appeared in the same series ,the two usual self is inevitable ,the younger brother and sister all predecessors ,so the scene that Jiang Junhao didn .
Jun Hao brother words and he can get close enough ,also need not call the dean ?Direct and close to some good . Meet for the first time ,also some embarrassment ,but Moon Geun Young in the middle ease it, so Jiang Junhao and Chung Geun-hee meet is only comparatively well .
Compared to down ,then in two are be worthy of the name of predecessors ,in which the pool of rock is the debut for more than a decade of the host ,and tablo is the 01 debut hip pop epikhigh raper .
Juniors and seniors are popular degree is not small, in the tablo just at the time ,Jiang Junhao immediately went to know and to salute, for the movie actor younger ,tablo is the natural curiosity very .
Movie actor enough to be called an artist but to the movie starring identity Jiang Junhao was to do the idol group members ,this is a persistence to dream and tablo for hip pop music obsessions are very similar ,so in a friendly pat Jiang Junhao in the shoulder ,tablo directly to the first the children meet directly calls his brother is good ,therefore , dreamer name is not only popular in fans ,artists in the seems to have no small influence !Along with Jiang Hudong ,Pu Shuhong and Jin Jidong presence ,participate in the program in this way eight people gathered ,this already familiar with ,while the remaining leaves play .
Jiang Hudong and Jiang Junhao meet again ,who was already very different ,even Jiang Hudong has become KBS love letters program MC North Face Women's Denali Jackets,obtained continue to consolidate the image of opportunity recently event constant Jiang Junhao and Jiang Hudong is naturally meet a very enthusiastic .
In Japan? , a start or generous tapped Jiang Junhao on the shoulder ,then, Jiang Hudong was whispered to Jiang Junhao said , into the combination of the words is not easy ? See Jiang Hudong this side in a sneaky way ,like Cassiopeia around appearance, Jiang Junhao can , we just friends ,to join the new combinations of words for Japan development is also very good ,now everything is good .
The voice just fell ,Jiang Hudong is directly with a you don . I know ,u-know and you have a good relationship, but the team get along very different ,each other is friend and competitor ,the popularity that corrupts many things ,sometimes not too concerned about ,know the concession is very good selection of .
Jiang Hudong Turkey .Let Jiang Junhao surprised stare big eyes ,a look very cute ,like a touch others first Jiang Junhao this time was Jiang Hudong happy patted the head ,but pat Jiang Junhao a price to pay .
shape ? , Jiang Hudong was asked in astonishment . Well, just finished ,now is not fixed . , Jiang Junhao is also a face not look at Jiang Hudong before, the hair using a large number of Moss is not the Jiang Junhao hairstyle increases stereo feeling North Face Women's Down Jackets Sale,more is to create a sharp feeling ,too handsome face makes Jiang Junhao the sorrow of parting accept this hairstyle .
Had to go to the restroom treatment on hand at Jiang Hudong Moss ,some of his back, everyone laughed .Fans watch Night heart absolutely one of the characteristics Northface Down Sale, Jiang Junhao Aphrodite nature is also on the list, the first and their fans face to face, Jiang Junhao is no leisure to communicate with them ,the right hand side is Jin Jidong ,and left is Moon Geun Young ,Eve heart absolutely camera begins operation .
The fans for the star ,Jiang Junhao ! Say it out ! Jiang Junhao ,fans for you became a film actress, after we choose to join combination of motivation is very curious ,here please
tell everybody ,you such a choice is why ? Jiang Hudong ,in a prologue considerable momentum ,but then, he also raised the people , Jiang Junhao ! Say it out !!! , fans are curious,
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