TV broadcast in various parts of the audition

October 07 [Sun], 2012, 18:39
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultArticle Yibaiyisan chapter :Chinese wind Song Anschauen might also how big ,three judges ask not write this song .
Moreover, this genre, he was created a new style .The national music and pop music together ,to achieve a harmonious beauty, natural koji .Perhaps ,this genre, it is the future road of innovation of national music .
Three judges point .Later because the team rod influence ,a lot of people from the combination and popular songs ,attract many listeners .On the same day, Hunan satellite TV broadcast in various parts of the audition scene ,devoted to Wuqier part of the audition video out .
When a pole lasso sing ,instant hot .Everybody expresses in succession ,this pole Lasso ,completely let us know, the original ,we Chinese ,there is also a prairie music .Moreover, this music is how look attractive .
We would also keep on singing sing ,a lever that cover appearance ,appears to be associated with this theme ,with the power of tie .Therefore ,Uchl a famous, in the sea games ,has 1 foot head part .
Many people said ,hoping to hear Uchl ,they like the prairie music .Almost the only time of a day, with a Wuqier horse pole ,from a struggling unknown song singer ,became the focus of national people .
Therefore ,many of the songs m í ,especially online song m í ,they composed and the son fans .Always support and their son, want her to go further .In addition ,when and the son by Hunan TV exposure ,many viewers in Beijing ,said in the streets of Beijing to see and the son in the street singing .
Sometimes ,even when it snows ,she is singing .But ,since, and the son of hard song ,also did not get much reward .May day efforts ,even 5O block are not .So ,simply because the the son of singing is very bang, but his prairie flavor too strong ,too strong ,almost no contact with the life of ordinary people ,from the popular aesthetic standards .
It is God helps those who help themselves .Now and his son ,he finally hometown prairie flavor into the customs of the pop music .This is a big change ,the northwest grassland unique national flavor ,brought to the ears of the people of the world .
If I have time ,I must go to the beautiful prairie . This is a lot of friends hear horse pole after his .Yes ,beautiful prairie .There was the noise of the city ,not the bustling city .
There is ancient and quiet, and the bold and bold and unrestrained love .In the grasslands ,you can see the bold pursuit for love woman .On the prairie ,you can also see a mighty man .
They lived a peaceful and prosperous life ,thousands of years, has been the same ... ... This is the prairie .... ... Ancient door g ,Bayannaoer city .I many people ,for an g capital was not familiar with, most people only know the door may be g ancient a capital ,the other is no understand .
Bayannaoer city is located in the plain area ,here lived nomadic north face jackets,even now ,still did not change .Approaching middle age Kemila Hetao Plain is a general shepherd .His greatest pleasure ,that is to the side of shepherd when singing .
Occasionally ,sing tired Kemila would sit on the side ,listen to the radio .Today , Kemila as usual ,and brother will flock to a grass delicious place .Then , Kemila began to sing .
Although , Kemila humming songs ,a word also did not .Even many things ,humming ,who also don but his friendship and his singing .However ,this is nothing ,many people have been accustomed to .
Including many prairie people ,like any singing .They sing your own mood ,there is no word ,it does not matter .Sometimes the mood is HERSHEY ,the humming sound ,can stretch the cheerful ,gas long .
Sometimes sad, the heart singing of songs, is also a sad sad sad low exhaust .Yes ,a lot of herdsmen, they are singing to express their feelings .Was a tragedy air max clearance sale, a glance .The breeze gently blowing , Kemila a finished, feeling all over ,indescribably comfortable .
Then ,he squinted ,turned on the radio ... ... Give me a piece of blue sky ,the rising sun .Give me a piece of green grass, stretching into the distance .A familiar voice came, it is prairie song ,don ask Kemira ,he would know .
Kemila hear very memorable, I just felt that the sound is from the steppe ,seems to side think .Give me a piece of white cloud, a cloud of white imagination .Give me a breeze ,blowing open hundred Hua incense .
Give me a chance meeting ,in the green pastures give me a look, hot .Hear now , Kemila finally opened his eyes .He could not believe ,because ,he heard them ,this is not a pure grassland songs ,but a popular songs ,but why ,so can be the his hometown that prairie flavor sing ?Moreover, this kind of charm ,is simply to birth, pure and natural ,without any false .
More serious is ,the singer ,his voice ,as if is the grassland fairy . One door g ancient black the son of horse pole ,I hope everyone can be like . The radio began to introduce this song .
And the son, that is not the friend ? Kemila thought carefully, finally remembered , ,the Xiao girl left the prairie North Face Women's 3 In 1 Jackets Sale,heard that went to Beijing ... ... Now there is such a big success .
.. ... It was unimaginable ,unexpected . Some of Kemira J ī ,before the Xiao girl is always jumping in front of himself ,to learn their song . Kemila recall and the son Xiao situation ,finally, Kemila remembered, hurry up ,go to another place .
Oh my God ,leamer ,you hear your daughter again . What ,my friend ,what are you saying . Ah leamer and Kemila ,are common herdsman . Your daughter, don ? My daughter two years before going to Beijing the what, how ? Oh ,it looks like you don .
Turn on the radio ,maybe ,you can hear your daughter . Ah leamer is Kemila urging ,took out the radio . The man you magnificent horses ,galloping steeds, like great winds .Fields stretch as far as eye can see ,as you go to 1ang ,your heart is as broad and earth .
Fortunately ,at the turn of the plurality of radio channel ,a pole lasso appeared again . ,did you hear that, is the son of the black ,black ... ... Crummey jumped to the side ,believe that Alima said , ah leamer Northface Men's Windstopper Jackets Sale,your daughter .
Thank you ,the feeling of Buddha ,and their son was our prairie cherry ,she will be our prairie songs ,brought to the national . Marie ,Marie ,come here, come here ... ... When the ah leamer wake up ,he soon will be his wife Marie called .
