The first 59 minutes

October 05 [Fri], 2012, 15:56

, then time would slow the passage, we will feel a few seconds, the time is stretched to an hour. Such as love, for example, you do things. The first 59 minutes. The street hustle and bustle of the Christmas Eve, a pair of couples intimate Wanshou walked. Happiness on their faces, I've seen the most beautiful expression. I hugged you, but your body could not stop shaking, I gently stroked your hair: I hope I can stay with you, holding your hand traveled together. I looked at the time, you should work. I promise you, Christmas Eve to be together, wait a good long time, but the thought immediately be able to see you, you think everything is worth. Maybe we can go to a movie, photo ID, or take you to the highest floor of the city to see the fireworks, roommates Black said the so called romantic, even if it is a common thing, as long as the two people together, is romantic. While I thought, looking at the side entrance to your work. You finally appeared, wearing I send you down jacket, long-haired, smiling toward me. Xiao-wan, maybe I was too stupid, it is sometimes a very stupid in love with you, I thought you did not know. 49 minutes. I always believe that the years of love and the love of a few months, or even a few days of love there is no difference. Love, not the length of time to measure our tacit understanding with each other. Each flower blossom shape is very different, their cast shadows of the clouds in the earth, our love is the same, to have our own shape, time to let me know how you go with trust in love journey with tolerance, with our increasingly deep love. The book says, a typical Virgo Libra planets - Venus magnificent shine calm to fruition. The but one earth signs, is a wind like constellations, so the run-in period to be long. I tell you, you light laugh: was crescent-shaped eyes watching when you laugh. Benefits? What are the benefits of Ah ... ah, Xiao-wan, or you're smart. Nice, I miss these real, sometimes with the body's blood flow to warm the place, so Let us close our eyes and we could see each other. 39 minutes. Life is quiet beaches, vast sky, affectionate wilderness. Where we meet, as the only remaining two trees, grew up in the hot sun and fluttering in the breeze, and pursue the twinkling stars at night North Face Women's Down Jackets, and we grew up with a shade, propped up in each other's lives. Grow old, you are still the person I want to accompany. However, that night you said in the depths of a large shade: full of inexplicable emotions, and you want to yell out but is self-esteem severely blocking back. Finally, I would like a frail patients, you want to hold your hand, you do not consciously took a step backward. I know that you are determined. Xiao-wan. You did not speak, and take a step forward, took my hand, that the red line bracelet on my wrist, and re-sets. I also did not speak, your fingers warm as ever, I understand never to touch. 29 minutes. Days after the separation of the heavy pressure on me, so I woke up every night. For a long time, I always thought that you do not leave me, as you so clearly appear in my dreams, on my shoulder, and I said before happy hour. The small single says she wants to be happy, and kind of made her insecure happiness. Black said that she is free, perfecting her freedom. That is what I want, I have more than once asked myself Northface Women's Denali Jackets Sale, but there was no answer, and every time I think my heart is a burst of pain. The wound is too deep, too short, I consoled himself. You move house, I find out from other people, also moved there to live in your opposite. The room has a window and your windows is relative, often I will go there to see you, across the glass, and to talk to you, in addition, I will not bother you. room. Sleep, I'm so tired, tired inside and outside of the body and mind, even more than greed breath of air are afraid, and even once again the courage to stand in front of you. 19 minutes. The two of them complain edge, edge to help me clean up the room. to the side, Suddenly I stood up, went to that window before, really, is the door that you can see the windows. I do not know when, windowpane more a big love. Black came to film me: do not want them to see through the turmoil of my heart. 5 minutes. You finally appeared in front of me again, and this time I really do not have the strength to hold you up. Sorry, Xiao-wan. 3 minutes. You cry fierce, as if he did stop down. I no way. 2 minutes. Why do I do this, I do not know. The time I have not forgotten you, but love you more. The wound is not healing North Face Gore Tex Jackets Sale, love timeless. 1 minute. Fool to love you. This is true. some artificial life, the death of some man-made. Floating in mid-air to Zala seconds on the ground, I can love you one hour.

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