This is the daughter of voice, is it? ... ... On the afternoon of the same day .Marie came up a few miles of public telephone booth ,because the inner g ancient grassland ,are all follow the herd away .
This is to the big ,a lot of hardware settings ,are not easy to install .For example ,TV ,telephone and the like .Although the mobile phone has a lot of people ,but in the portal g ancient bag or less .
Maybe in a couple of years ,here will get better . Daughter ,are you, my mother . Marie is the son of mother dark ,when the radio noise ,Marie suddenly heard a voice and his son .
And ,until the radio describes this song is sung which players ,their local herdsman had a sensation .Many pastoralists friend ,hear horse pole and the son is sung ,all came to their house to celebrate ,they .
Because an ancient there ,G ,has always maintained a very traditional habit .Home made many contributions to the people ,all with born respect ,this respect ,respect such as the ancient collar .
As the son of Wu ,in their heart, the black the son is their grassland of . Black is the son will be their prairie song ,to the whole of china .Although ,prairie song origin has been .
Also, there are some very famous .However ,these grassland songs ,and they have no relationship .Only the black ,the son, is the native grassland ,was one of their own .Moreover, since the Xiao ,they are watching their children grow up .
Unexpectedly, and his son is now such a big success .They are really happy , daughter ,you know ,everybody will you as a hero worship . Marie could not conceal the joy ,to black his son said today home all .
mom ,I had some time will go home ,have a look of your home . And their son also did not think of, oneself sing this horse pole ,he reached home .You know, in such a situation, but in a dream of you .
Just before, every time to do this kind of dream, he would soon wake up .Because ,in the dream of the subconscious, as if some of which are unreachable ,unwilling to believe .Just for today, such a situation ,but he actually appeared in their eyes .
Thank you for bringing me up on the prairie, thanks to my mom and Dad ,also thanks to the Chen Jiayi .And their son in my heart silently for a turn .Now ,he already knows ,who is this Chen Jiayi .
However ,she did not quite believe .It was the Chen Jia one ,just like the ,is another name of Chen Jiayi ?But anyway ,thanks to his own .... ... What ,you signed up for girls ? Hear wood MS call, Chen Jiayi jumped up .
What with you. To tell the truth ,Chen Jiayi does not want to attend class wood MS girls .Because ,no matter how girls competition ,but ,in the end, many girls are going to entertainment orientation .
Even if some people singing because of dreams ,in the end, will choose to record company ,has now entered the entertainment circle .If someone else is ,they do not enter into the entertainment circle ,Chen Jiayi is alone .
After all ,if not the good entertainment ,Chen Jiayi could not directly deny ,less likely to prevent them from entering the entertainment circle .However ,wood MS can be different ,Chen Jiayi will never let the wood while entering the entertainment circle .
Why not have talked to me first . Chen Jiayi was close to the fire . Not so loud . Wood MS unexpectedly, Chen Jiayi response is so big, suddenly some scared .Sorry. Sorry. Hear the wood while sound of fear ,Chen Jiayi feels he is it right? So J ī moved,deep breath ,and then said, but ,I don go to the girls .
Chen Jiayi will say ,if the wood while not promised, that he used the means ,will brush off wood Ms .For example ,during the race, will direct the wood while under the brush ,see her how to .
Why not? Yes ,why ? When wood MS ask myself ,Chen Jiayi and don ?People can participate in ,why wood MS .Moreover ,this one platform ,but also a game place ?Fortunately ,Chen Jiayi turn faster ,he said , I don entered the entertainment circle .
Oh ,you do this for ? Be it . Chen Jia nodded ,but didn my pleasure is good entertainment . But ,I never thought to enter the entertainment circle . Then ,while back to wood .
If you want to enter the entertainment circle ,wooden MS simply reported the Beijing Film Academy ,why the school of music .A computer ,a musical ,but they are completely different . Gee .
.. ... Yes ,for girls ,you must enter the entertainment circle ?Chen Jiayi asked yourself, and to think of it, I always worry too much ,so that now ,also have formed the habit of thinking set as .
For example, see the later a lot of female entered the entertainment circle, it is thought ,all take part ,will enter the entertainment circle .If the wood while do not want to enter the entertainment circle, seems to join the girls do not .
However ,Chen Jiayi still do not agree .Because ,a what kind of environment ,he will produce what kind of a person .For a long time in the entertainment for people ,even if she doesn h ú nentertainment ,finally will enter .
As Han Han ,out of their own are somewhat like a figure of fun .But Han Han was ,like what Xiao four ,is pure entertainment .Yeah ,well ,not purely ,it is entirely .Of course ,Chen Jiayi is not called Xiao four .
In fact ,no matter how, as long as a person to be successful, he has the ability to .Although ,Chen Jiayi does not approve of his practices .However ,they do so ,they are not illegal ,and no crime ,this and why not? If everybody said calm ,he could not think red .
As net brother ,brother ,who ,if not a lot of scolding them ,they would not be so red estimation .Chen Jiayi sometimes wonder, who every day scold net brother fan .If not ,why so flattered her ?If it is for Chen Jiayi ,didn ,he could not lift ,direct disregard .
That you attend class girls doing? Chen Jiayi some entangled, do not know how to prevent wood Ms . Well ... ... I think of ? Wood MS thought, and then said , I just want to be Chinese wind music more widespread some .
At this time, wood MS finally said to girls reason .In fact ,wood MS knew ,Chen Jia did not want to participate in .The last time she said ,but then Chen Jiayi said , you on the Internet so famous ,then attend ? At the time of the wood while no objection, however, she always had this idea Air Max 180,is online at their own sing some Chinese songs ,to the reality of mass market .
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